Apr 18th, 2013

Today on Good Morning America Twitter officially unveiled their new #Music service. More of a recommendation engine than a competitor to streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, the app is the direct result of Twitter’s acquisition of startup We Are Hunted. Twitter Music uses the people you follow to help provide recommendations on new artists and music, outsourcing the actual playback to the likes of Rdio, Spotify, and iTunes. The problem? The service launched without an Android app.

It seemed like we passed the point where new apps and services launched first on the iPhone and only weeks or even months later for Android. It’s especially surprising that such a huge presence like Twitter would neglect Android users at launch. That makes two Twitter-owned apps that ignore the largest mobile userbase in the world (looking at you, Vine).

When Twitter Music does launch for Android, it will feature four main screens to interact with: Suggested, #NowPlaying, Popular, and Emerging. As the names suggest, each will offer a different entry point into music discovery. Suggested takes its cues from your the people you interact with on Twitter, #NowPlaying combs over tweets using its namesake hashtag to show what others are currently listening to, and Popular and Emerging get their tunes based on what is currently trending or up-and-coming.

You can experience all of that now if you have an iPhone. But if you are an avid reader of this site, we suspect that may not be the case. You will just have to wait your turn to see what Twitter #Music is all about.