OUYA now partnered with 10,000 game developers – that’s a lot of games coming!


OUYA consoles have started shipping and all backers should have their units by the end of May. The Android console will also be available for purchase starting June 4th, so we know you are getting ready to enjoy all those games. The popular OUYA has no shortage of partnership and developers, but did you know they have now reached the 10,000 partnerships threshold?

We were at the launch party last month, where CEO Julie Uhrman mentioned they had about 8,000 partnerships. The company’s early success is evident to everyone, so it’s not weird to see them adding 2,000 developers to the list.

10,000 developers, guys. That is one big list of games coming to OUYA. Devices are all about content and OUYA will definitely have that, guys. Seems Kevin could have been wrong all along, right?

If you are still on the fence about the OUYA, you can go ahead and check out our hands-on article and video. We know we are ready to enjoy the OUYA and all those games, are you?!

[via gamesindustry]

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  1. This may sound retarded but surely you can play game from the play store?

    1. No you can’t.

      1. Thats so stupid, its really put me off now… i would have thought because it has the touch pad it would support games such as angry birds or whatever

        Although it has the same specs as the HTC One X and others im hoping it will work

    2. As of right now you have to download single .APK files off of the internet, install them, then hope that they are compatible with OUYA controls.

      Depending on this projects success we can see Google making a deal with them, or possibly purchasing the company to implement a Google TV – Android Gaming Console, especially with the info we now have on “Google Games” that will possibly be coming out with Key Lime Pie. It’ll have an invite system, match making options, chat options, and even achievements.

    3. Something tells me they’ll make something similar to the Moga Universal IME for this; it’s rootable out-of-the-box I read

  2. No.

  3. Ten thousand game developers? How many of these devs are actually _good_? I know of a few off the top of my head, but I don’t believe 10000 _quality_ devs are on it.
    Using an app-development kit to make a breakout game does not a dev make.

    1. That’s what they said when the G1/Android came out.

  4. I am interested to see how this pans out. I know of some devs that won’t touch the Ouya because of (ease of) piracy concerns. I’m hoping to have mine soon, I gave them $100 quite awhile (a year? my sense of time sucks) ago. The basic idea is good, and I figured if it turns out great, then, well, great! If it turns out to bomb worse than the Wii U with a cubic meter of osmium tied to it, who cares? It’s only $100.

  5. Oh good, I was worried that there would be a shortage of fart and tip calculator apps.

    1. i cant wait to download all the cartoon puzzle games.

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