Jun 25th, 2013

LG G2 top

@evleaks has come through again, spoiling Android manufacturer’s best kept secrets. This time he’s providing us with some images of what appears to be an LG promo vid showing off the upcoming LG G2. This device will be the follow up to last year’s stellar LG Optimus G and while we can’t tell much from the blurry video shots, it appears as if LG has repositioned the volume controls to the back of the device, making for a very interesting (and different) design. You’ll also notice a rear facing LED notification ring, which would only come in handy if one were to lay the phone face down.

LG G2 bottom

The front of the G2 looks like it’s almost all-display, with only an LG logo centered along the bottom which reminds us of the the HTC One. It’s not a huge deal, but let’s hope LG hasn’t opted for any weird button placement, we’ve grown quite fond of the traditional Android layout through the years. Looking over these pics, what do you guys think?

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