Jun 3rd, 2013

Twitter has just announced that Vine, its quick 6-second video service, has launched for Android. We’d been waiting for this for a while after being left out of the loop while our iOS-loving friends got all the fun.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t quite available just yet — it’s supposed to be in the Play Store, but the link is dead as of the time of this writing. We’ll keep checking it and see if Twitter can give us an estimate for when it’ll be live, but for now it’s still a dream. So close, yet so far away.

vine for android

To start, users will be able to create videos, share them to Twitter, and find their friends right within the app. Android users will also get an exclusive feature: the ability to zoom. Even with all of that, though, Twitter admits its Android app still isn’t quite up to speed with the iOS version.

They promise that will change in the weeks to come, however, as they’re planning very frequent updates to add tons of new features, some of which will be exclusive to Android. This will include front-facing camera support, push notifications, the ability to mention people and use hashtags, and the ability to search.

We’ll be feverishly awaiting its arrival in the Google Play Store at some point today, but for the time being let us know if you’re going to at least give this quirky little social concept a try. If you thought 140 characters weren’t enough, just wait until you try to create a meaningful video in 6 seconds.

[Update]: It’s in the Play Store. Go get it now!

[via Twitter]