Motorola XT1055 specs show up in benchmarks, could be the X Phone (or not)



This sorta stuff happens all the time. A purported next-gen device shows up in an Antutu benchmark and the whole world goes nuts — you know the drill. So, why are we bringing you guys news of a mysterious Motorola XT1055 that just popped up in yet another unreliable benchmark sporting a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with results posted from the US? Because… it actually makes a lot of sense.

Antutu Benchmark Motorola XT1055

Yes, it’s easy for anyone to edit a build.prop and spoof their results to show the “Moto Uncanny X-Phone Nerxus Plus+,” but that’s not what we’re seeing here. The Antutu bench discovered by RBMen is showing something a lot more subtle — just a codename that follows Moto’s current naming scheme — and modest specs, to be expected from a high-end, low-cost Nexus-ish device. It goes without saying that it’s nothing solid, but if you were crossing your fingers for Motorola X Phone with a 4K display, 4GB of RAM, penta-core processor and running on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, you might find yourself disappointed.

Chris Chavez
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  1. IF true and this ends up being the fabled X phone, perhaps we were all bamboozled and the X phone is just the next nexus, and they changed the name.

    Because I, for one, WANTED the super duper fabulous beastly device that smashed all other mobile technology to pieces then sang a song over the wreckage.


    1. That’s a nice logo plastered on the front there.. let us hope they keep that there! Em I right!?

    2. The so called X phone wasn’t supposed to be that device you were hoping for anyway.

      1. Yes… It… WAS!


        1. why because there were rumors to try to hype it up? I like how everyone thought(hoped) it would be a Nexus device which it isn’t that either just because Google and Moto have merged together…..I knew from the start it wouldnt be anything too special.

          1. Hey, Negative Nancy, why don’t you go play in the corner and quit raining on my parade?


          2. lol dont get me wrong I want a Nexus or something awesome thats unlocked from Motorola I have always like Motorola phones especially the OG Droid……that phone will come, eventually.

  2. Snapdragon 800 processor or gtfo. srs.

    1. Man, you guys are hard to please. O_o

      1. So? We aren’t Apple fans.

        1. ^
          ^best comment of the year

      2. Are you saying you’re easy? …..to please?

      3. Well for a flagship to come out with the exact same chipset as its chief competitors months after the fact and right before the next generation of super chips come out is a bit of a let down. It would have to focus on amazing battery life or a revolutionary new design (Modular, no bezel, dual sided screens, 1 week battery life with heavy use or some other amazing/unthought feature whose use is instantly apparent) to stand out.
        It shouldn’t make a difference to a person buying a phone when it comes out but its window for competitiveness is not only shortened its also competing against the heavy sensor laden GS4 which grab one element of phandroids and the HTC One which grab another.
        With only similar specs even with a nice design it can only hope to share the spotlight. For a phone that Google hopes to turn Motorola around it should be much more and I suspect this will be a budget model or if it is true that it will be focused on a service based pitch.
        It certainly won’t grab me since I got the One and will trade that in for the Note 3 when it comes out unless the X phone does indeed show something never seen before.
        For the record the 600 is a mighty fast SoC. It would take more than a fast chipset for me to get a phone. I wanted to try the One but I loved my original Note 1 even if it started feeling a bit sluggish.

      4. C’mon Chris! You know you want the best of the best if you’re gonna buy a new phone. Not the almost best of the best.

    2. tegra 4?

      1. Eh, I’m sort of sick of nvidia’s mobile stuff. I find the tegra 3 underwhelming. (No I didn’t down vote you)

  3. Chris is right about the “easy to fake” results, as there is an older model HTC ONE currently showing up in ANTUTU running ANDROID 5.0

  4. Disappointed if that is the phone. Unless it has a super badass camera and amazing battery life and durability. Then I’ll accept a slightly weaker processor.

  5. This is confirmation of exactly nothing.

  6. Bring it on! !! ;-)

  7. Didn’t a Motorola exec say that the X phone will be a line of phones?

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