Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean leaks (again) for the Galaxy S3, brings handful of Galaxy S4 features


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While the world patiently awaits for the arrival of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the boys at SamMobile already got their hands on an early test build. Software version I9300XXUFME7 is the latest firmware to fall into their laps, and as promised, brings a handful of new software features currently only found on the Samsung Galaxy S4. They even supplied a handy video for those leery of flashing, but still want to see what’s inside.

New enhancements in Android 4.2.2 update

  • Android 4.2.2 – Build ID: JDQ39
  • New S4 Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, two Unlock effects (Ripple and Light), improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
  • New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
  • Daydream
  • Driving mode
  • Actionable notifications
  • New Additions in Notification Center
  • Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the S4)
  • Addition of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
  • Gallery modes have white background (When changing gallery modes to 3D the background changes to white)
  • Full screen Samsung apps
  • New S-Voice (from S4)
  • New smart switch widget

The final build is said to arrive as early as July/August internationally, at which point it will take several months before US carriers begin pushing it out. With Samsung consistently giving love to so many of their older devices, it’s no wonder the Android fans flock to their products. Say what you will about build quality, plastic, or even TouchWiz — there’s no denying Samsung’s commitment to providing Android updates.

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Bring on the lag! JK I’m sure this will be a good update for those users. I just think updates ever run as smooth as the original version at launch.

    1. Lag is one of TouchWiz’s latest features!

      *prepares for downvotes* >.<

      1. *chough* AOSPA *cough*

      2. humm. that’s not biased at all…..

        1. Not running to Chris’ defense here,as he can hold his own,but,he’s probably the one person here who can actually make that statement w/some validity,having tested/used/owned just about every top-end ANDROID in the last couple of years.

          I honestly don’t believe he has a manufacturer bias,as his go-to phone for quite some time (?) was the NEXUS 4,until the “INCIDENT”:


      3. Lmao

  2. Imagine all the pissed off HTC One owners right now lol

    1. HTC ONE vs SGSIII?

      There’s no comparison.

      I’ve owned both & even w/ANDROID 4.2.2 on the S3 VS 4.1.2 on the ONE,I’ll take the HTC ONE all day long,w/o question.
      Just my 2 cents.

      1. a fair comparison would be HTC One vs S4 not S3. The S4 would wipe the floor with the HTC One and give it a nice shine.

        1. Hi, world’s biggest Samsung fanboy!

          1. what where? someone called me?

        2. We’re comparing apples to oranges in any instance here. All three phones are quite capable. However, throw out all the BS stats & for pure performance


          The ONE holds its own easily but trumps the S3/S4 in outdoor/sunlit conditions.

          Now, if the S4 ACTIVE were available on my carrier, I’d go out on a limb & call the phones evenly matched & consider getting it, giving the S4 an edge for the SD CARD slot + waterproofing & giving the ONE an edge for more on-board storage.

          1. haha except for the metal, which I do not want. GS4 bslaps one left and right. Read the reviews, they say GS4 has the best display and best camera. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        3. That’s your opinion, the HTC still has the Adobe flash player. SGS 4 NO. For that I’d go with HTC.

          1. You are dumb you can download adobe flash player apk.

          2. Stupid comment, you can download flash player so easily on the sgs4

          3. @Lloydee Banks, you`re right it`s stupid comment, but yours worst than mine. Why I should bother with a third party to get flash player when I can get on a flag ship handset. Does not makes any sense, your comment just copying the IPhone users, they jailbreak their IPhone to make it useful as the Android phones. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ON THE THIRD PARTY APPS.

          4. You don’t need to root or jailbreak to install the Flash Player.

          5. Still a third party app.

          6. There is *flash*.apk that you install that works with your favorite browser to play YouTube and your favorite porn sites.. that’s all.

            3rd party? If you call Adobe Flash a 3rd party then then the HTC ONE has a 3rd party Adobe Flash too.

          7. I would like to see which will work with it. I did try it and all what I got message saying not compatible.

          8. I am sorry I meant which app will substitute the flash?

          9. Yeah but what I say is factual, it is easy to download flash to a android phone whether it’s from a third party source or within the app store. Don’t know how my comments copy iphone users when I make no mention of an iphone, I’m an android user btw. I have flash from a third party source but it doesn’t make it a third party app as it’s still adobe Flash, I don’t use any third party apps at all so I won’t be needing luck, but thanks anyway. The amount of effort and ability it takes to download Flash from either source is similar.

    2. Why would I be pissed? It’s leaked, just like 4.2.2 for the HTC One, and that was leaked about a month ago… Not sure what you’re trying to say.

      1. Hi, world biggest HTC fanboy!

        1. What makes you say that? The fact that I’m not mad at a leak of 4.2.2 for the S3 when the HTC One will also be receiving 4.2.2?

          … Speaking of fanboys….

          1. Samsung fans are basically the equivalent of a child who eats paint chips. Just ignore them.

          2. Not sure why you’d say something like that.

            I’m an extreme android fan. I had the G1, and pushed it all the way to Froyo. Then, I moved to the Vibrant because HTC just had no good options on T-Mobile. TouchWiz quickly grew on me. Not the launcher, certainly, but the menus and especially the camera were just SO much better than stock. I pushed that device all the way to Jelly Bean, then got the SGSIII when that phone finally died. Call me a Samsung fanboy if you want, but I love the following:

            Multi-Window and Pop-up Browser/Calculator/Video. I literally use these all the time. I can be in my banking app and have a spreadsheet in the multi-window pane and a calculator floating off to the side. Helps me budget and balance quickly.

            Camera. It just keeps getting better. The advent of the low-light shot means I can take GREAT photos in extremely dark situations, with low noise and high-resolution.

            SBeam/TecTiles. Sure, it’s over commercialized, but there are 4 SGSIII’s in the 7 person sales team at work. We use SBeam all the time, to the envy of everyone else on staff. Also, the TecTiles come in really handy for when I teach violin lessons. I have three of them inside my case, and use two tiles to activate various apps and modes while in a lesson, and one to reset it back to normal.

            Overall, I use Apex Launcher to get a more stock android look to my homescreen. Pretty much everything else that TouchWiz does, though, is cool. From prettier menus, to better cameras, to multi-tasking, to enhanced NFC capabilities, it rocks. And I have no problems seeing the screen in full daylight because the contrasts are so high. That’s the advantage of AMOLED. Great saturation and True Blacks mean it has a great display in virtually any lighting condition, and saves power to boot. Lastly, I can go from 0 to 100% on battery in 40 seconds.

          3. I’m talking about the fanboys who eat sleep live and breathe Samsung. You don’t seem like one of those.

          4. Umm you don’t ignore children who eat paint..

    3. Why, it’s just leaks. Theres no confirm release date for Samsung either lol, idiot

    4. HTC is not a bad fone, it has great speakers.

    5. All the features on GS4 are nothing more than gimmicks, how many features are you using? HTC ONE it has what you real user wants…. And just for your information, in the mobile and the wireless world people using 10% out of the 100% of their smartphones features, if you don`t believe it do your own search…. At this point Samsung features useless in some point, but it`s nice to have an option.

      1. other than the front facing speakers on the HTC, it nothing else that could compare to the s4. plus no menu button?! cmon now. bring on the excuses how you don’t need a menu button when nexus devices have it.

      2. Htc fanboy lol, nothing wrong with that. But please talk sense though.

    6. Who cares iPhone 5 is the overall winner.

  3. I hope this doesn’t mean that the s3 gets updated before the note 2. that would be kind of messed up.

    1. it would make perfect sense.
      the note 2 requires more changes to the standard android code than the S3, and most of the changes made for the S3 can be re-used for the note 2 rom.

  4. this is the reason why I held off from getting the s4

  5. the hell? this is LITERALLY from a month ago. what is happening here? why are you posting this now?

  6. Thank the Android gods for CyanogenMod!

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  7. Great. I JUST rooted and flashed to CM10 nightlies!! And this looks fantastic! I didn’t see anything about the reply-in-pulldown function but I assume that’s just stock for 4.2.2. Now I need to figure out how to unroot!

    1. No need to unroot. Im sure there will be a 4.2.2 touchwiz rom available before the carriers officially make it available for us.

  8. Rooted and flashed AOKP(Jellybean 4.2.2 )Task650 around the first of the year. Solid ROM. I won’t ever have stock firmware on this phone again.

  9. Clearly the author doesn’t remember the lack of support for the Moment.

  10. when the full jelly bean 4.2.2 leak?

  11. This test version is ok guys.
    a lot better than the one month ago
    I’m testing it right now,and no problem so far

    go ahead and enjoy It

  12. S3. Are you there?? Yet another dropped call.

  13. Yea. Got my update just before bed last night but was too tired to look into what it was. And was surprised that I hadn’t already read something about it on phandroid! First time that I got an update BEFORE it was reportrd on Phandroid! Awesome! Thanks, Sammy!

  14. Whoa time out everyone I dont even own a GS4 I’m way more of a HTC person I just mean that I would be pretty pissed that the Galaxy S 3 which is last years phone get android 4.2.2 before the HTC ONE does. I love HTC but they suck at timely android updates. Honestly there is no valid excuse why HTC ONE didn’t come with android 4.2.2 from the beginning when the galaxy S 4 launched around the same time

    1. It’s all good! You have a valid point in regards to the ONE not shipping w/ 4.2.2

  15. Why all the hostility we are all droids, have you forgotten about the rotten apple and ios7!

  16. when is this comming to the note 8.0?

  17. It looks terrible, I recently switched to iOS by purchasing iPhone 5. Never going back.

    1. lol

  18. samsung galaxy s4 might turn out to be the best phone available .Company trying to make it more better and better,looks good

  19. No need for a S4 when my S3 is still getting Jelly Bean.

  20. Where is te cam app from the galaxy s4?????????? Very bad samsung!!! I just expect this on android 4.2.2…………………….

  21. Don’t really care. I’ve given up on samsung. My s4 keeps lagging, the design is awful, the camera shoots terrible photos. I’m getting iPhone 5.

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