iOS 7 vs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: What exactly is “new”?


iOS 7 iPhone

Today at WWDC 2013, Apple confirmed rumors of a completely new, and visually overhauled version of their mobile OS with upcoming release of iOS 7. Apple calls it the “biggest change to iOS since the iPhone” and has has finally done away with the realistic shiny buttons, leather, and felt. The new user interface is much more simple, colorful and places a greater focus on minimalism and typography. Sound familiar? It should.

iOS 7’s new look is almost the same minimal user interface Android users have been enjoying since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich debuted back in 2011. It was then Matias Duarte showed the world his beautiful “Holo UI” which placed emphasis on a simple, minimal design as well as the all new Roboto system font. This was seen as a rebirth for Android, (oddly enough, Apple calls iOS7 “a new chapter for iOS”) which typically relied on its utility rather than its good looks.

Android users are used to Apple biting off the OS, waiting for Google to do all the heavy lifting, before they swoop in and rebrand these ideas their own. Whether it’s multitasking, or their “Notification Center” —  we’re starting to get used to it.

Since Apple is boasting the upcoming iOS 7 update as “the world’s most advanced mobile OS,” we figured we’d put that claim to the test. Let’s take a quick look at the UI from iOS 7’s all new applications, along with their new features and see how they compare to the current reigning champ, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Home screen and lock screen


First up, iOS’ trademark lockscreen is now gone. Almost feels less Apple-ie not seeing it there (especially after they went through the trouble of patenting it), but they’ve really committed to minimal with their latest version. Nothing but text, and directions to “slide to unlock,” it’s plain and we can’t help but wonder how much more functional it would be with widgets.

The homescreen features a lot more eye candy this time around, with bright, flat, colorful icons that look very similar to the color pallet used with Google Play. The homescreen actually works with the gyroscope and when you tilt the phone, allowing you to almost see behind the icons. You may remember how jazzed I was to show you guys this feature last year with a free app called 3D-Effect Live Wallpaper. Yeah, it was pretty sweet. What’s next Apple, live wallpapers? Guess they gotta save something for iOS 8.

Apple says, they ran out of “felt and wood,” for iOS 7 which gave me a chuckle. While iOS 7 is definitely very minimal, I wouldn’t quite call it “Holo” or even Metro. There are no sharp edges to the design and everything has a very rounded look, more in tune with the UI from Any.Do (now available on Google Play) or the MIUI custom UI.

We can’t help but wonder if Apple was taking a jab at the competition when they said, “We don’t add features simply because we can… We add features only when they’re truly useful.” My take away was Android is apparently chock-full of features, but not all of them are actually useful. Guess Apple really loved our quick toggles because….

Control Center

Android 4.2 vs iOS 7 quick settings

Yes, quick toggles to quickly turn on/off basic system functions is one of the most useful features ever. I’ll admit, this also took awhile before we saw it integrated into stock Android, but like most things, we’ve been enjoying these since the early days of TouchWiz and Sense many years ago. We’re glad Apple finally found them “worthy” of including into iOS 7.

Mail, Weather, Messages

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 1.09.28 PM

Like all the other apps, mail, weather, and messages were given a visual overhaul. Mail and messages now look very minimal and clean (gone are the hideous bubbles conversations we’ve since since iOS 1) and from what I’ve read, now feature swiping gestures to delete.

The new weather app was given a lot of attention during Apple’s presentation and while we admit, it is flashy, we’d just like to point out the fact that this is the same Yahoo app already available on the App Store and looks about as nice as the Sense 5 weather application. Something tells me Yahoo wont be updating the Android version of their app anytime soon. The thing is when it comes to weather, most Android users are used to not having to open an app to view it. We have the weather on our lockscreens, homescreens (and in Sense 5, BlinkFeed and app drawer) — so why go through the hassle of opening an app (unless you want extremely detailed info) when it’s always viewable at a glance?

Camera, Safari, Siri

iOS 7 camera Safari Siri

Camera has gotten an all new look. There’s a lot of transparencies and yes, a more minimal UI. Users can select to crop a photo ahead of time for easy to posting to Instagram, and filters viewable in real time make it easy to post hipster photos directly to social networks without having to rely on Instagram. Of course (you knew this was coming), Android users have had multiple camera applications available in the Play Store that mimic this functionality to a tee. Apps like Camera 360 perform all these “new” iOS 7 features and more.

Safari has been updated with a smart search field that works similar to Google’s omni search bar. It’s also been updated with Google Chrome-like 3D tabs, which we found interesting. Whether you’re on iOS 6 or Android, you might want to try downloading Chrome for all these “new” features and more (tab syncing, games, etc.).

Siri was also given a revamp, and where some Android OEM’s have gone out of their way to copy the old UI (I’m looking at you, Samsung), it’s now super minimal, with a kind of glass UI that allows you to still see your homescreen underneath.

iOS 7 Siri vs Android 4.2 Google Search

Apparently Siri’s also been given a bevvy of new features like better Twitter and Wikipedia integration, as well as the ability to pull up searches directly from, uhhhhh.. well this is embarassing….. ummm, Bing. I did like the ability to choose between male or female Siri in a variety of languages, so Apple definitely gets points there. Overall, Google Voice Search is improving everyday and because Android is becoming more modulated, users no longer have to wait for an entire firmware update before they can get updates with the latest features. This means Google Voice Search has the potential to advance at a much quicker pace and we’re sure something Google is focusing on.

iTunes Radio

iOS 7 vs Android 4.2 iTunes Radio vs Google Play Music Radio

Apple has also introduced their new iTunes Radio which some are labeling a “Pandora killer.” It offers the similar functionality, allowing users to listen to music stations and buy a songs on the fly. It’s ad-based, but for iOS users who sign up for iTunes Match (where they store their music in the cloud for streaming), can get it ad-free. Google recently updated Google Play Music with similar functionality, giving the app the ability to play music stations, purchase music, stream music stored in the cloud, oh — and/or pay $8 a month to stream all the music they want, when they want. Boom.


iOS 7 AirDrop vs Android beam

AirDrop is probably my favorite feature from iOS 7. Basically, it’s makes sharing photos with other iOS users a wonderfully simple process. If someone near you is in your contacts, you simply select the photos/videos/files you want to send, then the contact and boom. You’re off. Android Beam has been around since Android 4.0 and allows you to beam photos, contacts, webpages, and apps to another Android device using NFC but in my usage has been rather finicky (especially with smartphone cases getting in the way).

We’ve also seen similar implementations from manufacturers running custom UI’s on Android, but tapping devices together seems almost barbaric vs wireless. Because not every Android device has NFC built in, that too is a downside. Fortunately, there are other options like Bump which allow you to send not just photos, but share any file on a device with others (protip: you don’t have to physically bump devices to transfer, just shake them near each other).


Multitasking iOS 7 vs Android 4.2

Apple has finally got on the ball and introduced multitasking across any and all applications downloaded from their App Store. It took them awhile, but it looks like they’ve finally caught up to Android by simply keeping all apps open in the background. Their implementation is visual very similar to WebOS, allowing for the user to pull up cards of all the apps opened in the background, swiping them up off the screen to close them out. It’s definitely pretty but again, something Android users have been enjoying for quite some time now.


iOS 7 vs Android calculator

While all the iOS 7 systems apps have been spiffed up, I just found it interesting how visually similar their new calculator app was in comparison to Androids. While it’s true, there’s only so much you can do with a calculator UI, if they rounded out the corners it’d be less obvious where their app drew its inspiration.


The point of this post wasn’t to simply trash Apple or iOS 7. I was genuinely excited to see something new out of WWDC and was kinda bummed out to walk away empty handed. Like some of you, I actually enjoy a good fight and I know that good competition fuels innovation and pushes companies to try harder and deliver even better products. While it’s sad to see Apple no longer the “innovator” they once were, Android users now have OEM’s like Samsung and HTC to turn to for new ideas in terms of hardware and software.

You’ve really got to hand it to the Android developers, they’ve really done an incredible job at making Android not just functional, but beautiful as well. So beautiful it seems Apple is now looking to Android for design ideas, instead of the other way around. When it comes to the next version of Android _._ Key Lime Pie, Google may have only to outdo themselves.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The new version of iOS7 looks like someone from deviantart custom skinned a version of MIUI. Hilarious.

    1. Yeah, but APPLE made it! /s

    2. This makes sense, as MIUI was styled after iOS but custom skins made it not suck.

    3. That is exactly what I thought!

  2. Next apple ad: “Every day, more ideas are stolen from Android, than any other mobile OS”

    1. Well, Android “stole” iOS in every aspect at the begining. Why are we even having this discussion? Because Android made themselves as an iPhone OS clone. Now they are ahead, and it’s payback time.

      1. Bring facts not opinions you applot (combo of apple and zealot). The apple phone wasn’t even the first touchscreen mobile device. IBM had the Simon in 1992. The Compaq Ipaq was 2000. (Looks like apple stole their stupid naming scheme even.) HTC Wallaby in 2002. The LG Prada was May 2007.Your apple phone was June 2007. The only innovation apple has ever had was the gall to tell the world they hold the phone wrong.

        1. Why are you even bringing up touch screen phones? It’s hard to argue that the android UI was dissimilar from the iOS UI at launch. Nobody (here) claimed iPhone was the first touch screen anything. No need to call people names, it is what it is. Android, by the time it went public, borrowed heavily from an iOS that was already on market. Now Apple is doing the same. I honestly see nothing wrong with either the give nor the take here. What I do still see an issue with are the lawsuits. I am interested to see in what way, if any, those continue after this.

          1. Let’s see, he’s trolling an Android website for attention. He should accept negative attention to validate his premise. And I can argue all day long how the Android philosophy and implementation are fundamentally different from the closed kingdom of apple

          2. How is he trolling? The only one angry here seems to be you. Calm down, bud. Pick what you like and move on. Fact of the matter is, if you show up on an Android site and don’t feel Android is the be all end all, you get labeled a troll. Same goes from an iOS site. Any time I speak about Android there I get slammed and told to GTFO. The hate on these forums is ridiculous. And what’s more ridiculous is mods don’t do a damn thing to thwart it. If anything, the goad people on. Sad. (Bring on the down votes!)

          3. Hmmm he didnt seem “angry” to me, hes just expressing himself. Besides these forums were made for Android fans and an iOS fan that decides to bash it deserves what they get, and the same goes for an Android fan perusing the iOS sites. Imagine the flak a white supremacist would get if he went to an African American website and started posting how much he wants to hang all them “coons” lol

          4. Generally, calling people names (even poorly made up ones) as a derogatory term is done in anger, at least in my experience. And your example is kind of ridiculous, in many ways.

          5. Stop being so rational and fair. Don’t you realize you are in a digital sandbox for the 3-year-old intellect, and journalism as written by 12-year-olds.

      2. Man you guys are absolute sheep but whatever helps you sleep at night. If Schiller wanted he could convince you tards that Apple actually invented the first telephone.

      3. Let’s assume your premise is correct. Is it was wrong for Android to “steal” iOS at the beginning, then why is it right for Apple to “steal” from Android now? You’re showing a double-standard.

        1. Maybe I missed something, or the original post was edited, but who said anything on any end was wrong? Operating systems have borrowed feature sets from one another that were compelling and useful since operating systems have existed, basically.

      4. Wait a sec, lets go back to 2008 when the G1 premiered and tell me exactly what Android “stole” from iOS. They were never an iPhone clone, the 2 could not look any more different. Well, till now when iPhone borrows more and more from Android because theyre bleeding users.

      5. I’m a huge Android fan but honestly let’s not delude ourselves; what he’s saying has merit. Downvoting it just because you’re a fan of Android doesn’t change reality.

    2. You do know that Android was born from a “borrowed” idea from Apple, right? Android would be nonexistent if it didnt have Apple to compete with. I’m not knocking, I love both OS’s but I do feel they each offer different solutions for different people.

      1. Speaking of things people SHOULD know is the FACTS. Android, Inc. was founded by Andy Rubin in October 2003. August 2005 Google acquired Android, Inc. The first apple phone was 2007.

        1. Perhaps I should have specified Android OS, not the company.

          1. The first functional test build for an Alpha android was run on palm hardware in 2004. I know because Im one of the engineer who worked on board at palm r&d in sunnyvale.

          2. I work as tech support (see comment above) and I’m constantly telling people about Andy Rubin and the 2003 date. People just don’t get it.

  3. ll just leave this here

    1. This one made my day. xD

    2. Phandroid I love you guys and all, but you shouldn’t have even taken the time to write this article. Seems like nothing is new at all.

      1. Wrong. It’s ALL new. O_o



        2. IT’S APPLE!! (Ooh I hear an iSheep! ^_^)

        3. If Apple’s WWDC 2013 big change to iOS’s UI were to be translated to android-land, it would be equivalent to us having yet one more launcher app. Woohoo ;-)

          Oh, how low the mighty have fallen.

        4. Right….

    3. Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha woooooooooowww

    4. lol I know right? I think that’s phase beam back there lol

      1. oh hey there man, i see you like android? :P

  4. I favor Android all day everyday, but every OS copies or puts a spin on what has already been done. I’m not saying there are limits to what we can do, but no company has completely “innovated” in a very long time. There have been some things that have been big since whenever, but nothing ground breaking. I like what Apple did. I just love mobile tech in general. When a company is lacking something that others have and you finally add it you’re considered a copy cat. Well, it’s considered lacking and missing features. At some point you need that. So I wouldn’t call it copying. Copying is exact pretty much. There are some things Android has done that XDA developers have done and custom skins had. But as an Android fan that most people are they wouldn’t admit it. It’s the point of having that feature native now and finally having it. I think this is good for iOS i general. Maybe they will add needed features and have a new side of change for future updates and hardware.

    1. I think the point is more or less that because Android is open, it’s designed so that the community can build upon it and make it better. That’s exactly what’s happened.

      Apple is constantly giving Android a lot of sh*t for being open when they’ve gone beyond simply copying, and now it’s more like mooching. They’re pointing fingers at Android and laughing while in the same breath, trying to be more like them. In simple terms…. they’re “haters.” Lol

      Don’t get me wrong. Copying is good (for consumers), but I tend to give respect to others when they build upon an idea and make it better — not simply jack it.

      1. It’s not the copying that really gets under my skin as much as having to hear iOS fanboys act like it was Apples genius idea and nothing like this existed before. It’s the special blend of arrogance and ignorance.

        1. And scumbaginess.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with minor innovations cross-pollinating the operation systems, everyone gains from that. The issue I have is when one company in particular patents and sues based on their particular contributions.

    3. until Apple claims that android is copying their innovations and they sue all the manufacturers. Apple is the Cullens of the mobile tech world. they were innovators at first, now they are just a bunch of vengeful idiots trying to brainwash the masses.

    4. Apple can copy all they want. I don’t care. Just stop trying to sue the crap out of everything.

  5. i thought xda got a new developer call Apple with custom rom named iOS??

  6. Yes a lot of the new updates are copied from android..maybe that is why I liking the new iOS 7.lolz….but still sticking to the little green robot….

  7. Apple is not innovative at all here. Just a “me too” party for fan boys. However, apple will quickly take the lead because all these features will be available once ios7 ota hits millions of iPhones this fall. So few phones are running stock 4.2.2 (hence the reason I have to root the more than capable S3 to run 4.2.2). Once android figures out how to make the latest ROMs readily available (ie lighter weight) across majority of the phones in use, then they will truly dominate and stay in the lead.

    1. Don’t forget though that their are many Android users who feel there’s no need to be on the latest firmware because even without it due to our open ecosystem that is able to provide them with a plethora of apps and features anyway.

    2. We should we be getting android 4.2 on the s3 really soon

  8. now they just need to allow widgets on the home screen and it will be almost an exact android clone. well, actually it almost is already.

    1. And an app drawer

    2. They had to leave something for them to stea… Erm… Borrow, for iOS 8.

  9. Looks like a healthy blend of design cues from Android and Windows Phone (setting toggles, Siri logo, etc). Google hit the design aspect perfectly in ICS, and improved upon it in Jelly Bean. I got to admit, iOS 7 looks a hell of a lot better than iOS 6, but only because Apple finally ditched the “2008-look” to the OS, and they copied Android’s minimalist OS theme. Once again, we have Apple playing catch-up. I can’t wait what improvements in design Google has in store for Android for KLP (Google Now sort-of look?).

    Keep being innovative Google.

    1. I don’t think there will be much design differences in the next iteration of android so don’t get your hopes too high. :(

      1. I’m not expecting a major change like we saw from Gingerbread to ICS, just more UI improvements.. If the update to Gmail and the Google Play Store is any indication of the future design, then I’d be a happy camper.

  10. Isn’t AirDrop over a Wifi network only? I see this a bit limiting as well.

    1. I was under the impression that it’s some sort of proprietary wifi direct type deal.

  11. There is one thing I wish Android developers would start doing. Bringing quality apps to the app store. I mean from the icons to the layout of the apps. There are some crappy and disturbing looking apps in the app store. They may get the job done, but they’re horrible to look at.

  12. Apple will u pls stop coping android jesus christ…

    1. Words

  13. Is it just me that thinks that the new icons are really ugly….especially the Safari and Mail icons? They look so ” ’80s inspired”. The colors clash too much and imo, the color gradient is atrocious.

    I will allow that the lock screen does look really nice, but at first, second and third glance, it looks like a themed Widgetlocker lock screen…nothing really new from an android perspective, but still nice nevertheless

    1. I HATE the new iTunes logo.

    2. The colors look like they were chosen by someone on a LSD trip. I guess it is the perfect OS for the hipsters

      1. They hired some hippies for their design team.

    3. it’s not just you. the homescreen is hideous.

    4. I was thinking that too. I feel like iOS is just an ICS update. LoL!! But I’m sure the iOS users will love this update. Well… actually this update is kind of a big change. I don’t see some of them liking it.

  14. Android user since day one (G1) and I must admit io7 just LOOKS such much nicer than android. If it had widgets I would probably give it a shot.

    1. Android user since day one (G1) and I must admit io7 LOOKS like crap and in no way even comes close to the beauty of Android and its OS, even Android 1.0

  15. Android was expecting Key Lime Pie, but I don’t think iOS users were expecting Apple Pie.

    1. They didn’t get Apple Pie though…..they got Apple Ice Cream sandwitch.

      1. more like Android honeycomb

      2. Apple Pie a la mode-wich

  16. iOS 7 is a clean refresh of the UI, it’s about time. Jony Ives is such a jerk off though he ruins the whole thing as if he is the biggest genius of all time. Yes, with Apple’s twist on existing Android ideas, I’m no longer surprised by this.

    As for Android, I’m still waiting on Key Lime Pie. Waiting…

  17. I’m actually kinda liking the new look apple is taking. Probably because it looks very much inspired by Android

  18. I can’t wait for this to be released. might actually like using my work iphone once tgis comes out.

  19. am i the only one horrified by the fact these basic “new” features are just NOW being intergrated in to this os ??? honestly thought they had multitasking and camera options and wifi direct (airdrop) for the longest time lol

  20. Anyone else feel there’s too much white/brightness to most of the OS?

    1. I thought that, then wondered how much that will drain the battery. Holo was dark for a reason aside from looks.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, most of Apple’s products use LED or LCD tech. And again, if I’m not mistaken, for one (or both) of those screen technologies, there’s negligible battery impact when comparing black vs. white pixels.

  21. android looks fugly in comparison. then again it has always been the worse looking mobile OS by far. apple got copy happy the windows phone UI in many ways while android still seems to be stuck half there and half in the past.

    1. The difference is, Android users aren’t stuck with a stock UI. We can make it look it look however we want. iOS users have to accept what Apple makes.

    2. Android is as ugly or nice as you make it. That’s the beauty of having choices.

      1. Some people can’t handle choices. They need someone else to think for them.

      2. True sadly many users don’t take the time to take advantage of that feature and prefer it done for them.

    3. troll much Neowin user. I mean WINdows user

  22. The Sun has set on the Apple Empire. We are witnessing the dawning of the Age of Android.

    1. “You can make a throne out of bayonets. But you can’t sit on it for long.” – Boris Yeltsin

    2. LMAO…right. You think anything google will take over Apple? Please look at the number trend. Not gonna happen.

      1. I’m not sure you’ve actually looked at any trends.

    3. Android use is till very much in it’s infancy, as are you it seems. :)

  23. It’s the Windroid phone.

  24. I wouldn’t name it “copying”, who was the first copying the interface? wasn’t Android?, so I prefer naming it “REVENGE”. And also I have an iPhone running iOS 6 and a tablet running ICS, and I prefer using iOS than Android

  25. It’s about time Apple learned from the almighty Google!!! Lmao! Apple now has zero claim to originality.

  26. For some reason iOS 7 makes me think of this.

  27. Welcome, Apple. Seriously.

  28. My friend who is still using a Nokia x6 saw the post and told me that the mail app is 100% the same as his phone

  29. mixed feelings – they copied android and windows UI, webOS multitasking and they play catch on with features…. (still no widgets? 2013?) and everyting is revolutionary?

    PS: stop using “we came up with best ….. yet” – what is the other option? “this new version is almost as good as the last one”?

  30. I see everyone looking for Key Lime Pie, so here is the updating process:
    “Oh! Key Lime Pie is released, I should go and buy a new phone to get this new OS”
    “Oh! iOS 7 is released, I should download the free update from iTunes and have this new OS”

    1. The people posting on this site have the latest version of Android on their phone and they’ll all get Key Lime Pie so I’m not sure what your point is.

      Also, iOS 7< 2.3 Gingerbread.

      1. Well, I don’t see your point in iOS 7< 2.3 Gingerbread, My dad has a Samsung phone with Gingerbread and compraing it to my iPhone with iOS 6 I prefer iOS. Also you can update a four year-old iPhone 4 to the lastest iOS. Tell me a Four year-old android device that can run Android Jelly Bean

        1. my galaxy s is slightly younger, 3 years old and running CM10.1 (4.2.2).

          1. That is not a real update, it is a mod

          2. CM10.1 is based off the update with added stuff. So it’s more than the official update.

            And how tha HAIL do you have a 4-year old iPhone 4 if the phone came out in 2010?

            Also Android came out in 2009. I don’t think any of those phones would be compatible with JB. I wouldn’t want to put that on my phone. If you can put iOS 7 on an iPhone 4, you will get like 1 new feature.

            The iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM. That is nothing and Apple wouldn’t give you anything since the phone would horribly lag. So you’d get a small UI change and Apple will tell you you’re updated to iOS 7. You call that an update?

          3. Technically, it is an update. And yes I was wrong about the four year old iPhone and I correct it after I wrote that comment

          4. LoL!! I saw your corrected post. And yes, technically it is still an update.

            But I got a partial update on a 2ndGen iPod Touch with iOS 4. I was mad at the lack of the update. So now you can see why I’m against partial updates. I’d rather get a full update or no update. A more than 50% update may suffice. LoL!!

          5. Ok that’s true but for example an updated iPhone 4S to iOS 6 works really fine as it were on 5.1.1

          6. Well but you should give iOS a try, it is not that bad operating system as you are saying, I’ve used Android and phones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and I see that my iPhone 5 can compete with it

          7. Im in no way defending that iOS dude but mod’s may be based off the OS but are stripped down to almost nothing. because you cant get all that new stuff or the OS itself in its complete form to work on hardware not designed to handle it. I had a G1 and put a ROM for ICS on it and it sucked, slow as hell, didnt have all the bells and whistles of the actual OS. In other words window dressing over the same old OS.

        2. G1 its been done trust me.

        3. The only reason you can update a four year old iPhone to the latest OS is because its not much of an update, its window dressing over the same boring features its had since 2007

      2. Sorry, my bad it is a three year old iPhone 4 :P

      3. I’m not trying to say that Android is a bad operating system but I hate when people talks bad about iOS and Apple products when they never used an iPhone or iPod Touch for a long time as me. And please, today every company takes ideas from others and use it in their own way, it is not copying, copying would be if the iOS look exactly the same as Android does and you know it is not. It took ideas and redisigned it for the iOS.

        Also, who was the first introducing this multitouch interface with this kind of design and gestures? Wasn’t Apple in 2007?

        1. No they weren’t. the Ericsson R380 Smartphone was the first touch based phone. That was released in 2000.

          1. I said: multitouch interface with this kind of design and gestures

          2. Do your homework and look shit up. Jesus, you’re wrong. Stop being a fanboy and use those critical thinking skills.

          3. Typical, get confronted with truth and then modify to suit your fanboyism. There would be no iphone without the early touchscreens.

          4. Ok, if you don’t know what I’m talking about just don’t reply. Also, I didn’t say that the iPhone was the first thing humans created I just said that the first revolutionary phone with a multitouch interface like iOS and Android was the iPhone

          5. So, in less words I said that Android “copied” from Apple in the first place

          6. Again trying to modify your argument when getting clearly proven wrong.

          7. I never modified my argument, I’m just trying to explain it but I can see that it’s impossible because you don’t have the capacity to understand reasons

          8. Right, you falsely claim that Apple invented multi-touch (they didn’t, deal with it), then you try to save face by saying that you don’t claim they invented everything when that wasn’t even the focus of your original post.

          9. I lost focus replying ScottColbert, but I never said that apple created multi touch, I’m talking about the multitouch interface and gestures that Apple created with the new iPhone and that Android took later

        2. used all iOS devices, and it took one touch of an Android phone to change my mind for good. Just because they introduced the iPhone before Android premiered with the G1 a WHOLE year later does not make the iPhone better than Android, it just makes it first.

      4. No. Gingerbread was some 90 degree squares that had no design to it. Don’t lie. iOS is more comparable to ICS.

        1. Gingerbread was rich with feature even compared to iOS7 but only think it missed was the UI polish which honeycomb fixed so HoneyComb>iOS7

    2. Hmm… They’re comparing with Stock Android which is only on the Google devices which get the latest updates.

      It’s not fair to compare HTC Sense and other skins to iOS since they’re not stock.

    3. hmm, let’s see: my sgs2 updated to 4.0. my sgs3 updated to 4.2.2 and will update to 5.0. and my sgs4 will update to who knows what. Now, where exactly is your argument?

      1. And also, my updates are all OTA. How do you like them apples?

        1. Well, iOS is also updated OTA. What’s your point?

        2. iOS updates OTA too…

      2. Your sgs2 upates to 4.2.2? Thats what I’m talking about an iPhone 3gs can update from iOS 3 up to iOS 6 and iPhone 4 from iOS 4 to iOS 7

    4. Poor poor fan boy… When an older iPhone gets the update its not a full update it lacks. When android gets updated its not missing a thing. iOs is a version number change on old devices while in android land its an actual update to the same thing other new devices are running

    5. tell that to iPod 4 users.

      also… Siri.

  31. Hmm… iOS is looking nice. But they will now suffer lag with those apps running in the background iPhone users don’t know how to handle that. LoL!! I can see the complaints now. They’re going to be how Android Users used to be. Having like 5 task killers force closing apps all day, only to have those apps and services restart, thus wasting battery. Muhahahahahaaa!!

    I cannot wait to hear their complaints.

    1. But Apple will spin that by telling them it’s revolutionary.

    2. It seems that you haven’t use an iPhone because multitasking in iOS exists since iOS 4 and it works really great in iPhone 4 to 5. I have an iPhone 5 and I can prove what I’m talking about

      1. There’s a difference between true multitasking and the iOS version where it simply pauses the app when its not.on the screen. You’re argument is seriously flawed

        1. Well, I compare my tablet with ICS and my iPhone with iOS 6 and I don’t see a difference in multitasking. I’m gonna try iOS 7 when it is out and I’ll see if there is any difference

          1. Hmm… The last time I heard about multitasking on iOS, it was you can have 4 apps in the background. They’re not running, but in a pause state. I don’t know if that “4” has increased, though.

            I’m guessing that’s why you say you don’t see a difference. Apple has probably increased that “4” to a higher number. But those apps aren’t running or using processes or services. On Android, pressing the home button is like minimizing a window in Windows. LoL!! This is how iOS 7 is suppose to do multitasking now, but this could bring lag to iOS.

          2. I just oppened 30 apps in my iPhone and they change as fast as having only two oppened

          3. That fast change may be due to them being in a pause state. On my phone the apps have to load back up. LoL!!

            Some apps load back up to where I left at, usually paused. Other apps close within a minute if I don’t go back to them. But that’s on the developers end to do that.

          4. Well it was nice for me to talk with you but i’m going to sleep,haha! If you can give me your email I can tell you how is the new iOS in my iPhone and you can teach me Android tips for using in my tablet, thank you.

          5. And when you press the home button is the same, you go to home but apps are still running or in a pause as you say. You have to double-tap the home button to close each application

          6. Also I can play youtube videos in background with an app named AutoTube (From the App Store)

          7. It’s 8 on my iPad, sometimes 9. But yeah, around 8.

          8. There is not defined number. The system manages by itself.

          9. It doesn’t. Trust me. ;)

        2. No it’s not flawed.

          Seems to me you’re happy your Andriod phone will waste system resources and battery life just to run an app you’re not using.

          That doesn’t sound like a sensible thing to do, and I’m glad MY phone doesn’t do that. ;)

          1. Actually I just gave my sgs4 away and bought iPhone 5. It really has the best display, best camera and best design. i’m never leavin Apple ever again.

  32. Great article. But what Apple has is better software update
    support. Since Google has many companies making all kinds of Android
    phones, they can’t push their latest innovations to all models. The
    highest percentage of Android users are still
    using Gingerbread from 2010. iOS 7 will be available for even older
    models like the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Just 2 years from now great phones
    like the HTC One & Galaxy S4 won’t have the latest and greatest
    Google has to offer. With Apple, you don’t have to worry about that. Apple users get the latest performance even if their phone is 3 years old.

    1. Are you sure about that, though? I think Apple will start seeing their 1st true taste of fragmentation. Get this, how much RAM does the iPhone 5 have? If it’s 1GB then iOS 7 will lag on it. Why? Apps running in the background.

      1GB is alright, but for those that never used it, it will be horrible. What I mean is if you’ve never worked with apps running in the background what’s the first thing you do? Get a task killer. And you remember how HORRIBLE that was on Android? True Task Killers have gotten better, but that’s after learning how to use them.

      I wouldn’t want iOS 7 on my phone if I only had 1GB of RAM. Sarcasm I’m sure the iPhone 4 will run this lovely. /Sarcasm

      1. Well, I don’t know what for you is the meaning of running in background because iOS has multitasking since iOS 4 the new thing is that you see a screenshot when you change or close an app. Also, 1GB of RAM is excellent for iOS, Why? Because Apple fits the OS with the hardware that it needs less RAM and processor to perform tasks that need more in Android

        1. But Multitasking has changed. The apps are actually running in the background and not in a pause state like before. So 1GB of RAM used to be good, but now that might be the bare minimum.

          True the way it was before iOS was able to run on a lower amount of RAM.

          1. Ok, I will try iOS 7 in my iPhone 5, but I’m sure that Apple doesn’t release an update just for doing it, they really think carefully on how it is gonna work with the devices

          2. But the thing is, there are many OS like MeeGo or Symbian etc which are able to multitask with up to 30-40 (Symbian can go up to 50 on 512MB RAM, system and 3rd-party apps included, MeeGo could actually have two HD games in the background without needing to close them) apps in the background. You could say these are “dead OS,” but the fact remains these were optimized OS that had meager RAM requirements. Android is the only OS that needs this level of RAM, thanks to the Java stuff, and has gotten people thinking that 2GB RAM is needed. It’s simply not and is a flaw thanks to Android’s inherent design flaws. 1GB of RAM should be enough for an OS like iOS, or basically any other OS, and at least much better than Android’s.

            Also, I don’t think apps are actually running in the background as and how they want, there are still a few APIs that they must use, and only the apps they use most are being updated in the background on iOS7, etc etc.

            P.S: Android user and fan here, so don’t think I’m hating on Android’s RAM usage just for the sake of it. Android’s unoptimized and heavy nature is something no other OS has, and things like Project Butter are not the solution.

          3. LoL!! I read comments with open minds.

            But that makes sense. Explaining as to how iOS can run using less RAM. Hmm… This will be quite interesting.

          4. It’s sad for Android, really. Having been a Symbian user till 2010 and having loved its awesome multitasking, I was disappointed to see Android’s insane RAM usage, where apps get killed so soon and you see them reload all the time. It’s why I upgraded from a GNex to the Nexus 4, just for the higher RAM so multitasking would be better. The only thing that can optimize Android and bring it at a level of other OS is a redesign of the core, something they cannot do at this point.

          5. I’ve noticed that. My apps seems to be killed within a minute. Well, my heavy games at least. I do have some apps that stay running for hours, or I could open them sometime in the distant future and they’d be where I left out. Usually just utility apps, though.

          6. Games are the biggest headache, surely. Some developers implement a system where the game takes a few seconds, goes back where it was and loads from there, but those are VERY few. That’s why Android’s multitasking can turn into a nuisance when you see apps get killed and not resume. Some people say this is so the OS doesn’t go crashing or too slow, but fail to understand it is necessary to this degree thanks to the high RAM usage.

        2. Basically, now these apps can update in the background. For example, your Twitter client will have tweets loaded in the background so when you next open it, it’s all there. For now, iOS pauses everything and keeps a connection open to the cloud service Apple has. When an app receives a message, this message is sent to this server, which is then sent to the phone, the service on the phone that’s connected to cloud decides what app the message is for, then wakes it up to show you the notification. Remember, apps themselves are doing nothing in the background and are only woken up by the system when a message arrives. When you click on the message, the app opens and loads all the stuff that has happened since you last opened the app, while on Android and other multitasking OS you can have everything load in the background as and when required.

          With iOS 7, you get to have apps doing stuff in the background other than just GPS or playing music as is the case now.

      2. You have completely NO idea how multitasking works on iOS have you.

        iPhone gon’t need more than 1Gb of ram as the apps drain system rejoices, just like on your phone…..that’s not a smart way to increase battery life now is it?

    2. iOS 7 will be available for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, but they won’t get all the features, obviously. And even older phones can’t use iOS 7 at all. Having said that, though, I’ll concede that Apple does have better update support.

      2 years from now, I’m confident that current high end Android phones will, in fact, be able to upgrade to the latest ver. of Android. Google’s been pushing makers to speed up Android updates. The Galaxy S2 which is almost 2 years old, has a Jellybean 4.1.2 update. If you stick to the top end of any of the manufacturer’s lines, you’ll probably be supplied with OS updates for 3 years at least. IMO of course.

  33. Looks like Apple has run out of ideas and completely copied off of Google/Android. I mean just look at that font! It looks nearly identical! However, iOS7 makes iPhones look like a child’s toy (they even have to make edges rounder and rounder of apps… Guess square apps are just too dangerous for them iSheep), while Google makes their phones look professional.

    1. Oh, grow up.

  34. The general public does not pay attention to origins. They pay attention to brands and popularization. This will be new and magical because Holo is usually dark and not as obvious due to the variety of OEM skins on the most popular Android handsets. Apple with put it all into a smooth package and stick it on millions of devices instantly. It sucks, but we’ll all have to deal with apple fan boys running and squealing in joy to show us how revolutionary the 3D wallpaper is…

    1. Everyone is saying it’s a copy, but it really should have been built in a long time ago. But the “apple fan boys” don’t want Android, they want their sleek, simple and elegant iOS. Even if every app looked exactly the same, it would still be different because the platform is fundamentally different. Now that they look similar, would you switch to iOS because it is “a copy?” No? Because it’s different.

    2. So basically Holo is black, this is white… but it’s the same.

      1. No, it’s actually called Holo Dark and Holo Light. Google has the specs for both up for developers. Holo Light is what Google chose for most of their apps and Holo Dark was initially the color scheme and styling throughout Android 3.0.
        Holo Light introduced icons that were flattened in perspective instead of angled, thinned gray or black fonts, white backgrounds, and sets of vivid colors to use as accents throughout apps.

        1. Most of their apps. The settings menu and most UI elements are black when using the phone though. Solid black. Not translucent white.

          Please post me a single, A SINGLE, post saying that the 3D wallpaper in revolutionary? The only people using that word are fandroids lately. You project your vision of what you think apple users are constantly as if it was real.

  35. so many rainbow colors

    looks like apples secret plan to turn all humans gay

    1. Ironic considering your avatar.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that! (good old Seinfeld)

    2. You should stop using that avatar if you want to use such stereotypes. It’s insulting.

      1. Have you considered that maybe Earl is gay?!

        1. That wouldn’t change a thing. It’s still stereotypes. If he were gay that would mean that he doesn’t understand a thing.

    3. Hey now, I like rainbows and colorful things and I’m as straight as they come.

      1. :D

  36. You guys may say this is copying, but this is technically a ”new” Apple. Steve Jobs was the big lover of Skeumorphic design. Apple is of course going towards the trend (honestly, Sir Ive should have been at the forefront of software design for the past 3 years).

    I think iOS looks like what Android could have been if Android had one unified OS. And let’s all remember, the ZUNE started flat design.
    With the death of Jobs, we may start seeing more openness of Apple devices and perhaps more bold visions. I’m not saying Apple isn’t wrong. No, they should have never started to begin suing in the first place. Ironic, though, that now all of that suing has led them to completely abandon their old design mix anyways. But still…Steve jobs declared thermonuclear war.

    1. The hardware design of the iPhone 5 is in line with was done with the 4 and blatantly copied by Samsung.

      1. Wait the iPhone 5 was copied by Samsung? Have you even seen the GS3 or GS4?

      2. I get it, you’re just trolling. I gave you credit until I read this comment.

        1. Sure, I’m trolling. Too bad a court said that Samsung did copy. But you know better of course.

  37. I smell a iTROLL in the comment section… Anyone care to guess who?!?
    BTW – to clarify it isn’t me, quite happy with all my Jelly Bean devices…

  38. You’re missing one crucial point though. iOS has a camera that you could get from the Play store. The built in weather app you can get in widgets. Basically, iOS is all in one place: apps. It is simple and elegant, like Apple always has been, and as it’s followers expect.

    Android is cluttered. Widgets strewn across the platform, and a clutter of useless features you can replace from the play store. Yes, it has some very advanced features that other platforms lack, but it is by no means a simple, intuitive interface.

    As for iOS copying features, there are some things that should be in every platform that Forstall just wouldn’t include. Take quick settings: Android has it, even BB has it, but not iOS. That should have been built in years ago, and is one reason why there are so many jailbreakers. I’m glad that they are actually bringing the platform up to standard, even if it means copying a few things.

    1. “Android is cluttered. Widgets strewn across the platform, and a clutter of useless features you can replace from the play store. Yes, it has some very advanced features that other platforms lack, but it is by no means a simple, intuitive interface.”

      That’s what is great about Android. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can fill your screens with widgets, or have none at all. It’s your choice. It’s your phone. You can make it work like you want it to, and you aren’t stuck with the same template that everybody else is.

      1. widgets are a waste of time, cpu and memory. I never use most of them. the only useful ones are the weather, flashlight on/off, perhaps birthdays and shortcut contacts, news and thats it. Most of these features are better integrated into iOS7. Widgets are no longer ‘cool’, and this is seen across windows 8 and also mac OS removing the widget pages almost entirely.

        1. Well many people would disagree with you about widgets being a waste of time. And I still use them pretty regularly on my Android phone as well as my Macbook Pro.

          And Windows 8 still has widgets, they just have a different name now. The live tiles are the equivalent of widgets.

  39. i love android users. even a tiny small news can piss them off haha

  40. Heh, the first line in the Play Store description of the 3D wallpaper states that it’s a port of an iPhone app…

    1. That may very well be true for that 3D app. But remember, HTC Sense had a 3D feature where while you were switching screens, it actually had a 3Dish look.

  41. I work in a call center for T-Mobile as tech support. I talk to tons of old people who buy iPhones because it never changes every year. They know they will always be able to figure it out. When ios7 hits, it will be a tech support shitstorm. Also, Apple has been suing samsung arguing in court that “if people can’t tell the difference between iPhone and Samsung they might accidentally buy the wrong one!” Won’t this make people not care if they buy android or iPhone? Because at this point, ios7 looks like “an android with a tiny screen” to the average consumer.

    1. How so? Because of the icon grid? Because of the dock? Oh wait those were on iOS first.

      1. First!!!

      2. Funny, I had those on me T3.

      3. What is “how so?” Are you talking ab out ios 7 looking like android with a tiny screen to the average consumer? Has nothing to do with the icon grid or dock mate. If we wanted to argue icon grids, I could bring you back to windows 95, or even an old palm pilot pocket computer. There is no point. What I’m pointing out, is that the people who buy an apple product buy it because it looks different than anything else. This article explains why ios7 /looks/ like android. So my statement still stands.

        1. I think that people mostly think the other way. An android phone being ‘an iphone with a bigger screen’. I still don’t see how it looks like android. It doesn’t look or even work the same.

  42. Who cares they’re only Smartphones. Go outside more and talk to people.

    1. my neighbors are disgusting and annoying and the people passing by my house arent much better.

    2. Shhh!. We people on the outside don’t want to talk to fanboi’s of any stripe.

  43. I dont get it. People mock touchwiz for its gaudy colors but on ios it looks good? O.o

    1. After having used stock android for a while on Nexus 7, I’ve come to like TouchWiz even more. I kept looking for features on stock that I’d gotten used to on TW. Also I don’t find the colors that bad, there’s a bad icon here and there, but it’s easily remedied.

    2. You must be blind to even compare touchwiz to iOS7!

      1. Bitter troll is bitter.

        1. Repeating the same stuff over and over is obvious trolling. I flagged you.

          1. That’s ok, I won’t flag you since I’m not bitter.

          2. You are my hero.

  44. As what Jobs quoted – Good artists copy great artists steal ;)

  45. APPLE make apple jam not a phone haha :D

  46. One thing stood out for me:
    “We don’t add features simply because we can… We add features only when they’re truly useful.”

    That’s the great thing about android, people are free to choose the features that are important to them, and to ignore the rest. Apple takes the choice away from IOS users.

    1. Because users don’t know what they want.

      1. iOS users don’t know what they want. Android users have a much better idea.

        1. I DO know what I want thank you, and it’s not listening to some idiot ramble along about uninteresting subject matter.

          1. Clearly you don’t know what the word ramble means. A one liner doesn’t fit the bill.

          2. Oh of course it does, didn’t you have any schooling when you were younger???

          3. Take a look at #4

            ram·ble (rmbl)

            intr.v. ram·bled, ram·bling, ram·bles

            1. To move about aimlessly. See Synonyms at wander.

            2. To walk about casually or for pleasure.

            3. To follow an irregularly winding course of motion or growth.

            4. To speak or write at length and with many digressions.

    2. They say that only about the features they don’t know how to copy yet. Once they do, it will be a great amazing thing.

    3. Even though many features are “half-baked” and gimmicky i.e. no real use to anyone. Plus android phones are terrible for upgrade cycles – its all well and good if google release new software updates and innovate in their software, but a third of people’s phones are still running gingerbread which is a horrible OS to say the least. Jelly Bean is a good OS though (As is ICS) but it eats up all my internal memory so that I am now unable to update core apps even after deleting a load of less frequently used apps. This is on a Galaxy S2.

      1. The Galaxy S2 is 2 years old, time to upgrade dude. My wife had the same problem with her MyTouch 4G.

  47. “Apple says, they ran out of “felt and wood,” for iOS 7”

    I bet there is a lot of wood for iOS 7 out there among the fanboys…

    1. Lots of ‘wood; between your ears too it seems. ;)

      1. I’m not sure there’s ANYTHING between my ears! ;)

        1. How right you are. :p

  48. “Overall, Google Voice Search is improving everyday and because Android is becoming more modulated…”


    (Not meant as a flame; just trying to help.)

  49. The semi-clear glass look and the messaging app are nice. There are much better icon packs in the play store right now, like stark, and the whole OS has a “girlie” look to it.

    1. Agreed. That was my first thought while watching the keynote. They need a man version of ios 7.

  50. So they use colors and it suddenly becomes like the palette of Google Play? Give me a break!

    ” Android users have had multiple camera applications available in the Play Store that mimic this functionality to a tee”
    Right, because iOS users haven’t…

    “you might want to try downloading Chrome for all these “new” features and more (tab syncing, games, etc.).”
    Tab syncing has been on Safari since last year. Also… games??

    “This means Google Voice Search has the potential to advance at a much
    quicker pace and we’re sure something Google is focusing on.”
    Because Apple isn’t focusing on Siri, obviously… Seeing the future now?

    about multitasking “, something Android users have been enjoying for quite some time now.”
    because android users like to manage their apps so much. You don’t have to manage them on iOS.

    “While all the iOS 7 systems apps have been spiffed up, I just found it
    interesting how visually similar their new calculator app was in
    comparison to Androids”
    Square buttons!! But wait, the buttons aren’t all the same color, and iOS actually has more usable button but who cares, SQUARE BUTTONS.

    “While it’s sad to see Apple no longer the “innovator” they once were,
    Android users now have OEM’s like Samsung and HTC to turn to for new
    ideas in terms of hardware and software”
    Just look at the latest hardware innovations in the S4! Oh wait…

    1. >>Tab syncing has been on Safari since last year. Also… games??

      How many people actually use safari on their desktop? 12 people? Maybe? Chrome is the most popular desktop browser in the world. +1 for Chrome.

      >>Because Apple isn’t focusing on Siri, obviously… Seeing the future now?

      Siri is only updated when iOS is update it seems. Google Now is updated about once a month it seems with new features that are server side most of the time. Siri is still a novelty item that only gets used at parties to see what kind of juvenile snarky crap she says – unlike Google Now that actually is useful.

      >>because android users like to manage their apps so much. You don’t have to manage them on iOS.

      You don’t have to “manage” apps on Android either. What we do like is being able to quickly switch between apps without having to go back to a grid of icons. Something that you guys have only recently realized is useful apparently.

      >>Square buttons!! But wait, the buttons aren’t all the same color, and iOS actually has more usable button but who cares, SQUARE BUTTONS.

      Quite honestly, square buttons, and the overall look of the calculator app is quite telling – especially considering that Apple could have gone with a different look entirely and stayed away from a skeumorphic look.

      >>Just look at the latest hardware innovations in the S4! Oh wait…

      Quad core proc on a 1080p Super Amoled screen is still putting the iPhone specs to shame – which have largely stayed the same since the iPhone 4. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be the first to cast stones.

      1. “How many people actually use safari on their desktop? 12 people? Maybe?
        Chrome is the most popular desktop browser in the world. +1 for
        How does this have anything to do with it? The article says that Safari doesn’t have sync and that’s a lie, period. Would you want safari to sync with Chrome?

        Google now is just now getting used to pronouns. Both have their force and weaknesses imo. Cnet did a great comparison recently.

        “Something that you guys have only recently realized is
        useful apparently.”
        No, there has been a multitasking bar on iOS for years.

        “Quite honestly, square buttons, and the overall look of the calculator
        app is quite telling – especially considering that Apple could have gone
        with a different look entirely and stayed away from a skeumorphic look.”
        If for you have the same shape but different color, disposition and number of buttons is ‘the same’…

        “Quad core proc on a 1080p Super Amoled screen is still putting the
        iPhone specs to shame – which have largely stayed the same since the
        iPhone 4. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be the first to cast

        Please, find me a video that shows that the S4 is faster than the iPhone 5 all the time? Browsing is actually faster on the iPhone, and a lot of apps launch faster on it too. Amazing with just two cores. iPhone 5 was faster than the S3, both in usability and benchmarks. See ANY of these videos :

        About glass houses… check any of these :

        The S4 is so superior that you’ll have no difficulty finding a video where it’s actually faster, right?

      2. Wow, your phone is so superior that you were unable to find a single video showing that it’s actually faster than the iPhone, with 4 times more cores, and just downvoted me..

    2. Bitter troll is bitter lol

      1. Troll without arguments doesn’t have any.

        1. Now why you gotta dis yourself like that?

          1. NFC is a potential security issue when it comes to payments. And flaky for sharing items with other people’s phones. So tell me, what the hell does NFC actually have going for it??

          2. Try using smart tags. They’re great.

    3. “Just look at the latest hardware innovations in the S4! Oh wait…”

      Apple still doesn’t even have NFC… Get over yourself and your ancient, child-friendly OS.

      1. Almost nobody uses NFC.

        1. everyone who has it uses it…

          1. I have it. Never used it.

            I have seen a machine to pay via NFC only once in three years.

          2. I use it almost daily.

          3. Can you tell me how? I have NEVER seen anyone use it, and I live in a big city. I have also never seen a NFC terminal in this big city.

          4. I live in a REALLY big city, and they’re everywhere. Walgreens, Whole Foods, 7-11, McDonalds, Whataburger… All of them have the terminals. Plus, at home, I have stickers in unobtrusive places to make changes. For example: On the underside of my night stand, I have one that allows me to turn off my ringer, din my screen, and kick off my WiFi. In my car I have one that turns on my bluetooth, turns off my WiFi, kicks my ringer all the way up, and makes sure my GPS is on (Although it’s usually always on)

            One tap and all of my settings are good to go.

            You can see for yourself. Any paypass terminal will accept NFC.

          5. I guess Paris isn’t big enough then. If there’s no NFC anywhere it’s normal that no one uses it.

            I can see that you are putting it to good use (are you using your phone as a clock that you need to dim it?), but having to put a phone close to a sticker isn’t the best way to automatically change the settings of a phone. Have you another sticker to turn all those things on when you wake up, or when you get off your car?

            I’d rather always have wifi and gps on, have my phone automatically go silent after a certain hour and plug it to my car.

          6. You can use the same sticker to toggle a lot of functions.

            Oh yeah… Europe… You guys hardly even have LTE. :( Sorry to hear that.

            I prefer my phone to dim itself at night because I’m on call and it’s a lot easier to look at if I get a late night call if it isn’t blasting me at full brightness. Auto doesn’t usually do it for me.

        2. I must be almost nobody then… I can live with that!

          1. how original

  51. “I did like the ability to choose between male or female Siri in a variety of languages, so Apple definitely gets points there.”

    Chris – “siri talk dirty to me.”

    Siri – (male voice) – “Je vous souhaite toute la nuit”


  52. i’d like to welcome all of our apple friends to 2011. it’s the (past) FUTURE!!!

  53. The only thing I’m really worried about now is what Samsung is going to do with touch wiz next. I think everyone can secretly agree they have borrowed heavily from apple in the past. If the next version of touchwiz makes the icons flat and changes the multi tasking to the side scrolling cards like ios7 I’m gonna flip out. I really like Samsung, but it’s obvious to everyone but themselves that they seem to try to mimic apple.

    Please Samsung, for the love of Pete, stay away from a flat icon pack!

    1. Hopefully they’ll burn touchwiz with fire.

  54. I’m not mad or frustrated that Apple’s new designs look like Android. I’m actually a little happy knowing that Android’s design was so beautiful that Apple copied it.
    The problem is that they keep suing AFTER they knowingly copied from Android.

  55. iPhone 5 owner running iOS 7 beta here.

    While Apple obviously did take features from Android, Android has also taken features from Apple in the past. Companies do it everyday. Is it right for Apple to sue companies for using some of their features? No, and it is quite annoying too. But we as consumers should be happy that both iOS and Android are progressing because the closer the competition, the better the quality of the products. So far I am enjoying iOS 7, and that is probably because it is Android-like. iOS 7 has nothing revolutionary, and it is going to be interesting to see what the iPhone 5S/6 has to offer and what Android Key Lime Pie has to offer. If the new iPhone is indeed a “5S” then I’ll probably be switching to an HTC One or SGS4.

    Good day.

    1. How does the AirDrop thing work? Is it like wifi direct?

    2. Wonderfully put.

    3. Wow. A rational post, finally.


    4. iPhone 5 owner and iOS 7 beta user here too. I don’t think Apple took features from Android. I’m currently running JellyBean on one of my tablets, btw. My iPhone was jailbroken prior to this release and many of these features in iOS 7 were very popular Cydia apps that were even promoted on legit Apple blogs/sites. Multi-tasking app Auxo was HUGE and Apple took everyone of it’s features. I had just installed Colorific several days prior to WWDC and that designer had many styling cues that are similar to iOS 7 though in the Cydia store there are thousands of Winterboard skins. SBSettings has had the control center thing and placing features in Notification center for several years too. If you go to the Jailbreak communities it’s the developers there who are complaining, but often applauding because with each release of iOS Apple seems to incorporate the most popular apps from the Cydia store as standard features. It makes no sense for Apple to bother “stealing” from Android, when developers already on the iOS platform are creating these things and Apple sites are often discussing them. All Apple has to do is go to an Apple site or read iOS developer forums, check out said app and incorporate it.

      1. And them stealing from cydia makes it better? You basically just pointed out that Apple gets its new ideas from a community they didnt want to operate in the first place. Your logic is flawed as if the jailbreak community and apple are on mutual terms…there is no partnership between them. At the end of the day all companies steal from each other and implement it in there own way. It would be foolish for Apple to not look at a popular android feature an implement it if the OS allows it. Look how long it took them to Give us a notification center and quick setting…like come on if they were so useful in the past they would have implemented it earlier. It wasnt until it became a must have on other OS’ before apple included it.

    5. The main problem people have with Apple is that they blatantly copy, then sue others for blatantly copying THEM.

  56. Hahaha…haters gonna hate. Go ahead and claim iSheep or sheeple, bottom line is they have more reliable and user friendly UI than any food-named platform.

    1. reliable my butt. My iphone 5 crashes more than any android I’ve ever used.

      1. Sounds like user error to me. I have two Android devices and can say in the 5 years I have been using iOS, it has been more reliable than the Android devices I had for the past year. And if you are wondering why I have Android devices, it’s for testing SDK.

        1. The only user error is you.

  57. Why is everyone making a joke of this? I personally like the new look of iOS. I’ve been using Android through and through for years, but Google and Apple have completely different business models. One just happens to be open, and the other just happens to be closed. Completely different markets. The world keeps on spinning. Let the down votes flow.

    1. I give you an up vote!

      1. Thanks mate.

  58. Time Google would have to think about this open source thing.
    Maybe make it open source with exclusions. With Apple in mine.
    It’s rubbish. …. they can steal from Google and Google can’t still from them.

  59. Its official, Jony Ive………….go home, your drunk.

  60. One of my buddies texted me today asking which Android phone he should get. He’s been on iOS for as long as I can remember. He was completely unimpressed, and thought the new look was “stupid”. I pointed him toward the HTC one, since he’s on AT&T.

    1. He will be overjoyed ! the first time i heard the music come out of those front facing speakers i was blown away.

    2. HTC one or S4, either will make him happy.

      1. Pretty much what I told him. I’m leaning toward the HTC just because the S4 is so derivative of the S3, but made sure he knew it was a fine piece of kit… But coming from an Apple, he’ll likely appreciate the fit/finish of the One.

  61. Glad they improved iOS. I am genuinely happy for my fellow iPhone users. It blew my mind how they would have to go digging in settings just to simply toggle their wifi or bluetooth radio. Limitations like having only 8 tabs open and no full screen browsing was ridiculous. In my opinion it looks better and more modern. Some people hate it but they are doing what they need to do to keep up with the design trends.

    I am also pleased because even my friends that are somewhat ignorant about what goes on in the mobile tech world quickly said how it looks “droid” like. Finally they can drop that idea in their heads that Apple is always on the cutting edge. Everyone borrows from everyone.

  62. Android for ios is finaly coming!!!!

  63. Why do these icons looks like they were designed by a 5 year old?

  64. As a user of both operating systems, I am impressed. Did iOS bring anything new to the table? No, not really, unless you consider air drop new (its a slightly different way of sharing, but certainly not a whole new concept). Imitation is the best form of flattery, and iOS obviously took many aspects of Android and FINALLY incorporated it. I think iOS users are left with a lot of features they had been wanting for afar too long.

    By the way, I am seeing the word “innovate” thrown around a lot here. I could be wrong, I did not watch the entire 2 hour keynote, but I did watch the iOS and the Mac Pro parts, and the only time the word innovate ever came up, to my recollection, was with the Mac Pro. I am not even sure Apple ever claimed their ideas or implementations of iOS7 were purely original, did they?

    1. Nope and you’re right. The only time innovate came up was during the Mac Pro which is an innovation. 1/8 the size of the previous one but 2x faster.

  65. This is not going to help them from losing customers. Not one apple fanboy in my office are talking about ios7 and only 2 on my Facebook have posted and one of them had to because he works for apple. 2 years ago there would have been dozens of replies. While I understand I’m not the center of the universe statistically its very interesting.

  66. I don’t like android’s control center, they need to put that straight into the top of the notification center hidden or something and can be seen when pulled down from top again. I think notification toggle app for android putting it notification center does a better job. Even samsung does a better job then the stock android. Only one other thing that I absolutely despise, no physical volume controls for headphone mic controls and active wake up voice assistant when screen is off. Why Google? Why no love for corded headphones.

  67. So now that Apple has “caught up” in a lot of ways, what will Android fanboys complain about now? Customization I suppose. Maybe SD cards or replaceable batteries. I just switched from Apple to Android and I can complain all day about things that just don’t work on my S4 or the battery life. When I had my iPhone I wished I had more freedom, but that freedom comes at an expense. With my iPhone, I just used it. I never thought about switching mobile data on or off or screen brightness or fiddling with camera settings. Sure, I like my S4 and my Nexus 7, but Android is not without it’s faults…far from it.

    1. I have the s4, what doesn’t work can I ask and battery for me has been awesome BTW..I will say I don’t use air view or air gestures or smart scroll don’t have any use for them..I like android due to its limitless customisation. I didn’t like the tw launcher so I put on nova.,didn’t like the tw icons so I changed them also lol didn’t like the tw keyboard and so used swift key all without rooting..personally that’s what I like about android is that if there’s something you don’t like you can change it..when I had my iphone(4) I liked it at first but I started to hate it when I couldn’t do basic things like choosing my own default apps or just able to copy and paste any media over and have it play..hated the fact to put anything on the iPhone you had to use iTunes or convert you video files to a certain file…oh yh about the s4 I used auto brightness and camera I just use default options and everything photos turned put fine..have the nexus 7 and have to say its okay but not the biggest fan of it..cant stand the on screen buttons and the screen isnt the best.

    2. Troll.

      1. How am I a troll. Just because I like iOS and Android for different reasons doesn’t make me a troll, it makes me a non-fanboy. I am one of the few that can speak honestly about both OSes because I don’t choose a phone by OS, I choose it for what works for me. I doubt you can say the same.

  68. “The point of this post wasn’t to simply trash Apple or iOS 7” when that’s the opening of your conclusion, you’ve pretty much admitted what you did for the entire piece.

    1. No, Apple trashed themselves.

  69. Let’s not kid ourselves believing that all of a sudden, Apple just decided to copy Android. It’s laughable when you consider there would be no such thing as Android if it weren’t for Apple releasing the iPhone in a world dominated by styluses and slide out keyboards. If anything Apple as it usually does, borrowed from the jailbreak community as most of these features most iPhone users already had if their phones were jailbroken. Apple integrated them better as they’ve done with every prior release. Even in this articles comparisons, there’s no way you can even look at what Apple did and say well Android did it first, save the calculator, LOL and maybe that radio thing. But then again, who single-handedly created a digital music market place? I don’t know many people going to Sam Goody, Tower Records, etc. these days to buy CD’s. The point is, the entire industry is and has been copying Apple. Modern smartphones, digital music stores, ultra books, modern tablets, all were Apple’s ideas that were all initially laughed at. Yet Apple is the one accused of the copying?

    1. You guys must think the world didn’t exist before Apple created it. Rhapsody started selling music online through their website December, 2001. The iTunes Music Store as it was called then, opened April 28th, 2003. As to your assertion that there would be no such thing as Android if it weren’t for Apple – lay off the cool-aid, Android started sometime in 2003 with financial backing from Google. Google subsequently bought Android in 2005.

      Both HTC and LG released touch-screen phones before the first iPhone was released. Smartphone makers were already trending towards many of the features the iPhone made popular. Other makers have competed on features since.

      Stylistically Android and Windows Phone originated the minimalist approach when IOS was still using stitched leather and green velvet backgrounds. The difference is Apple is not getting sued for this(yet) – even though they so famously sued Samsung for ’rounded rectangles’ of all things. If you wonder why there’s the ‘IOS is copying everybody’ on this talk, maybe it’s that nobody likes hypocrisy.

      1. Well said exactly my thought..I lol when apple fans still argue they did something or had something 1st even if others have been using it usual if someone copies apple its stealing but if apple do it, it isnt ..I’ve always said everyone copies and expands on each other. The difference is apple go around suing when someone copies them yet then they have the audacity to do it themselves..its the hypocrisy that people hate about apple and not that they are using ideas that others thought of 1st.

      2. Wow. YOU SIR, ARE SAD.

        1. Nah, I just have a bad attitude. But hey, thanks for your input. I’ll treasure it always…

          1. You have a point. Here have a cake

  70. does anyone else smell a few pending copyright lawsuits against Apple?

  71. Android was only born after Apple launched the ‘original 1st gen’ iPhone back in Jan 2007.


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