May 28th, 2013

As is usually the case on Kickstarter, backers have first dibs on shipments of whatever products they helped bring to life. The same was true for the Pebble smart watch, and the company has announced that all of the aforementioned backers should have received their Pebble units by now. Next in line, natch, are those who pre-ordered one at the regular retail price following the initial funding round.

Pebble has announced that those who were among the first to pre-order the device are next in line. Unfortunately the company didn’t give any estimates as to how many shipments would be included in this first batch, but the wording suggests not everyone is going to receive them at the same time. We’ll be trying to get a more pointed number from the masterminds behind this Android-compatible digital smart watch.


In addition to the black and red color options, folks also had the option of choosing orange, grey, and white. It’s said that all five of these colors are ready for production right now so you shouldn’t have any trouble no matter which option you decided to go with.

It’s been quite the long journey for Pebble, one which began in the middle of last year. That journey isn’t quite finished yet — we imagine a true “culmination” will come about once all pre-sale orders have been fulfilled. We also have to consider the fact that the development of the Pebble SDK for developers is going to be an ongoing process, so there’s a lot of work to be done yet.

Pebble cornered a huge market at the right time it seems, gathering over $10 million in funding from over 68,000 backers in its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. Its initial success has yet to be matched, but make no mistake about it — others are definitely trying. The AGENT smart watch is one of the more recent and promising newcomers, a watch said to offer a great balance of battery life and features thanks to new processing and battery technology. It will also be developer friendly, which will mean the world for those who are expecting tons of apps.

The market Pebble has helped bolster up also doesn’t seem to be lost on major technology players, with the likes of Apple, Samsung and even Google working up smart watch concepts of their own. There’s no telling when or if those concepts will come to fruition, but we’re excited regardless. The Pebble is still available for pre-order for $150 in the aforementioned colors, so head to their site and order one if you’re interested.

[via Pebble]

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