Verizon bringing limited edition Galaxy S4 to the tables


verizon kidrobot galaxy s4

Verizon may not be getting that sweet 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T’s offering, but it will be getting its own unique spin on the device in some capacity. @evleaks on Twitter has caught wind of a limited edition Galaxy S4 that will be headed to Big Red’s store shelves sometime soon. The phones are little more than typical Galaxy S4s with custom back covers to commemorate the the KidRobot brand of toys founded in 2002.

Buyers can choose between Kronk, Mad, Buff Monster, and Groening, as well as a generic KidRobot cover. There will also be some wallpapers to go along with those. The graphic mentions an opportunity to design your own wallpaper and “collaborate” on something, but we can’t be too sure what this means just yet. It sounds like there will be a wallpaper design contest, but without any details it’s tough to say.

It’s not the most exciting release we’ve ever been asked to look forward to, but there it is. Hopefully once we get this out of the way we can look forward to a release date for the Verizon HTC One — that would be something worth jumping for joy.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. F@$k You Verizon. All we want is a release date for the HTC One and a @#$!%ing 32GB Galaxy S4. Is that too much to ask!?! Get out of here with your kiddie customizations. Pricks.

    1. Amen, the way they act with phones and prism is causing me to think twice about coming to the network. (I’m tired of Sprint)

      1. Go with tmobile!

    2. Yeah, U mad bro.

  2. WTF…You guys actually had my hopes up for something special. Okay, you got me. Honestly, who the Hell would rush to purchase this so called Limited Edition. Verizon just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe J Low will sell it in her Verizon Latino outlet…I just don’t understand this crap!!

  3. G*D D**M Verizon, get your heads out of your ass and release the S4 Active, The HTC One, S4 Zoom and every other cool phone. This S4 Mini, Pantech, Commando 2 BS is getting old and tiring.

    1. I forgot to add that stupid @55 Vivo Mobil sh1t.

  4. It’s not just Verizon with the 32GB S4. The only carrier to get a 32Gb is AT&T. All other US carriers, as well as both international models(9500,9505) only seem to come in 16GB. I’m blaming Samsung for that one.

    1. No, that’s the fault of the carriers. Samsung is making the option available, but methinks that if the carriers carry only the cheapest version, they will be able to price it higher than if they offered multiple versions.

      1. So far, there is no proof of Samsung making a CDMA 32GB version. So those users can blame Samsung for that. The fact that there is a GSM 32GB version on AT&T and not any other you can blame Samsung for allowing exclusivity with one carrier and holding out on everyone else.

  5. Samsung dropping the ball. They could of did 32gb across the board and gave Att a 64gb. Shot themselves in the foot especially with touchwjz being a huge rom leaving you with like 8gb or something.

  6. When can we get carriers OUT of the phone equation? Start offering unsubsidized phones. The prices will (eventually) come down to earth, and we’ll have control of our phones without draconian rules on what we can buy (Except network support chips). It’s like having to buy a laptop from your internet provider at this point.

  7. Guuuuuuud lawd, what’s next VZW? Employees dressed as clowns or Disney characters?

    Happy meal coupons & coloring books for timely bill payment?

    So this is what $100+/month gets ya?


  8. Verizon is dropping the ball BIG TIME! They can sell a couple hundred of these stupid cutsie editions to some kids, or tens of thousands of a 32gb version to those that are waiting in the wings for something better than just the 16gb version that is getting a lot of complaints being stuffed more than 1/2 full of bloat. Unbelievable…

  9. Sorry, but that’s a stupid version to release. Sales = 26.

  10. By “limited” they mean even more locked down version.

  11. Looks like I will stay with my32gb s3 until there 32gb S4 on Verizon.

  12. so… basically nothing more than i could do on my own anyway.

  13. Cool but unless it also comes with an unlocked bootloader running “Google Edition” stock Android it’s meaningless.

  14. what a load of crap! I want the S4 Active. Not a limited edition back cover that looks like someone just put a sticker on it.

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