May 28th, 2013

Everyone’s favorite plugin-driven lock-screen widget DashClock now has its own beta program. With it, users will be able to test out the latest versions of the Android app before the rest of the pack. It’s worthy to note that this isn’t some APK chasing affair — developer Roman Nurik has taken full advantage of the new beta testing features found in the Google Play developer console.

With it, users can download and update betas through the Google Play Store as if they were final apps. Users can leave reviews for said versions, though the score and comments won’t go toward the app’s public rating in the Play Store.

dashclock beta signup confirmed

For this particular program, users need only join the DashClock community on Google+, then head here to activate their Google account for the beta. From there, you’ll be able to try out all the latest features before us lowly non-beta dwellers can. Simple, right? Be sure to follow the full instructions below (they’re quite simple) to get started, and make sure you do your part as a beta tester and submit all the meaningful feedback you can! (PS: don’t forget this particular app requires Android 4.2 or higher.)

  1. First, join the DashClock Widget community on Google+. If you don’t join the community, the next step won’t work.
  2. Next, visit this link and click the Become a Tester button. If you ever want to leave the beta program, simply return to that link and choose the appropriate option.
  3. Finally, visit the Google Play listing page for DashClock Widget to update to latest beta version.

[via +Roman Nurik]