Pizza delivery now possible directly from Yelp listings, more categories to come



Yelp has long been my go-to app for discovering new eateries, or leaving feedback for businesses. Today, Yelp announced via their official blog that they are introducing an all new feature, something they’re calling Yelp Platform. This new service that allows would-be looky-loos to order, book, and spend their money with businesses directly through Yelp listings, all without ever having to leave site or app.


Powered by and Eat24, you can now purchase food for delivery or pickup at participating restaurants, with spas, salons, even dentist appointments being added in the future. While this feature is now available via the web (or iOS), you’ll have to wait for the Android app to be updated in the coming weeks. There goes my diet!

Chris Chavez
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    1. Ignore this post. It was for another article in another tab.

  2. This is gonna come in handy when I’m drunk.


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