Do you think Android kicks Apple’s ass? Wear it proudly on your chest with this new t-shirt



Looking for some new clothes to rock this Spring? How about this brand new t-shirt that Dion Briggs is selling? The design? Simple. The message? Short and sweet: “Android kicks Apple’s ass.” And that, my friends, it does. With 75% of the worldwide smartphone shipments last quarter belonging to Android it’s hard for anyone to argue with that sentiment. So why not wear it proudly?

It’s a bit profane, sure, but it’s no worse than what I’ve seen some of you passionate Android enthusiasts have been saying in the comments section. The shirts are available in sizes small through 3X and can be had for $17 each. Those in the US pay an extra $6 for shipping and pay with Google Checkout, while the rest of the world pay $13 more through Paypal.

The sizes are all fit for guys, but girls can get fit with their curves by special demand. Bigger sizes up to 5X are also available by special order. And if you want a hoodie, the price rises to about $30. You can contact Dion Briggs for questions and special orders, but if you don’t need any of that then get over to the online storefront to order one right now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wished they made a t shirt with this on the front of the shirt:http://images.fonearena.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Android-4.1-Jelly-Bean-Logo.jpg and in the back that it would say the “Android” logo in green xD

    edit: I don’t like the message this shirt gives , as an android fan, this seems kinda wrong using it :/

    1. I wouldn’t want a shirt that says this. You can only imagine how quickly the shirt would become outdated. LoL!!

      1. lol w/e , just saying (:

  2. That guy’s facial expression is priceless.

  3. I do agree with the message, and I wear other Andy tees – Andy Exploded, original Google’s Android, and a Wrong Droid. But this shirt is too much, and the wearers deserve a punch in a face. You don’t mess with people’s religions. Android phan site is the place where statements like such should be contained.

  4. Ugh…too much. What’s next are we going to start going door to door passing out pamphlets?

    1. Oh, you guys aren’t doing this already? I guess I jumped the gun…

      1. -_- are you serious??

        1. Are YOU serious?

          1. Are YOU serious?

          2. NO U.

          3. lol w/e (:

    2. Excuse me, do you have a minute to talk about our mobile savior Google Android?

      Android’s Witnesses? Instead of a dress shirt and a tie, wear this ridiculous t-shirt?

  5. Hard to tell what’s douchier, the shirt or the guy’s “Come at me, bro” expression.

    1. both.

    2. They could just make one that has #Swag on it. Wait… iOS people could probably relate to that.

    3. LMAO, I wonder how many people scrolled back up just to look at his expression, I know I did, LOL.

  6. Shirt is pure wackness

  7. My logo is enough.

  8. What happened to keeping it classy? This is sad.

    1. Well…after the lawsuits and threats to Android’s existence, I can understand why some people would want to give Apple the finger.

  9. Do they accept Visa or Gmail?

  10. Un-imagined and classless. I would be embarrassed to be around someone wearing it. The thing about being great is that you don’t have to rub it in peoples faces, its just known.

    1. It’s too juvenile. Why would they manufacture this? Printing a troll-like comment on a shirt?

  11. Try your best to avoid mocking an opponent. If you want others to respect you you should do the same. Even when attacked by an overzealous iPhone fan, he best approach is to answer objectively and politely.

    1. Oh!! How I love them. Proving them wrong while keeping your composure makes victory feel so much better.

  12. Looks great, Id wear it. Its true.

  13. I thought his stance and facial expression , had a come at my ass bro expression . :/

  14. He’s leaning to the right with his hands in his back pants pocket, like kiss me already.

  15. No. I don’t like downgrading other people or their works with harsh words like such.

    And I’m sure if I were to see someone wearing this shirt, I’d ask them “How?” and they will most likely say “It just does”. Yea, that fanboy answer won’t get you no where. LoL!!

    How about “Android Kicks Ass”? No. I don’t like using vulgar language. LoL!!

  16. Great Idea!. Now total dorks can proudly advertise themselves in public.

  17. I’d wear it as an undershirt

  18. As a satisfied Android user, Apple is utterly irrelevant to me. Why would I wear a shirt mentioning them?

    Also, Apple is a company while Android is an OS, so the comparison makes no sense.

  19. This is the “Ed Hardy” of Android t-shirts…

    1. *barfs

  20. and on the back it should say “i’m and college student who still wets the bed”

    phone wars are gay

  21. Grow up. If you had a shirt with a slick design, I’d consider buying it. Not only will I not buy this shirt, I will mock any idiot I see wearing it. And I say that as a person who buys Android every chance I get and reads Phandroid every day.

    1. Its ok, i would get it, but i think id rather get the one with the Android pissing on the apple.

  22. Who cares about Apple anymore? Maybe there should be a shirt “Android kicks Bada and Blackberry’s Butt”

    1. Or – “Apple? What apple?”

  23. I’ll pass it just seems kinda
    Cheesy. :-(

  24. How about a shirt that says: Android kicks some iOS!

  25. I don’t think it matters if I think it or not. It’s like asking yourself if Android is better than BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Duh.

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