Latest Google Play Music update doesn’t support Nexus Q, and it probably never will again


In case you needed any other indication that the Nexus Q was dead, here’s some news for you — the latest update to Google Play Music, which brings us All Access, does not support the media streaming Orb. That much was confirmed by those who tried (and failed) to use the app with the device after the latest update. If you needed further confirmation, though, a Googler has flat-out confirmed it.

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A liaison named Paul responded to questions regarding the suddenly broken support with the following:

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. As you noticed, the latest version of Google Play Music isn’t compatible with the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q devices given to last year’s I/O attendees and provided free of charge to those who ordered are not compatible with the current version of Google Music.

This is a very interesting statement. It’s carefully crafted to stay away from any suggestion support may ever return. And whether or not it was intentional, that last sentence gives off the “you got it for free, so we really don’t care at this point” feeling. I’m not saying that’s how Google feels internally, but it feels like they really are laying this thing to rest.

The technical support team was supposedly working on some of the device’s biggest bugs in regards to audio playback, with the biggest being its tendency to automatically shut down after a short time. Paul led the community on in his messages, assuring everyone that the team was “aware” of the problems. Well, little did those Nexus Q owners know that the latest update would not only not address the issue, but completely break all Google Play Music support.


Paul’s message gives no indication that support will ever return, unfortunately. We’ll be trying to see if we can work up a more pointed statement from Google on the manner. You might note that those who pre-ordered the Nexus Q eventually got their money back. It’s true — Google never officially accepted money for what has become an absolutely travesty.

But there are plenty of people who bought this thing on eBay and have found their money to be wasted by now. Sure, Google doesn’t really have any obligation to continue supporting the Nexus Q as it wasn’t the one to sell those devices on eBay, but we’d like to believe the “don’t be evil” company won’t give up on it that easily.

Let us know if you are affected by this issue, and be sure to voice your concerns in the Google Product Forums here in hopes that someone in Mountain View will stop treating the Nexus Q like the little red engine that never could.

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  1. I was affected. Updated the app at work out of sheer excitement for the All Access service. The second I did it, I thought: “Oh wait…what about the Nexus Q that is my only stereo setup in my apartment”. Sure enough, went home and the connection was severed. Pretty disappointing.

    1. Hey couldn’t you add the music to your library from your phone and use the library on your Q?

      1. You can only control music playback on the Q through Play Music. For the time being, I just wont update my Nexus 7 and use that for a remote. Gonna have to go buy a receiver and some sort of wireless music connection. Bluetooth I guess….which sucks…

        1. Earlier I meant downgrading to the old play music and using the updated version on your phone to grab the newer music.

    2. Do you have a link to a reference that states the Nexus Q is truely the only stereo setup in your apartment ?

    3. You even have a Q I they never even shipped any? Better question might be why do you have a Q? lol

  2. I don’t understand why people are expecting Google to support it now. They gave it out for free and basically said it was a fail.

    1. You have a link to a reference where Google called it a fail?

      1. Do you need it spelled out? They gave the few that sold for free. Yeah, that definitely marks success.

        1. put CM on it or wait for a modded apk it will come

  3. Sucks but dem da breaks. Still kinda wish I got it though

  4. Google hardware support for ya. Sucks for anyone who was silly enough to buy in to this nonsense.

    1. I hear you, but the device was pretty sweet and beautifully constructed.

      1. There are plenty of “beautifully constructed” devices that are also largely useless. The thing that irks me about Google is you never have any idea whether anything they launch is intended for the long term or not. And when they do kill/end support for stuff it comes with very little advance warning.

        In this case, the Nexus Q’s value proposition (price vs. capabilities) was so bad compared to the competition it would have been a poor purchase anyway.

  5. Too bad, I was just thinking the Q was finally useful with GPM All Access – even looked at some eBay listings myself the past couple days.

  6. This sucks! I really like my Q and mostly use it for streaming music. Guess I am going to have to do something else now!

  7. I’m sitting here watching my now nearly useless q rot. I guess it’s time to root it and see what can be salvaged. It really is a shame, as it was really a cool device… Just a little under baked.

  8. the moral of the story is always wait for the second generation. Major glitches will be ironed out, and new features will be added (usually )

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