Have you ever been denied service for trying to use Google Wallet?


711 lol

Technology can be scary for some people. For some, seeing these new gadgets beep and boop and do amazing things is like seeing a wizard cast a spell on a hazy day. One Nexus 4 owner found that much out when they attempted to use their phone to pay for their goods at a 7-11 store.

Upon trying to pay, Redditor 3DPhilp was met with stern resistance from the clerk working the counter. Despite having the payment successfully go through, the clerk did everything in their power to void the transaction and insisted the user go about paying with more traditional methods. There wasn’t much time to make a choice either way, though, as the user was reportedly kicked out of the store. Irony ensued as the voided receipt thanked the user for shopping at their “friendly 7-11 store.”

The old saying “all press is good press” could be debunked with this story. I’m sorry, 7-11, but your employee’s ignorance to new-age technology doesn’t give them an excuse to be rude and hostile to customers. If I feel like I’m going to be punished for using my phone to take advantage of convenient payment systems then I wouldn’t want to return.

That poses an interesting question — how do people respond to you when you try to use your phones in this manner? The entire world isn’t hooked up with wireless payments yet, but enough of them exist where using Google Wallet has become a viable, regular payment option for some people. Tell us about a time where you’ve been denied service — or, at the very least, have gotten strange looks — when trying to use Google Wallet in the comments section below! Oh, and for you Verizon users who might feel a bit left out be sure to read about how you can plead the case that the carrier needs to stop blocking Google Wallet.

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  1. wow that is just sad….

  2. When i used Google wallet on my toro Galaxy Nexus (eat that Verizon), the cashiers were interested in knowing how i paid using my phone. They thought it was pretty cool. I havent been denied service for this. I think if a store offers this as a payment option ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE AWARE OF ITS CAPABLITIES AND FUNCTIONS. Just my opinion.

    1. I had considered my Google Wallet as a backup in case I forgot my real wallet, and it happened recently but I hadn’t used Google Wallet in a while and it wouldn’t let me passed the Pin screen. It didn’t say I put in the wrong pin, and I know it wasn’t wrong. I have a rooted VZW Galaxy Nexus. Are you rooted? I”m wondering if that’s the reason I can’t use it. I used it before but several months ago.

      1. Verizon actively blocks google wallet. rooted or not. the hacker community got it working and then it wasn’t, and the it was and wasnt. I dont know of the current state. The best solution is DON’T use verizon

        1. I knew Verizon was blocking it but I was able to use it for a while before so I didn’t know if there was a way around it still or not. It works on my Nexus 10 but that would pretty comical to try and pay for something with a 10″ tablet :-)

          1. Im rooted and on verizon and just used mine at lunch time to get a Big Mac value meal super sized. worked no problem. I never try to update thru the play store. If a new version is released i Patiently wait for the APK on a developer site.

          2. The most current build is v1.6-r96-v16.
            You can find it on xda-developers.

        2. I have a Vzw GNex and It’s been working for me since the day I installed it.

    2. It should be a secret, so the tech savvy can use it!

  3. Verizon customer here…What the hell is Google Wallet ? ;)

    1. you must not have the galaxy nexus ;)

      1. Or the SIII, it works on the SIII also.

        1. How? I’ve searched high and low. clearly not well enough

          1. I’d start here, depending how much you have or not have done to your GS3

          2. This is how I got google wallet on my vzw s3. Works great!

          3. I am with Sprint, sorry no complain using GOOGLE WALLET.

          4. Google wallet for s3 and go to the xda link.

        2. The Verizon s3? How?

          1. Re-read the last part of his sentence, and while you’re at it read the three comments above his and it will all make sense.

    2. it’s the app I use to give big red the bird. I use it quite frequently, in fact.

  4. When I use it everyone is just so amazed like it’s the coolest thing ever, but I’ve never been denied service

  5. This has happened to me quite often actually lol, iv never been denied but the cashier either asks me what I’m doing or gives me dirty looks…because only some convenience stores and McDonalds have paypass in my area and when I mean some its like 4 stores and wherever there’s a McDonald’s… so unfortunately this happens to me quite often and sometimes because of it and there lack of knowledge iv just used my debit card to avoid the hassle.. iv never been denied but when wallet doesn’t work instantly on the first try that’s when they really start giving dirty looks because there usually not very happy cause there at work or if its busy and wallet takes a minute to actually go through then they really think I’m just messing with them :-( so hopefully this technology will continue to spread so it won’t be as troublesome for the technological nieve world down the road :-)

  6. Everyone who’s ever seen me use wallet is pretty impressed. One guy lamented his iPhone in fact! I get treated like I’m from the future! LoL!

    1. wait… what… lamenated?

      1. Lamented. It means he was heart broken that his iPhone couldn’t do that.

        1. ah ok i mis read and thought he ment laminated XD

          1. Heh… no, I actually meant lamented. :D

        2. like in the GS4 graduation commercial…”Yours doesn’t do that……

  7. The times I did it people were pretty amazed and we’re like ‘did you just do that with your phone?! ” Wonder what this guy’s deal was though. Did he think like he was somehow being hacked or cheated in a way.

  8. Every time I use Google Wallet at a location, the employees always think it’s the coolest thing. I’ve never had a problem, even from the employees who state that it’s the first time they’ve seen it used. The problem that i do have is when they ask me if it is one of those “Galaxy” phones. I reply “no it’s a Nexus” lol. Damn you, Samsung and your marketing dollars.

    1. Same exact experiences I have. You’re not alone!

      1. I just get a funny look for using my nexus 7 occasionally for it. My GS3 is finicky because its running workarounds (stupid verizon).

    2. I have used Google Wallet at my local Jamba Juice and 7-11, they are always excited to see me use it. I guess people with Google Wallet, isn’t doing it enough.

      1. I’ve noticed Jamba Juice (the ones I’ve been to anyway) actually have signs saying they accept Google Wallet, so I’d expect them to be more aware of it.

      2. I once went into a 7-11 to get some snacks and when I pulled out my phone to pay, the girl behind the counter said: “So YOU’RE the one with the cool phone.” Apparently she had heard from another employee in the store that I used my phone to make payments there pretty often.

    3. But it is a Galaxy phone…. -_-

      1. Not if it’s a Nexus 4…

      2. Can’t tell if ignorant or sarcastic.

  9. I’ve gotten a few, “woah, that’s cool.” looks, but most people could care less. I’ve never been met with a hostile attitude.

  10. I use my frequently and most people think it is cool and what to know how it works. It is becoming more common now cause I don’t get as many people in awe over it as I used to.

  11. I’ve been using Wallet on my VZW Nexus since nearly day 1. My auto mechanic didn’t bat an eye. The 7-Eleven owner the first time said, “that doesn’t work” but was cool after the transaction went through. It may have been Lowe’s that asked me for my signature on the receipt, which I tried to explain wasn’t necessary (no signature on the back of my phone to compare it to!), but then thought better of arguing a point and happily provided my autograph. Peet’s welcomes Google Wallet with decals on their doors, but most of the employees who acknowledge the device say mine is the first they’ve seen used — yet they all know how to process the transaction.

    1. I, too, have gotten the “that doesn’t work” comment a lot…

  12. At a 7-11 by my house the clerk said (almost yelling) “That’s F***ing cool” with a store full of people…

  13. I get general awe when I use it. I get multiple iPhone users asking if they can do it.

  14. I use Google Wallet quite a bit since I’m fortunate enough for contactless payments to have caught on reasonably well in my area. I’ve never had a problem. Most people I encounter are used to it at this point, (or don’t bother to say anything), but the ones who don’t know about it are impressed and ask a few questions.

  15. Two things:
    1. I do get a kick out of using Wallet and amazing people. I especially like when they ask if they can do the same with their iPhones and I can say “Nope”!
    2. In every Best Buy I’ve ever been to that has the proper NFC setup, their POS system will automatically deny it, which I think is especially stupid since they are a big smartphone seller.

    1. Did you just use POS as a homonym? So awesome.

      1. Whether intended or not.. still so very, very true!

      2. As an employee there, yes, it is a POS.

      3. Indeed!

    2. i thought best buy was a major backer

    3. I’ve never had that happen with my nexus s or nexus 4.

  16. LOL I used to live not far from that 7-11. I would expect it in Redneckville Texas but San Diego? Cmon.

  17. I don’t use Google wallet, but I use paypass on my credit card a lot. Most places I go the workers are surprised, a lot tell me “that won’t work”, and quite a few look at me like I just tricked their machine. I can imagine it would only be worse with a smartphone.

  18. I’d report this behavior, either this employee was a complete d*ck and deserves to get canned or 7/11 needs to communicate to employees which payment methods are accepted.

  19. can a verizon SIII get google wallet without root??

    1. No, Verizon is blocking this funtionality.

  20. Was at a Rite-Aid Pharmacy and although the CC machine accepted my Wallet payment method the employee said that they cannot accept the transaction and that they still required the physical CC that I was trying to use.

    1. i had this problem at cvs once but they said it was because i was purchasing a gift card i had to have the physical card but any other purchase is not a problem.

  21. I’ve only tried to use it once at a Wegmans grocery store. It was my first time using Google Wallet, and I wasn’t 100% sure how to use it, so I got flustered and just paid with my debit card. Next time I’m there I’ll have to try the self checkouts to give myself a second to paw through it.

  22. I have never been denied service when using gwallet. In fact everyone is always saying, “cool” or “awesome, what phone is that”. Never an experience like this. I just don’t understand the clerks reaction. It baffles me.

  23. Ive never been refused service for using google wallet but i does sometimes take me a minute to get it to work. For some reason I can never fine the nfc sensor on the back of my nexus 4 lol

    1. I think that it takes too long for the sign in. Wallet starts when the phone does, so it should be an almost instant to get to the PIN portion.

      1. Ive never noticed that till i read this… this will really bother me now -.- lol

  24. Cool when it works. When it doesn’t (had mixed success at Shop Rite), you look like a fool…

  25. Yes – a guy at the CVS near me said “We’re not allowed to take phone payments because of security”

    When I said “But its more secure than a credit card he was like “I’m just letting you know what they told me”

    I then proceeded to pay for the bar of deodorant with my wife’s credit card – and he didn’t check the name or signature stamp on the back.


    1. Are you serious? If the machine is set up and payment goes through I would have paid with my phone anyway. If they accept a form of payment they have to take it if it goes through.

      1. He literally put his hand in front of the reader from across the counter when I went to tap it.

        Yeah… it was bogus but it happened. I’ve used it at the same CVS since then with no problems.

        1. He’s a Douche, and you should report him, so that he can be educated. Probable a jealous iPhone user. :)

        2. I would have had a manager come up and raised a stink, but that’s me.

    2. CVS is one of the few places in my area that have this type of payment process.

    3. I’ve used it at CVS as well as 7-11 and I always get amazed looks like: “Did you just pay with your phone?!?!? That’s so cool!”

  26. I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to call and ask why they did this.

  27. Sign petition against Verizon to allow downloading Google Wallet through the Play Store. . Please pass this link on.

  28. I always get a good response. Almost everyone acts really surprised by it and ask a lot of questions. This one girl at McDonalds was telling everyone about it and how cool it was, ha-ha. For the first time in my life, I actually thought something kind of nerdy could have scored me a date with that girl. Usually, I just get a ton of questions about it and my phone. Pretty neat to be the cool kid in town, ha-ha.

  29. I have been denied once at a BP Station as the clerk had no way of knowing if the card was really mine, despite showing my ID and handing her the phone. She insisted that the name on the Google Wallet Virtual Card could be tampered with.

    In all honesty, any retailer that has a PayPass machine should train their staff on how the machines work. They should also be versed on virtual wallets.

    On a side note, due to the way I was treated at that store, they lost a paying customer. It is a pitty too as I used to stop by there at least once a week. No other clerk has given me a hard time except this one.

    1. It doesn’t matter if the phone is yours or not, credit card companies do not require ID verification and will cover fraudulent charges a up to $1000.

      Unfortunately the dunces that work at these places don’t know that.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are worried the “fraud” might come out of their pay-cheques. I’m sure some have been told that, and let’s face it, most of these people are incapable of assessing fraud risks with new tech.

        Just because they are ignorant and/or mis-informed, and perhaps worried about their own risk, I wouldn’t jump to any immediate conclusions. We’re all ignorant and misinformed about something…

        The owners and managers are ultimately responsible for educating themselves and employees.

        And though some of these people are not the nicest, nor the best and brightest, I am thankful I don’t have a job with such risks of obnoxious customers, fraud, theft and gun, knife and other attacks.

        1. @ Mark Reid
          No store can charge you for a fraudulent transaction, but you could be terminated. Most smaller retail stores like 7/11 which happen to be franchises do get charge backs for fraudulent transactions or have their fees raised. I work on a smaller retail store and credit card companies, do let employees know that repeated offenders could be seen as accomplices in fraudulent transactions. I have taken multiple Google wallet transactions, and credit card companies do not protect the retailer. My phone unfortunately doesn’t support Google wallet, but the system does lend itself to fraud. I have stated before of a girl on her mid 30’s that always tries to pay with Google wallet.

  30. used it once in a cab in boston. went through on my phone and the cabbie threw a fit. my buddy ended up giving him more money. was disappointing me showing off my phone resulted in my friend paying more money,

    1. i would have just laughed and kept moving. Sorry cabbie if it can be done…its getting done. Get with the times guy :)

    2. You should have filed a complaint with the cab company. Shame on him.

  31. I use google wallet more or less since the beginning – at the start there were occasional equipment issues at the merchant — but today — CVS – peets coffee – petco – wholefood ..etc. never a problem –

  32. Back when I had my G-Nex on Verizon, I was able to shop at my local 7-11 no problem. The staff were amazed the first few times, but quickly got used to it.

  33. Workers are always very surprised when I use it. They have never denied service to me, though. Usually I have the cashier and everyone behind me asking what it’s all about. I end up being the hero of the day. LOL

      1. LOL. I hadn’t even thought of that. Hell yeah!

  34. I either am greeted with utter amazement or they look at me like I’m an idiot. People need to keep up with technology whether they like it or not since it drives our daily lives.

  35. I was denied paying with Google Wallet at the Urban Outfitters on 3rd Ave between 59th and 60th St in NYC. I was buying a backpack for my fiancee and was hassled by the store manager for “using a credit card that wasn’t signed”. No duh… it’s virtual. I tried to explain to her but she voided the transaction before I could finish.

    Although at a convenience store in Pittsburgh, a much older lady readily accepted the method and even had to explain to me how to do it… Just goes to show you how a little bit of training/knowledge can make a huge difference.

    1. I would have called corporate right on the spot and demanded the item free for the issue, and never went back.

  36. i get the “i dont think that works here ….oh it worked, cool. have a nice day”

    1. I got told that at a whataburger and sure enough, it didn’t work. I guess they didnt have it hooked up right. I’ve never had an issue anywhere before

  37. I BLOW MINDS!!

  38. I’ve never gotten that. Usually just bewilderment.

  39. Looks like the “A” rating on the window just dropped to an F for “what an F’n stupid clerk”. I love how you got his picture posted on the site..I hope he sees not only his picture but this exact comment so he know how much of a stupid @sshole he is. HAHAHAHAHAHA, BURN ON YOU 7-11!!! You suck!

  40. I seriously hope the whole freaking internet calls and puts in complaints for this store. Its one thing to not be super pleasant with customers who are being total d#cks for no reason but to flip off a paying (or attempted paying) customer because of your ignorance to technology is beyond ridiculous. I think he needs to find a job hiding in the back of some storage facility away from people.

  41. The only places that support NFC payments in my area are Riteaid, and Office Depot, and at both places I had a great experience, they all thought it was neat and it worked without any problem (using my Nexus 7). One guy even asked me all sorts of questions about Google Wallet and I warned him about Verizon blocking it because he was getting a S4 soon he said.

    On the flipside, the Jack-in-the-Box’s in my area HAD NFC, but the somehow managed to implement it so badly that it’s never worked. I’ve tried to use it and the employees were always negative about it saying it didn’t work. Once, I was holding my phone in one hand and my card in the other hand asking to use the NFC and the lady YANKED my card out of my hand and swiped it before I could even try the NFC. I tried calling in on the customer survey and the manager I talked to acted like they were phasing it out of Jack-in-the-Box, rather than fixing it. Needless to say, I like JITB a little less now. I’m hoping they manage to fix whatever’s wrong because I honestly would go out of my way to purchase food there, and anyplace else for that matter, if only they supported NFC!

  42. Was the guy also wearing Glass? Because that would do it.

  43. When i had $10 credit from GWallet on my nexus 7, i went to 7-Eleven, i tried using it at the paypass reader, but did not work. The “Thank you come again” guy was like “what are you doing?” I said “my credit is on my tablet”, he said they didnt accept Gwallet. I told him they did because it is a paypass register. He then said that it was “broken”. Meanwhile there was a line building up behind me and folks started getting impatient…so he asked me to use a different paying method or leave…..i left….i went to the 7-eleven further down the street…worked like a charm! Take that! ALI-Baba!

  44. I was told at a Hess mart that I needed to show him the actual card, which i didn’t have because I had left my wallet at home. He wouldn’t ring me up no matter how much I pleaded. I left angrily and went to another Hess mart about 2 miles down the road. The person there rang me up with no problems and we both laughed at how dumb the employees were at the other Hess. That’s been my really only problem since using Wallet and I’ve been using it quite regularly since I got my S3 back in August.

  45. Most of the time the reaction is sheer awe from the clerk. One even went as far as to tell me that they, “aint never seen nothing like that before.” So far only one clerk recognized what I was doing and made a comment because this store still makes you sign the receipt.

  46. If he wouldn’t accept payments from NFC capable devices, why did he even have a terminal that was NFC compatible? You’d think he would’ve put up at least a sign saying “no NFC payments accepted” or something.

    1. That’s like saying “We have a credit card machine, but we don’t accept credit card payments.” If that guy was a manager/main decision-maker in the company, and he didn’t want to accept NFC payments, he should not have gotten an terminal with NFC capabilities, not gotten one with NFC and deciding it’s not allowed.

      1. That depends on how much extra NFC payment support costs, how much of a pain the backend actually is, and whether it’s bundled with any features that the store actually DOES want.

        I can think of several scenarios where someone might wind up with an NFC-capable register and not actually want to take NFC payments, and not all of them require that the boss be a complete idiot.

        Now, if NFC is a Thing the register supports but the store doesn’t want to support, they SHOULD have a sign on it, or something physically blocking the reader so you can’t actually use it.

        1. NFC Payments don’t cost anymore for the merchant, after the initial terminal price – they go through the same CC transmission process as a regular CC do (CC info is transmitted to the bank, verifies funds are available, etc.). Basically, if they pay for the NFC hardware and don’t utilize it, then they overpaid for something they don’t want.

    2. That would imply that he even knew what NFC was. The clerk just sounds completely clueless.

  47. All the San Diego GW users should go to that particular 7-11 and try to make purchases.

  48. I’ve used it all around Los Angeles, and I have yet to be met with anything but amazement by the cashiers. One of them actually told me, “Man, now I regret buying the iPhone last week.”

    1. You should have told him it’s not too late to return it.

  49. No. Because I’ve never bothered to try and use it. These little slips of plastic that are in my wallet seem to get the business done.


    1. I’m wondering if the same clerk would also kick someone out for tapping a credit card with NFC instead of sliding it in the reader.

  50. And that is why the guy is a cashier at 7-11. His major career path would be … day time cashier … and maybe one day if he works really hard he can pump gas but lets not lose our heads.

    I live in Northern CA so people here are used to and embraces technology. Old, young and even the ignorant. They love it when they see me use G.Wallet including other customers behind me. The one person who didn’t like it was an ifanboy. He got all excited and asked me what the app was. I told him it wouldn’t work on his iphone. He got very upset. I don’t know why since I didn’t ask him to buy an iphone. And shouldn’t he be used to all the stuff iphones can’t do by now??

    1. ifanboys are the worst, i went out with friends to dinner and we were planning on going to a pub afterwards so i took my android out (my old Optimus One) and opened up maps and he says to me “hang on you can’t use google maps, your phone isn’t an iphone!”. I thought to myself “are you f*cking kidding me??” so i showed him the back cover where it said “powered by google” and i told him “it’s an android, of course google maps will work”.

      1. Sounds more like an iSheep. iFanboys usually have some sort of knowledge about other OS. Either way, he’s an idiot through and through.

  51. When the Samsung Note II update went through a few months ago I was blown away to find that all of a sudden my Google Wallet app worked and then the next time I powered the phone off, it was removed. I don’t know what the deal is here other than they want to monetize on it themselves. The ignorance inherent in this whole thing from VZ and other companies reminds me very much of the scene from Iron Man 2 when the Senator is freaking out at Tony Stark

  52. I’ve actually gotten a few “whoa, how’d you do that??” from cashiers. Still hasn’t gotten me laid, though. And isn’t that the ultimate goal with having a cool, fancy handheld communication device??

    1. Its like you’re reading our minds

  53. It usually goes like this…*waves phone over paypass scanner* Clerk:”Wow!, how did you do that?”, Me:”I just wave my phone over the scanner”, Clerk:”That’s so cool!! Where does the money come from? Your phone bill?”, Me:”I don’t know? I never got a bill before. Hrm…LOL I really don’t know.”, Clerk:”OMG you’re like a hacker! Teach me how!”

    1. xD NICE

    2. So you don’t even know how the payment method you are using works? Pathetic…

  54. Used it about a dozen times mostly at McDonalds. Every time the clerk is like wow. I always ask if they have ever seen anyone pay that way and only one time another clerk at the store had seen it done. so I don’t think it really gets used much at least around here… It’s a shame it’s not used more at least for hygienic reasons. A Credit card is only slightly less “dirty” than Cash for a cashier.

  55. I’ve received a lot of Wows! and people asking how it works. Having been in custy service as long as I have in the past that employee could be in some sh#t if the person being kicked out goes to the right people to complain.. I can think of at least three violations. Store manager is just as much at fault for not training his employees

  56. Had a girl at McDonalds get her manager because she thought I was ‘hacking’ their computers by putting my phone up to it and clearing out the amount due. Her manager set her straight.

    1. Dumb b***h

  57. I’m on rooted Verizon GS3 and use the XDA mod to make mine look like a Nexus. Used GWallet fine and CVS, McDs, BJs Wholesale and 7-11s fine. Got “that’s cool” every time I had to sign name on machine, like a reg credit card, at BJs Wholesale, but that was the closet thing to a hassle I’ve had.

  58. happened to me at a gas station…I think Chevron? I was buying a can of soda and used my Google Wallet. He insisted that it was not a valid transaction, despite the register accepting the transaction and giving me a receipt that it went through. idiot…

  59. Wawa and BJ’s cashiers thought I was some sort of technological wizard. I frequently get the “Wow, how’d you do that?” and “Did you just pay that with your phone?”

  60. The first time I used Google Wallet (on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus) was at a 7 -11, and the cashier was amazed by it, asking me how I did that and what it was. I told him it was Google Wallet and there’s a chip in the phone that works with the pay pass, and he was asking what phones have it. He certainly didn’t try to void it and kick me out.

    Next time I used it was at a McDonald’s and I don’t even think they noticed. There were also a couple places I tried to use it but the terminal wasn’t working so it got an angry look and some under-breath cursing from me.

    The only place I’ve seen actually having a sign saying they take Google Wallet is Jamba Juice (the sign also mentions Sprint since they’re the only network to officially work with it). If I were the reddit guy I’d use the Pay Pass finder app to report the location for not properly training their employees.

  61. I use it all the time at CVS and Rite Aid. They all think it’s cool. Never had an issue.

  62. The 3 or so times that I’ve used Google Wallet, the cashier didn’t even notice that I paid with my phone.

  63. I’ve had a NYC taxi driver freak out on me lasting winter for using it. He kept saying “just swipe your card!”

    1. He probably thought you were hacking his taxi…lol

  64. Wish I could use my fucking NFC in Australia. We’re the fastest adopting country for the technology and we still haven’t got our phones using them yet.

    1. I thought Japan held that title?

      1. Not according to what I read.

        1. Japan makes TONS of tech products and pioneers that technolgy, I’m sorry but I can’t even think of anything that’s made in Australia lol They had Blu-Ray about 5-7 years before we ever heard about it over here in the states, idk if you guys got it before us but we only got it in about 2009.

          1. I didn’t say we made it dude, I said we adopted the technology faster then other countries. As in the consumer have taken it into their hands and started using it and taking advantage of it.

  65. They usually think it’s the coolest thing in the world, NFC is still a HUGE novelty here in the US. I’ve only used it a couple of McDonald’s, but it always gets a “I want that on my phone!”.

  66. i just used it at a store in my town called mega liquor. im glad small business are now able to accept this form of payment. the clerk told me the first time she saw it used she told the guy he needs to slide an actual card. the guy told her its on my phone then it went through. i also had a clerk at 7-11 just keep repeating my mind is blown wanted to know if he could use it on his iphone then i proceeded to convert him to the world of android. but at a grocery store chain in so cal called stater bros they are equipped to accept it but i guess told by corporate not to accept it. most checkers will let it pass through but every now and then you get the ones that will not let it pass.

  67. I was denied also at cvs when I was buying junk food…

  68. The problem with Google wallet is that it lends itself to fishy people. For instance at the store where I work this girl comes in with a tmo phone and tries to buy stuff that is around $200-500 and fortunately she has gotten rejected and the few times that I have taken a look at her phone she had about 8-10 credit card numbers on her phone. I know that she has gotten away at some other stores because she is always loaded with groceries when she comes in.

  69. This employee of 7-11 will be fired , all you got to do is call “corp” and they will look into the matter for you .

  70. I’ve never used Google Wallet once in my life because a) My Gnex is on VZW (yea I know I can sideload it) b) almost no where in NJ has the option available c) IDK how fond I am of putting all my CC and debit card info in my phone so if I lose it I’m fu**ed since my phone is rooted and “insecure”.

  71. Yeah, my local Hess Express actually banned ALL NFC payment because of me. After a few times, one cashier (I think he was the manager) started getting really upset at me for using it, and claimed it wouldn’t work. He kept fighting me that it wouldn’t work until the receipt started printing.

    Ever since, all the employees adamantly refuse to accept NFC payments – manager’s orders, lol.

    1. So basically he was like, “Technology! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

  72. I used Google Wallet at Macy’s. The employee was amazed. Apparently the terminal had been put in years ago and I was the first one to use it. They didn’t even know what it was or what I did till I got there. No hostility though, just amazement and curiosity.

  73. Fake.

  74. I’ve used Google Wallet on my Nexus 4 at McDonald’s and Foot Locker. I tried to use it at a Meijer but it wouldn’t work. The one time I used it at a Foot Locker, the lady was so amazed and couldn’t stop talking about it. It made me smile. I use it at McDonald’s a lot and they are always surprised. One of them looked at her iPhone and asked me if her phone could do that. I bluntly told her “It’s an iPhone. It can’t do anything. Get an Android” and she had this clueless look on her face.

  75. i didnt get a negative feedback when i used it in duane reade. it was quiet useful. wish more stores will use this tech so it doesnt look like hopeless tech gone to waste in a great device.

  76. You youngsters swimming around in your own why-pies with blue teeth. Playing with your ginger ice cream and jelly bellies.

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