Jun 21st, 2013

vine for android

It’s only been 1 day since Facebook-owned Instagram announced that they were introducing videos, when all eyes turned to Vine and their buggy Android application. Well, what do you know, after feeling the heat from Instagram, Vine has finally updated their Android application to version 1.1.0 bringing much needed improvements to the buggy app.

First up, they’ve added the ability to actually search for users or hashtags from within the app. Yeah, we don’t know how this was left out of the initial release, but it’s about time they fixed it. Facebook sharing has also been added along with a clear cache option in the settings. Vine also promises big performance increase when dealing with capture speed, and improved audio/video sync.

We told you it was big and it couldn’t have come any sooner. Instagram announced that within 24 hours, they’ve already seen 5 million videos uploaded to their service. Those are the kind of numbers that should have Twitter/Vine worried. I’ll now leave you with a simple Vine from Melanie Iglesias. Enjoy.

[Vine on Google Play]