Jun 17th, 2013

Instagram banner

Ever since Twitter took an aggressive stand against Facebook and Instagram, the battle for the social networking crown between the two has escalated to great lengths. Twitter has been especially active as of late, launching video-based social network Vine (which now has an Android app), and, more recently, Twitter Music (which doesn’t).

Facebook looks poised to challenge at least one of those areas, if the latest rumors from TechCrunch are true. The outlet is hearing that Facebook may be gearing up to announce an upgrade to Instagram that will bring the same style of quick-fire videos that Vine offers. Reports are that the video service will allow users to share videos which are anywhere between five and ten seconds long.

One interesting thing we’re not sure about is whether or not this new functionality will come with the classic Instagram flare — that is, special effects to apply to the videos. That would be a very major game changer, but without any concrete evidence we’re not going to allow our hopes to get too high just yet. This is all said to be going down at a June 20th press briefing, so we’ll be sure to circle back in a few days to see if Facebook really is about to change the face of Instagram as we know it.