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It was a busy time in San Francisco yesterday. We kept you guys up to date on it all, but if you wanted to see what, exactly, took place inside the keynote hall at the Moscone Center yesterday morning you can now get a look for yourself. As usual, the entire keynote is available online for on-demand viewing. Three hours of Googley goodness are archived for your enjoyment.

As our Google IO keynote highlights post alluded to, there wasn’t a whole lot that Google announced that would get most typical users excited. That said, there were still some key things to get excited about. Android chief Sundar Pichai wasn’t lying when he said this IO would be less about product launches and more about developers, and that’s fine — it’s the developers who make this great platform strive.

The keynote featured info on things like new Google Play developer console features, a new IntelliJ-based IDE named Android Studio, Google Play GamesGoogle Play for Education, Google Play Music All Access streaming, the Google+ redesign and the new Google Hangouts, the new Google Maps, an announcement of the Nexus-like Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, other search-based updates, and more. It’s all capped off with a refreshing appearance by Google CEO Larry Page, who recently broke the ice about the condition that’s caused him to take a backseat to public speaking engagements for nearly a year.

Don’t forget that there are still two more days of Google IO left. While there are no more keynotes, developers will be plenty busy with all the sessions, code labs, office hours and after-hours events taking place. If you’re interested in those you’ll be happy to know Google will be streaming them on up to 5 channels at a time over at the Google IO Live portal. If you can’t watch them live, don’t fret — all of the sessions will eventually be going up online, as well.

Stay tuned to Phandroid as we continue to bring you more IO-related coverage throughout the rest of the week, with the event culminating at the end of the day tomorrow.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Keynote? What Keynote? Some news about Google Maps beta and a $650 Galaxy S?

    Please, as a non-dev wake me up when Key Lime Pie or a new Nexus with LTE is announced.

    1. You don’t even get how much better Android just got for everyone, even people not updated to the latest version. LTE Nexus is not happening soon because Google made the decision to stand up to US Carrier restrictions. If T-Mobile gets their network working they might do it for them exclusively. As far as the next android version – what’s the rush for a number? The updates they provided are very significant without them having to release a “new” version number.

      1. absolutly right… not numbrs but quality is very much important we have seen such numbr rush wih honeycomb and it suckd….

  2. Google IO has been too focused on products rather than services. Products have been an exploratory step for Google in recent years. Perhaps we’re seeing a shift back to the old Google focusing on services. The true gasp from the crowd during the keynote must have been the announcement that the S4’s weren’t freebies!

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