Samsung Galaxy Core officially announced


samsugn galaxy core front

Samsung has announced its first handset since unleashing the Samsung Galaxy S4 onto the world. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Core, and it’s a 4.3 inch device that is aimed right at the corner of  mid and level. Said 4.3-inch display has WVGA resolution, and packed beneath it are a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera, a front-facing VGA camera, Bluetooth 3.0, 8GB of internal storage, an 1,800mAh battery, Android 4.1 and more.

The device has some of Samsung’s latest features such as Smart Stay, Smart Alert, S Voice and all the motion features you can dive into. The Galaxy Core sports dual-SIM bays for those who find themselves needing to house two services or numbers on the same handset. We typically don’t see such smartphones here in the US of A, but Samsung is planning to bring out a single SIM version in July. As for this one, you can expect to see it in certain markets starting later this month.

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  1. More Galaxy Crap. Here’s an idea, how about just releasing the newest Galaxy s worldwide and using the previous model as a budget phone? Apple does it and we know Samsung likes copying apple… And no I am an android fan, just saying Samsung is meh

    1. While they may copy Apple, Samsung does everything better than Apple especially when it comes to features on your phone.

      1. especially when it comes to slippery plastic backs. apple slaughters samsung when it comes to hardware.

        1. Well I guess you could say that Apple is a car with a BMW body and has the engine of a Ford Focus.

          1. Using that analogy, in comparison, I guess you could say that Samsung is a car with a Bugatti body and has the engine of a Jumbo Jet.

          2. I’d say the body of a ford pinto and the engine of a Bugatti

          3. No it’s the body of a chevy cavalier with a lamoborghini engine in it.

        2. Yeah don’t get me wrong, not an Apple fan at all, never had an iOS device, and I currently own 2 nexus devices. But I’m also not a big Samsung fan either, very overrated IMO, too many crap devices. Overall they are a big bowl of just OK. HTC, LG, and Motorola are much better, only reason Samsung is #1 is marketing. General public just buys what commercials tell them to buy

          1. lol, nexus device huh? the nexus 4 is garbage compared to an S3. only good thing about a nexus device is its price point. any high end device can run aosp so that argument is invalid.

          2. My friend’s GS3 is so slow in comparison to my Nexus 4. Also, the screen of my Nexus 4 was fixed by tweaking the gamma values, etc, so now my Nexus 4 screen looks way better than my friend’s GS3’s oversaturated screen

          3. I have owned both phones and I can guarantee you the nexus is not faster than the gs3.

          4. putting cyanogenmod doesn’t count. Touchwiz is an overbloated piece of crap skin. Oh and tell Samsung to do away with the stupid menu button, it’s not needed anymore, didn’t they get the memo?

          5. I agree with you one big reason the N4 is so much faster than the S3 is the fact that the S3 is loaded with useless bloatware that slows it down.

          6. you can adjust the gamma values, etc on an S3 as well.

          7. That’s my opinion too, though the first two Galaxy S models were ahead of the competition. And the S3 was in specs, though marketing did a good job towards the sales number. But Samsung kinda shot itself in the foot now. Because Samsung was differentiating itself with features, and the newest internals, the competition has caught up and Samsung ran out of useful features that’s why they are now forced to use gimmicky stuff that most people will never use. There is one thing I really like about Apple and that is that there is no carrier bloatware and other useless stuff on their devices that have no practical use, keeping things slick and simple. Though I do prefer the Android platform, my choice has always been the Nexus line combining the best of both worlds.
            I do like the fact that Samsung is innovating these features though, sadly they are released before they are ready.

          8. And with that said, it is sad that Apple releases products before they are ready…Siri, Maps, etc

      2. That may be true, sadly many of these features will only be used once or twice, suck as the hover over with your finger, takes way too long to register, rather just open and close again. Many of these features are not on other phones because they are not even considered beta ready.

        1. Obviously you have no idea what constitues a “beta ready” app as oppose to the alpha stage…

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more. Why not just drop the price of the S3 and save on R&D for thus train wreck or even keeps selling the S2 with an updated OS.

    3. Because emerging markets in less entitled parts of the world still probably couldn’t afford the reduced-price S3… This is obviously targeting those.

      1. They could at least do away with the WVGA and use a QHD screen or something. QHD isn’t bad, but WVGA is so 2010

  2. So this is another re-bodied S2? sounds like the phone I’ve had for some time now, aside from the dual sim of course.

  3. Ever heard of over saturation. I agree the s2 and s3 are still selling well. Make something different instead the specs on this are horrid

    1. its meant to be a cheap phone with decent specs.

  4. Lol and people complain about HTC making to many phones? I think Samsung might be close to making just as many or close to it. Correct me if I’m wrong

  5. in comparison to the S4 that bezel is huge looks like the iPad bezel next to an iPhone.

  6. This is a pointless phone release, basically Samsung announced a new re-release if the sgs2… stupid

  7. Shame about the low specs… I think the 4.3″ screen size is perfect. Much better than all these 4.7-5.0″ phones that are irritating to use one handed.

  8. definitely a low end device….

  9. another day another galaxy craphone.

  10. For some reason I always wished Samsung phones were more angular rather than having rounded edges. And made of smooth metal, cool to the touch. Off-topic, but yeah..only the picture really caught my attention about this “update” http://bit.ly/aH4IQ1 LOL

  11. Any one of you Nexus owners care to take on my S3 and put your money where your mouth is? I’ll even let you pick the test. I’ll run circles around your Nexus. Ridiculous claims. Noobs are funny.

  12. lol why do people complain when samsung releases another phone. i mean so what, let them release how many phones they want, if you not going to buy it then does it matter?

  13. Why is there Nexus bashing in the comments section of an article on a low end Samsung phone? Cheap phone with decent specs? Are you blind or just plain dumb?

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