MOGA Pro released today, older MOGA discounted


Android gamers rejoice! The MOGA Pro controller from Power A has just been released, and though you probably won’t find it in stores it is available for purchase online. The controller will set you back $49.99, which is not a bad deal for a good-quality controller like this one.

The MOGA Pro is no mundane portable controller. It features a much more comfortable design meant for “hard-core” gamers who want to take their abilities to the next step.

You may remember its smaller brother, the original MOGA. Though it was fun, small and portable, it’s design wasn’t meant to take your gaming to the next level. It was small and square, but I happened to still like it very much (watch out hands-on video)! If you do too, you will be happy to know you can now get it for $39.99 (was $50).

You buy both of them straight from Power A’s website or Amazon. Find the links right below and let us know if you are planning to buy one of these. I still kinda like the older MOGA’s portability, so I might go for that one.



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  1. I want this, but concerned about games that aren’t supported. Why didn’t they do something like what Archos did with the gamepad software mapping buttons? Anyone had good luck with a 3rd party button mapping app?

    1. i use a PS3 controller, wired or wireless with SixAxis app. Works great. Been playing Dungeon Hunter 4 on my 40′ Here is a great site with all the profiles.

      1. thanks for this!

    2. Search for Moga Universal Driver on the Play Store. Works pretty well to get a little more universal usage.

    3. This is the only thing that scares me. You buy this to play with certain games only to find out it’s not compatible.

  2. Where are you getting the older MOGA as discontiuned? The ‘original’ MOGA controller is the ‘pocket’ and then there’s the ‘pro’ above it.

    The Pro doesn’t replace the pocket but is for a slightly different user (mainly the tablet kind).

    1. discounted.
      the new moga is the same price as the old one, so they made the old one $10 cheaper.

  3. anyone know of the game on the picture?

  4. My only problem with the Moga’s are that they force you to hold the controller in an awkward way. The holder for your device doesn’t flip out all they way. You should be able to hold the controller and look at the screen like a GameBoy Advance SP or Nintendo DS

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