Buyer’s Remorse: HTC One, iOS 7, and back again


Rob has loyally covered iOS topics for several years at iSource.com, but with the HTC One in hand and a smile on his face, he is welcomed to Phandroid as a brand new Android enthusiast.

HTC One rocks 2


HTC One purchase

Two months ago I set off on an experiment to see if I could make my first Android phone my daily driver. Up to this point I had been a proud iPhone user for the last 6 years, owning all but one iPhone iteration. However, this year seemed like a great opportunity for me to try something new. iOS 6 had become a little stale and boring for me. I expected Apple to release the iPhone 5S this year, with little or no change to the exterior of the phone, and HTC had just launched their new flagship device the HTC One. I sold my iPhone 5, and bought the HTC One the next week.

My transition to Android wasn’t nearly as unnerving as I thought it might have been. Sure, there were the missteps along the way — like my unexpected issues with the HTC Sync Manager — but that can happen with any migration from one platform to another. I overcame, and moved on.

I have settled into my HTC One, and Android in general, picking up pointers and diving into the settings as time allows. I’m sure I have much left to learn, but I am happy with my purchase and I am glad I made it. That was until last week, when Apple held their WWDC 2013 keynote. (Read about the changes to iOS 7, and how it stacks up to the latest version of Android.)

Until then, I hadn’t experienced those familiar feelings of excitement and bemused anticipation for what Apple might reveal. In addition to hardware refreshes and an OS X update, the crown jewel for WWDC was expected to be the announcement of iOS 7.

Apple introduces iOS 7

Enter buyer’s remorse. There was nothing wrong with my HTC One, mind you. I didn’t have any horrible experience that pushed me over the edge. I’m as happy with it now as I was when I first bought it. However, this was WWDC, and Apple is still the consummate showman. Add to that the fact that they hadn’t held any kind of announcement all year, and you have a lot of excited fans with a lot of pent up demand for something great.


This was the first version of iOS that Jony Ive had a direct influence on, so expectations for something new and exciting were very high. As Apple introduced iOS 7, I became increasingly regretful that I hadn’t waited to buy my HTC One.

It’s true that many of the “new” features added to iOS 7 were “borrowed” from other OS’s or platforms. Apple isn’t the only one guilty of this practice, but it’s more obvious then ever with iOS 7. Here are a few of the notable additions, and the operating systems and apps that they resemble

  • Flat Design / Windows 8, Android
  • Control Center / Jailbreak SBSettings
  • Multitasking / Palm OS Cards, Jailbreak Multiflow & Auxo
  • Apps Store / Jailbreak Auto App Updater
  • iTunes Radio / Pandora, Spotify, etc
  • Actionable Notifications / Jailbreak Bite SMS

Multitasking iOS 7 vs Android 4.2

Hit hardest was definitely the jailbreak community. There are countless other additions to iOS 7 that aren’t listed here that now make many jailbreak tweaks obsolete.

There are also the additions/improvements to iOS 7 that are very desirable for the average iPhone user. AirDrop, for one, is a valuable feature that Mac users have been using for a while now, and will be a welcome addition to iOS. However, even with updates to almost every core iOS app, the elephant in the room has got to be the overhaul to the design of iOS 7.

Apple’s use of layers to create depth and establish hierarchy, along with their use of translucency is quite remarkable to see. From the new typography to the new grid system used for every icon, iOS 7 is very appealing, and I found myself sipping the kool-aid — hell, I was guzzling it. So, I downloaded the iOS 7 beta on my wife’s iPhone, and I immediately began to regret it.

HTC One is just what I need

Buggy beta versions aside (this is just beta 1 of probably 6 or 7 future versions) the change was much different, and dare I say, jarring in person. I feel like I understand the direction they are going, but the execution has not been completely consistent. For instance, the icons are the most common point of interaction with the phone, and many of the newly designed ones are quite jarring with particular renderings — almost unrecognizable from their former versions.

iOS 7 homescreen close up

Minimalistic can be good, but their color palette choices and their stark departure from some of the more familiar stock icons just makes me ask — why?! The choice of pastels has me scratching my head — way too much pink and yellow and light green for my taste. Perhaps they will make a light version for the white iPhone, and a dark version for the black iPhone?

One of Apple’s greatest strengths has always been in their installed user base. I can’t help but feel there will be many users unhappy with the update — if the beta looks anything like the final released version. I for one, am very happy to return to my HTC One — for now.

HTC offering $25 Google Play credit for any HTC One purchased in the US between now and July 15th

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  1. I have the HTC One on AT&T and the iPhone 5 on Verizon. I have installed iOS 7 on my iPhone and it is pretty nice. I like the new look and feel, and nothing compares to the smoothness of iOS. Scrolling, opening apps, sliding down the notification, etc are all buttery smooth on iOS and there still isn’t an Android phone that can compare in this area (even though the One is plenty fast).

    All that said, the HTC One is the better phone in just about every other way – both in terms of hardware and software. As a long-time Apple fan, I am fully convinced that HTC has one-upped Apple in just about every way with the One. Coming from someone who has been using them side-by-side, there should be NO buyers remorse from someone who was a former iPhone user who is now using the One.

    1. Sorry, but I have played with the Iphone 4S & now am an owner of the SG4, and the Samsung phone is just as smooth and “buttery” as you put it as an Iphone in transitions and moving between apps. The SG4 is the best phone I’ve seen as it pertains to transitions and menus. I’ve spent a limited amount of time with the HTC one, but Samsung’s touch wiz is just smoother than HTC’s Sense.

      1. This. 100%. Anyone who says SGS4 is slow (especially people claiming gallery is the issue) are being 100% dishonest. The phones are as smooth as can be, even when loaded with bloat as people like to do.

        1. your such a damn lier. the samsung s4 and touch wiz is the laggest phone and ui ever made..

          1. that’s it? literally? you’re going to go ad hominem? obvious troll is obvious.

            meanwhile, touchwiz is crappy by default. I dislike it. However, SGS4 and any quadcore phone has the power to handle it quite well, and it shows. Part of the issue is silly widgets that sense *and* touchwiz bring to the homescreen, that reduce battery and performance. And no, there are much laggier UI’s – so try actually researching some. next launcher for instance, or tsfshell?

          2. Don’t worry about the lies MariaxNY, they are
            having dillusions about the bad lag, work for Samsung, or updated their phone from one in the 90s. I am a real buyer of both and HTC does not have the lad that the S4 has


          3. It’s LIAR not lier … if you insist on LYING then at least spell things correctly. Ya friggin’ troll.

          4. LOL!!!

        2. Regardless all the GS4 needs is the Google Developer version. It should be available to all for $199 on contract. Oh well, there is a CM10.1 for that.

      2. you should compare to iphone 5 (or wait for 5s) and not iphone 4s… that would be like comparing an iphone 5 to a gs2. I’m pro android, but i like fair comparisons. Iphone 5 is smoother in ui than gs3.

        1. So compare a currently available phone, to a phone that has no release date yet, and hasn’t even been confirmed as to when it will be available for purchase…..Yeah, that makes total sense. The comment was that the current Iphone is smoother than any phone on the market, NOT the upcoming iphone5, so my comment was relevant to the OP’s point.

          1. you seem to have missed the key word *wait.* Compare a 2013 phone to a 2013 phone… or at least compare the iphone 5. Comparing to the 4s is pointless. And if you were to read an article about the writer comparing an iphone 5 to an Evo 3d you would flip your lid.

          2. My comment wasn’t based on the article, it was based on the comment to the article. The comment was from Travis, who stated “Scrolling, opening apps, sliding down the notification, etc are all buttery smooth on iOS and there still isn’t an Android phone that can compare in this area (even though the One is plenty fast).”

            Nowhere was there a mention of the Iphone5 or iphone4, but rather IOS and Android.

          3. Oh my god, is it possible to be that retarded ? The iPhone 5 is THE CURRENT IPHONE. The 4S is more than one year old. The 5S/6 is the upcoming iPhone.

          4. I noticed this…this is my bad, people have been talking about the 5S….this totally was my mistake, and I did play with the latest (Iphone 5) as that is what my friend let me borrow for a couple days last month….oops. I was wrong.

          5. No problem then

          6. Sorry for my earlier reply. I didn’t see this comment at first.

          7. Right now the comparison is iP5 vs. GS4. In a few months the same comparison would be iP5S vs. GS4. It all depends on when you do the comparison, which should be done every 6 months for this epic battle.

          8. He did say compare it to the iphone 5 which is the current phone, which is a reasonable comparison. And then when the iphone 5S or whatever comes out compare again.

      3. your such a damn lier. the samsung s4 and touch wiz is the laggest phone and ui ever made

        1. Laggest phone…..I don’t even know what that means. I also don’t know what a lier is…..

          I’m not lying, this is the smoothest UI and phone I’ve ever used, Iphone included. Whatever your point is…if you don’t mind providing more than just a statement that would be great.

          1. It means you don’t need an 8 core CPU and 2 gigs of ram for Sense/iOS/AOSP/Windows Phone not to run like a laggy piece of sh*t

          2. quad core with two power states**

          3. A lier would be someone who lies down. Apparently MariaxNY believes you to be someone who just lies down a lot and is not very happy about it.

        2. Yes, I agree with the S4 lag. I had to turn off or disable so much for it too run halfway decent. I ended up returning it over the first weekend I had. I switched to the HTC and quite impressed but changed my home screen away from the default crap. It is a good time killer to read those stories though.

        3. WTH is MariaxNY still doing here? I outed her and one of her sock puppets last week (after initially defending her for being a non-native English speaker … phandroid just said disqus controls all spammers and the like.).

          I want quality, and I prefer android, but this poster is a total HTC fanbot almost never deviating from her agenda. Why would anyone upvote her? Please, flag her instead. This is just trash.

        4. Learn to string a sentence together, use proper grammar, and spell words correctly, then insult him.

      4. No way does touch wiz compare to HTC Sense 5

        1. yeah it doesnt compare because it isnt that effed up silly. sadly I gave up on htc and their crappy hardware and stupid sense, more like senseless, overlay. pure crap. and i am entitled to my own experience and an opinion about it. Even if htc hardware, and their sense os, were faster, they burned the bridge and ill never buy another product of theirs. none of these competitors are much better than any other, and really it always boils down to user preference and then, fanboy or not, everyone ends up happy with their preference.

      5. I went to Best Buy one day to try out the HTC One and the GS4 for the first time and I got to say that the HTC One was perfectly smooth, while the GS4 had a few noticeable lags, particularly in the animations and scrolling the contacts list. Overall, the GS4 had more lags and stutter than the HTC One. I even went back to test the HTC One again and yeah, buttery smooth. I could not believe it. Both have the same Snapdragon 600 processor and 2 GB of RAM, but the HTC One was noticeably smoother. HTC really stepped up their game in order to compete with the GS4, and it showed. Everything was really smooth. I did not encounter a single stutter really. And I did try out more than just one GS4. My reflections are also reflected on many reviews throughout the web. I know HTC Sense is known to be so stuttery, but HTC really went all out to make HTC Sense really smooth. It was the first Android phone that I had used that felt like the scrolling of an iPhone 5, and these are not overstatements. Overall, Android apps just seem to take longer to show when you press the icon than Apple’s. Just yesterday I tried out my aunt’s iPhone 5 and I was sadly impressed by how smooth the iPhone 5 is (I’m always rooting for Android). In the GS4, its plenty fast but still needs lots of optimization. I still see some stutter in it O.o. I dream of the day when Google decides to do a complete overhaul of Android and get rid of Java >:| and not run Android in a virtual machine. Otherwise, every time I see Google announcing smoothness improvements, I just feel like they are just putting a patch on the problems, and it shows when I finally get try out the new version of Android and come out a little disappointed when I still see stutter. This site should do an article on why it is so hard for Google to make Android as truly buttery silky 60 fps smooth as iOS.

    2. Android cameras still don’t match the iPhone. I took some comparison shots with the S4 and my wife’s 4S and it wasn’t even close. The S4 likes to pick 1/15 shutter speed in what I would call medium light, which results in blurry photos. I’ll probably switch back to Apple once the iphone6 drops. I don’t need customization, but I do need a great camera with me.

      1. In good lighting, if anything it’s a tie in my experience, and (again, in good light) the S4 wins out with those higher MPs. It take some fantastic shots – though the 5 is still a bit quicker to focus>snap. In low-light, the 5 takes warmer shots (with the flash), but washes out faces horribly. The S4 takes some awesome flash shots that turn out incredibly detailed and keep things as balanced as I’ve seen on an Android device. I think the S4 is on par with the 5 in a lot of aspects – both have their quirks/positives/negatives. However, the iOS7 beta really amps up the 5’s camera and adds some great improvements…

      2. I do notice on my s4 that it’s more sensitive to movement compared to my note 2 and s3 even with proper lighting. But when it does take a good picture it’s really good. All my friends have iphone4s and they always want me to use my camera when were out and about. Specially when were inside a bar or club as the s4 takes better pictures when flash is used compared to their phones.

        1. I appreciate that real-world camera comparison info. Thanks!

      3. I don’t know that the difference is as black and white as you’re making it out to be, but I myself have wondered about the difference between these two cameras. The thing that has always blown me away about the iPhone 4S and 5 is the shutter speed. I’m going to be very critical of the cameras when selecting my next phone – the Droid X has just been an absolute nightmare when it comes to picture taking.

      4. Hate to be so blunt, but you must be smoking something. The shots from the 4s especially in low light are horrible and grainy. More than likely, you simply don’t know how to use the S4 camera. There are different modes that change the settings accordingly. I’ve seen some pictures from the S4 that easily rival some dedicated point and shoots.

        Even the iPhone 5 is no match for the S4. The S4 is definitely a step above both iPhones.

        Learn to use it before trashing it.

    3. Im lost here….my Nexus 4 is BUTTER smooth. The HTC One is as well, I dont understand how you see lag in Android 4.2+….I have played with iPhone in stores side by side and neither lags at all.

      1. This. Since Android 4.1 (and to a slightly lesser extent Android 4.0), the UI has been glassy smooth (buttery, if you will).

        A couple friends of mine have iPhones and they’ve compared the scrolling and general UI interactions, and they’ve all concluded that Android is as smooth as iOS (perhaps slightly more so). Project Butter for the win.

        1. Bottom line is the Nexus 4 still has a bit more UI lag than the iPhone 5. Not much, but it’s been easily proven on Youtube. One talked about cause is the laggy Nexus 4 screen, the Galaxy Nexus seems to be more responsive with it’s AMOLED screen.

          1. Oh well my personal Nexus 4 with Paranoid ROM is lagless….Not all silicon is created equal. :)

          2. I just have to bring attention to something here…

            “…proven on YouTube…”


          3. One of my favorite ASCII art pictures. Thanks for bringing it here.

            His theories are “intriguing” as Mr. Data would say. Hehe.

          4. Good thing I own a Galaxy Nexus then! Hahaha.

            I doubt the type of screen display technology would determine lag. It more likely be the digitizer or perhaps touchscreen driver optimization, but the true likelihood of any those things (including the screen itself) affecting lag is probably infinitesimal!

  2. I too found myself in a situation like this. After 6 years of owning every iPhone and bashing the heck out of Android and Samsung I found myself trading my iPhone 5 for a Note 2. Although I am happy with my Note, I couldn’t help but be excited for a new iOS experience. I threw the beta on my old 4S and quickly found myself bored again. Although it is a beta, the sluggishness and repetitiveness of it all reminded me how tired iOS has become. I could never be without a jailbreak for all those years and even though a lot of those JB features are now built in, I realized that iOS is still nothing without a jailbreak. I can easily download a song,edit the tag and album art on my Note whereas on iOS I am hindered by iTunes, I can change my icons with different launchers, change the way my Note works..I can customie it be mine….With iOS, I am locked down to a pastel pallette..the magic that was iOS was gone. I was rooting for Jonny Ive to bring me back, I was hoping I would be blown away, but alas I was not. I didn’t give up my upgrade so maybe the next go around they can come up with something that will give hope to the faithful again.

    1. I’ve been an Apple hater since 1996, so don’t mind my opinionated post
      Good point about jailbreaking. I have rooted and custom-ROM-ed almost every Android device I owned, since G1, but with the last phone (which is actually 2 years old) I did it just out of habit, and a requirement of a few very old apps I use. My latest tablet (Note 10.1) still stays un-rooted and un-modded after half a year of intensive use. All that is just to say, Android improves every day, and it’s openness allows for even greater value-add functionality by the vendors, so no point for me to jump through the hoops anymore.

  3. Exactly my feelings expressed

  4. Why bother jailbreaking a locked down system? I lost interest in all apple products after buying a Huawei Ascend. It sucked out of the box but after loading cm7 it rocked. Afterwards got into bigger and better things. Currently using a gs2. Android has so much variety options and freedom. Id never use an apple product again. Apple is a nasty company they arent winning the competition so they are trying to ban it. The hardware is low grade and high priced. They concentrate to much on appearance when there is no power under the hood. They have a cultlike following of none computer savvy individuals. Some of the computer savvy as well. God only knows why. What ill never understand is why apple is number one in the us and android is number one in the rest of the world. If apples loses its blind followers in the Us Google would become the number one company. Apple is scared. There is no where to go but down.

    1. I agree mostly with you, but to say their hardware is low grade….i don’t think so. Apple certainly doesn’t do “bleeding edge”, but they have the best optimization of what they do have of likely any other tech company out there. I HATE defending apple in anyway, because I think the company is among the most dishonest that there is and I have no interest at all in owning anything they make, but they do a marvelous job with both the design and integration of their hardware.

      1. Ha, Google is about to start dropping spam emails in your gmail and you talk about Apple’s dishonesty….

  5. From what I understand, the icons were designed entirely by Apple’s marketing department. That alone doesn’t tell you how screwed up, flashy/gaudy, and different the icons would be?

    1. I read that the 3rd party apps were designed by one group, and the native apps by another – contributing to some of the inconsistency.

      1. 3rd party app icons are generally done by the author/team who made the app, or a another person/group who does such work for a living.

    2. This is not Steve Jobs’ Apple. He may have been ‘evil’ but he wouldn’t let this happen.

  6. I put iOS7 on my sister’s IP5 to try it out. It doesn’t feel like anything is improved, it seems like more of a “catch up to Android” release. It still doesn’t have the customization options Android has even with all the features they have mirrored. With Android you can change the icons to whatever you want, you don’t have to wait for 7 releases in for a refresh of the GUI.

    The 4.2.2 release for the One is just around the corner. I’ve used the leaked copy on mine and it runs and looks great.

    1. Just like Android is trying to catch up. No native bluetooth support on Andorid, weak cameras, battery life is just starting to match the iPhone’s in day to day usage. Apple is not about customization so there is no point in bringing it up. It’s not what they are about.

      1. Both my camera and my battery life is better than my sister’s IP5. While taking pictures of my niece inside the house she has to try three or four times go get a good shot, whereas with my One it grabs a good picture the first time. She can’t even make it through the day on a charge where I am at 30-40% at the end of a 16 hour day.

        Bluetooth support could be better, it would be nice to be able to buy more fitness devices for Android but outside of that Apple is the one playing catchup.

        1. Yet my experience is the opposite… The One was great, but the taking pictures on the 5 was much simpler and took much better photos in just about every scenario – with ease. Battery life between the two were comparable, if not practically identical. As with a lot of these opinions (mine included), YMMV should be a major disclaimer…

          1. I just always assume YMMV is implied on internet comments. I am speaking of purely indoor pictures in my dark house. Outside the IP5 can take as good as if not better pictures than the One in my opinion. Though I’m in the camp of DSLR if you really want to take a picture.

            Our signal areas are comparable to each other as we both live and work in the same area, she probably uses her phone more than I. I had always thought Android couldn’t touch iPhones battery life until seeing how fast it dropped on her 4S and 5. The One really does a decent job of battery life.

          2. I agree with you regarding the camera. In low light the iPhones aren’t that great.

      2. Bingo. Just because Apple doesn’t operate like Android, or they don’t have all the same features or customizations doesn’t mean they are inferior. They are two separate OS’s with different agendas. iPhone fans obviously don’t care about customization as much, or they would buy an Android phone. I don’t understand why this is always brought up in this debate. It doesn’t matter.

        1. Actually I know a lot of people who create links on their iPhone desktop to a website that launches the program to get custom icons without jailbreak. At least that is how I believe they do it from what I’ve seen. If the option was there the iPhone fans would customize it. Maybe not grandma but every teenager would.

          All I’m saying is the option should be there, it wouldn’t hurt the UX at in the least bit to give the consumer some options. It’s not like a third party keyboard or browser that could be buggy.

      3. Ok, I’m convinced you’re just a jealous troll. Go play with your iPhones.

    2. iOS 7 is just in beta 1. There will be 4-6 iterations before the final release. It will improve more still. There will be some additional features released in the final beta that haven’t been seen. This is by ni means a final version–just a sneak peak.

      1. I know it is but for the most part this is the features we will get. If there was more they would have announced it.

        What features did final versions of other iOS’s have that they didn’t have in beta 1?

        I’m not dissing iOS7, I think it is a major step in the right direction for Apple. Yeah, they took a lot of ideas from Android but that is good for the consumer. I’m glad people with iPhones will be able to do some of the stuff Android users have been doing for a while. I think the 3D effect looks kind of cheesy but I’m sure the same has been said for Electron Beam on Android.

        The only issue will be all the fanboys touting how ‘revolutionary’ iOS7 is. It’s sad at this point.

  7. I know what the bias is on this site, but come on, guys.
    This is the first time iOS has had a ton of these features. Yes, most of it is clumsy and looks awful, but really, they are creature of habit. You can’t really expect them ti get it right after 5 years of basically the same iOS.

    1. ” You can’t really expect them ti get it right after 5 years of basically the same iOS.”

      …that was sarcasm…right?

      1. No. Jelly Bean is the first usable OS from Google. Took them a few iterations to get it right and it will take Apple a couple to work out the new direction they are headed.

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion…even when it’s wrong. :)

        2. The difference is that Apple has a history of OS design that goes back to the first Mac. Google has a history of having an almost blank page with a logo and a search bar in the middle.

        3. So all of the previous iOS’s don’t count as previous iterations?

          I agree that Jelly Bean is finally where Android shined (shone?), but Apple has had a long road previously to build on as well…they just chose not to, mainly because they didn’t have to.

    2. This post started well, but then kinda veered off-track it seems. It would be nice to see some more objective comments on Phandroid. Yes, it’s an Android blog, and I’m an Android user, but honestly I’d find the site much more appealing if the comments were more impartial. It’s easy to want to sling mud at the competition and dismiss it outright, but the ability to analyze ones opposition (if that’s even what the iPhone really is…) and have an impartial discussion is a much more useful skill.

      1. bingo

  8. For anyone feeling excitement on iOS7: for heaven’s sake stop whining and get that iPhone if such ‘innovation’ is what tickles your fancy.

    1. iOS7 will feel great for all of a few days, and then extremely stale after that.

  9. Competition is good and iOS has made some headway here in catching up, but they are definitely not there yet. At least not for me, I won’t be buying an iPhone any time in the near future.

    But I do have to hand it to Apple for finally getting on board with multitasking and making Siri almost usable.

    My prediction is, that despite Apple not really being as good as Android, they’ll likely retake the worldwide top market share spot with the next iPhone, because they’ll be good enough for most of the phone buying audience. Google really has to work to take back control of Android from Samsung to ensure that this isn’t going to be the permanent state of affairs.

    1. You can’t be ‘good enough’ and have big profit margins just because you are Apple. Maybe that will work in San Francisco and NYC but it won’t work in the rest of the world.

      1. You’re kidding, right? Apple still, to this day, even with the Android onslaught, has the largest profit margins of anyone in the mobile arena. The only single Android maker that even turns a profit is Samsung. Apple has kept their profit lead all this time not even doing half of what Android has done. So, yeah, I do believe that they’ll keep their profitability lead and possibly retake the market share lead on the strength of just being “good enough”. Why should I doubt that, given that they’ve kept the race close so far even with mediocrity?

        Have you seen what’s become of the S4 already? It’s already dropped in price down to $99 through Amazon Wireless. $79 for the HTC One, which hasn’t even been introduced yet on the largest mobile provider, Verizon. Now try to find an Apple iPhone 5 for those prices.

        Apple continues to turn a good profit on iPhones, despite its shortcomings and I really don’t see that ending any time soon. I say that as one who will probably never buy one. It’s just reality.

  10. The Excitement for WWDC will wear off. Its just “Pavlovian Conditioning”. I promise next year you will think even less about the Apple iOS event and the year after that you probably won’t even know when it is. I was an avid iPhone user until i traded in my 3GS for a Motorola Atrix. I remember the first iOS event shortly after that, but now i can honestly say i didn’t even know the apple event was coming last week, and I still have know idea who John Ives is or why he is important. I am now on my second Android phone (Galaxy Note 2) and I have no regrets I actually can’t believe i used to use an iPhone with the lack of functionality it had for so long.

    1. Amen.

  11. LIght green should be banned everywhere, unless it’s over the black background.

  12. Design and integration yes.
    However the iphone 5 is only slightly more powerful than the gs2. Gs4 blows it away. Look at the next big thing spec comparison. Apple hardware is a joke. Its better integrated because the same company makes hardware and software. Exactly why Google aquired Motorolla. Google has an opportunity to integrate the X phone the same way.

    1. Googarola phone not gonna happen. Android is OSS and I strongly believe Google will not spend Pichai’s department resources to optimize OS for one manufacturer let alone a singe phone. Google distanced itself from Moto right from the start and treating them as any other hardware manufacturer. I’m confident (somewhat based on rumors) that Moto X will not have vanilla Android but possibly very close.

      Important thing is…ANDROID MARCHES ON.

    2. How is it a joke? The same games/apps run smooth on both phones. Hardware is tied to the software that is created for it. Just because the iPhone is more efficient with it’s hardware and software doesn’t make it joke. Stop looking at specs.

    3. Apple has always been good at focusing more horsepower in the graphics than most Android phones. Without live wallpapers, widgets, or true multi-tasking, they have been able to keep the rest of the UI smooth as well.

      Up until the GSIII era, Apple had an advantage in smooth operation — but the entire iOS system is based on the hardware limitations of several years ago — while Android’s faults have been erased by improved hardware technology.

      Apple needed to revamp their entire OS to catch up, but instead made a few tweaks dressed up in an 80’s paint scheme.

  13. You should have just done this to your HTC one

    1. Is this a launcher or a new rom?

      1. Just icons and wallpaper. I saw it on mycolorscreen.com. it took like 20 minutes.

        1. You went out of your way to make a nice Android phone have an iOS UI? Psssh…

          1. Nah man ur looking at it all wrong. This is the new look iOS fans are touting as the redesign they have been waiting for and with a couple downloads and 20 minutes I was able to accomplish that new design. As far as functionality I’ve had pretty much all of it for a couple years now. There really wasnt much going out of the way for this.

        2. mycolorscreen.com is amazing; it really shows the power of Android. Odd that artsy people are drawn to iPhones as there is no possibility of expression.

  14. Buy an ipad mini.

  15. Ipad mini is priced ridiculously. Again. Look at the nexus 7 specs. If you can have a quad core tegra with a gig of ramm vs. 512 ramm dual core for mini. Why spend almost 500 mini. The Nexus 7 is marked down to 200 dollars.

    1. I bought an iPad mini because I wanted the iOS app selection on a device that isn’t my phone. I love the iPad mini and my htc one.

      1. I love the mini because it’s the best tablet I can get on Verizon’s LTE and the form factor is great. @Bill – from strictly a spec comparison, it’s overpriced – but there are other factors beyond specs, and I guarantee you the Mini can run just anything as smooth as the Nexus 7 thanks to the software/hardware optiimization.

        1. Completely agree. I have N7 and my gf has mini and there is literally no difference on how two tablets handle apps. I personally do NOT like the aspect ratio of a mini, but i do like it’s long lasting battery. If the iOS wasn’t created with 12yr old girls in mind I might have even consider using it.

          Bill keeps looking at the specs on mobile devices, which IMO is not entirely correct way of looking at things. Why do i need battery 2x the size of iPad to get the same battery life on N7 or 2x as much ram as iPhone 5 to run same apps smoothly? Specs ARE important but they only account for part of the overall performance.

          Can’t believe I’m defending Apple, but you can’t just blindly hate their devices without taking all the facts into account.

    2. don’t get too hung up on specs when you are comparing different platforms. Also quad core tegra 3 does not best many dual core next generation chips. I’m not saying the mini isnt priced too high, but also know that nexus’ as of late have been priced too low.

  16. Ipad mini runs just as smooth?
    Why should I pay more for it though?
    I have loyalty to apple not! Loyalty to google not! Loyalty to my wallet hell yeah! Apple makes overpriced crap just face it. And I hate walled gardens. I root all my android devices and can still get updates. If you like apple so much why are you here?

    1. I think you should Just chill a bit, its just electronics.. people like what they like for what ever reason they like. I use android, but do I hate apple? no do I try to distance myself from ios users. no. if you keep it up you will be the guy no one invites to parties because you will just end up screaming in people’s faces. so take it like this have ios or don’t ios, just don’t give a danm and see how things improve after your new sunny disposition

    2. The whole point is that he is trying 2 different things and explaining his reasons. Of course their should be more explanation behind it but either way. Plus I think if iphone priced their phones the same price as google phones they would probably outsell android. Point is that now that apple has finally started to catch up to android os more people are going to give them a try and thats not a bad thing. I love android and will be sticking to it but I will probably get an iphone for my wife again just to try out ios7 just because.

  17. Steve Jobs stole all the ideas in apple products from somewhere else. Now if all the other tech companies can equally steal id be fine with it. But they are not. Steve Jobs said he would destroy android. Apple has proved its true intentions by trying to ban android oem products from HTC Samsung and others. Android oem competition has allowed phones between 30-700 dollars. Getting smartphone technology into everyones hands. Apple wanted to keep its near monopoly and overpriced products price up.other underhanded practices of asking stores not to carry competitors products is also very believable. Being so arrogant as to act like no other products exist. The only reason Apples prices have come down is android competition. Now if I prefer android and refuse to buy from a company that is trying to destroy it call me crazy. If people dont like me for telling the truth too bad. I dont hate apple users, but I still think its dumb to buy apple products. I think it is dumb because they can get so much more for their money with an android product. If they dont want to learn anything new it their perogative.

  18. They admitted somewhere that part of the reason for the color palette was they no longer felt the need to draw in the 40s to 50s crowd wanted to appeal more to the teens and tweens

  19. iOS7 is going an update with many useful features. Of course I would know how useful they are as Android has had them for years. However what really bothers me is the neon icons. It’s just terribly bright, too much white, horrible neon color pallet. Fix the color pallet, and it’ll be a great update.

  20. first let me fix this for you.

    Flat Design / Windows 8, Android

    Control Center / Jailbreak SBSettings, Android

    Multitasking / Palm OS Cards, Jailbreak Multiflow & Auxo, Android

    Apps Store / Jailbreak Auto App Updater, Android

    iTunes Radio / Pandora, Spotify, etc

    Actionable Notifications / Jailbreak Bite SMS, Android

    now to respond to the article itself. I want to make sure I understand correctly. so, you went from iphone to android and the transition was not as bad as you thought it would be and you were satisfied, even happy with the switch until you heard about all of the Android features being added to your old OS. at that point you decided to check it out on your wife’s phone and discovered that it was a nightmare of a change. it seems like idroid(aka ios7) is just going to be apple trying to be Android and doing it wrong.

  21. The funny thing is that the reason some people are going to go back to iphone is because it now has many of the same features as android and other phones. Finally apple has caught up somewhat. I have to admit, ios 7 really does look nice. Maybe my wife will go back to it after I got her to leave iphone and get the s3. I myself will stick to android all the innovations it brings but my wife may go back to iphone just because I like having other phones/technology to tweak and play with. I love all technology and having both to mess with is cool. Even though I prefer android over ios I don’t put it down. I just compare and investigate.

  22. Thanks for your take Rob. I think you hit the ultimate point I felt about iOS; it’s way too light colored. I’m not Apple user, and while I’ve had my moments of admiration for Apple’s products, ultimately for me the more open philosophy of Android can’t be beat! But that said I can appreciate many of the changes to iOS, and the quite needed refresh in the look of iOS. The biggest complaint I had upon viewing iOS 7 for the first time was that it looked alright, but the color was baffling to me. It’s almost blindingly bright. I prefer the darker (and more battery friendly) tones on Android 4.0+ and find it far less visually distracting.

  23. only a real iDiot would want to trade in his Android device, the HTC One no less for an iPhone with the same stale, boring and limited OS with a fresh paint of coat.

    IF iOS excites you that much because its been dressed up to look pretty then you dont deserve an Android phone.

    1. Did you even read the post? I doubt it. You saw the word iPhone, and decided to get all puffed up and hateful–instantly losing all credibility in your response.

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