Cross-platform Roll It and Racer now available on your Chrome-enabled devices [VIDEO]


Chrome Experiments Racer

The boys at Google took to their Chrome Blog to announce a pair of fun new Chrome Experiments dubbed “Roll It” and “Racer.” Racer you may remember back from the Chrome demo at I/O a few weeks ago and let’s Chrome users play with virtual slot cars, controlling them along a race track using their Chrome enabled smartphones. You can place up to 5 devices next to each other to extend the track and watch in awe as your slot cars travel across all of them. Still trying to wrap my ahead around how it all works, but Google mentions the technicals have something to do with websockets and HTML5 — no matter. It’s fun and amazeballs, and that’s what counts.


Roll It

Chrome Experiment Roll It

Roll It is essentially a virtual skee-ball game where players use their Android phones — running Chrome browser, of course — to throw and control skee balls down an alley. Not just your typical Chuck-E-Cheese skee-ball, Roll It features power-ups/special balls that mix up gameplay, and make landing that 100 point shot a little easier.

Both games can be found via the links below, and you’ll need both a Chrome enabled desktop/laptop and Chrome running on your smartphone to play. I know a man shouldn’t fall in love with a multi-billion dollar company, but Google just makes it so easy.

[Racer | Roll It | Chrome on Google Play | via ChromeSpot]

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  1. “This experiment may trigger flashbacks to 1979” :D

    1. This is true, I got a flashback of being in the womb!

  2. so would it work on the iOS chrome, too?

  3. Talk about innovation….Apple’s Safari is boring as S#!T

  4. Phandroid seeing all the accidents going on in Baltimore? I think you’re in Baltimore Chris… Accident on 95, huge explosion, accident on Clinton street, another random one

    1. I’m in southern California. Sounds like a normal day in LA. O_o


      1. Lol my fault. I saw something In a pic someone took and it was baltimore.

        1. No worries. Our editor in chief and Kevin Krause both live in Baltimore. I hear its a nice city :p

        2. Holy crap, you were right! :O


  5. I’ve tried in on my S3 and its telling me my phone isn’t fast enough….. really!?

    1. Nexus 4, Nexus 7 Nexus 10 here! Works Awesome!

  6. and rollit just crashes the webpage for me in chrome

  7. Rollit worked great between my GS3 and MBP13, but Racer says my GS3 is too slow. Really?

    1. Gotta get dat quad, bruh.

  8. So I’ve attempted to use it on devices from early last year, iPod Touch to Android phones and tablet, but only my Nexus 4 has worked. I’m glad to read my chromebook and desktop are apparently compatible so I’ll give them a shot.

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