May 1st, 2013

I’m in New York City with our Android Developer, Steve Albright, and we just had a very exciting appointment with Google at their headquarters in Manhattan. We went in blind, but now we see the light: we’ve got Google Glass.

Google Glass Boss

Or… at least Steve does. Steve, Chris Chavez, and myself all signed up as Glass Explorers. Steve got his today, Chris is scheduled for Saturday, and I, well, am still eagerly awaiting my invite. Let’s take a quick walk through our experience at Google HQ getting fitted for glass.

The first thing we saw when walking into the main room of their 8th floor office was a huge, open layout room with gorgeous industrial design elements. It really gave the room a lot of character and personality while still feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Google Glass Room

Each of the tables you see is a differt “fitting room” where a Google employee will work with you one on one to get your Glass perfectly fitted, familiarize you with the product, and answer any questions you have. We had many friendly Googlers stop by, get involved in our conversations and questions, and they seemed genuinely interested in our thoughts and questions. It was really fun and enlightening to hear about their experiences over a few months of wearing glass.

Google Glass Colors

The first thing you do is pick a color. A conveniently organized wall, with a mirror on top, allows you to try on each color before making a decision: Sky Blue, Charcoal Black, Orange, Slate Grey, or Cotton White. I think the blue version will be popular with the ladies. It’s a really bright, fun color and I can see it looking great on a lot of people.

Sky Blue Google Glass

They didn’t have the more colorful options available, but Steve was going to pick Slate Grey anyways. How does he look?

Google Glass Headset

After a couple hours of talking with our friends at Google, we got a boat load of information, had plenty of time to have our questions answered, talk about the potential of Glass, and we even had a few beers to boot (thanks, Google)!

Google Glass Headquarters

Before we left, we asked a few of the Googlers assisting us (and coincidentally beautiful women!) if they would model all 5 colors side-by-side-by-side-by-side-by-side. And so here they are.

Google Glass Girls

Then Steve jumped in for a quick picture with them- as if I needed another reason to be jealous!

Google Glass Girls

Stay tuned over the next few days, weeks, and months as we explore Google Glass, bring you hands-on impressions, an in depth review, random tips/tricks/thoughts, and all kinds of content related to the newest tech that everybody’s talking about.



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