Behind the scenes at the OUYA launch [VIDEO]


Last night was the official launch of OUYA, the long-awaited Android gaming console that started as a Kickstarter project. While our friends at and have been ferociously devouring all the OUYA they can get, we decided to roundup some of the OUYA news in consolidated posts.

OUYA Founder’s Pre-Launch Speech

Prior to the official launch event, at a private event, OUYA Founder and CEO Julie Uhrman took a few moments to thank all of the people who have supported the project and made it possible, from Kickstarter backers to the OUYA team. A small slice of that moment was captured on video:

Shortly after, the OUYA team and exclusive Kickstarter backers marched over to the official launch event, ready to rock and witness the actual unveiling.

OUYA’s Early Unveil

Shortly before the unveiling, we had an “Oz” moment, and got to see exactly what was behind the curtains before the rest of the crowd. It allowed us a great opportunity to get some quiet time with an awesome showcase of early OUYA iterations and then have a mini photoshoot on the OUYA unveiling alter.

Within a few steps, the Makerbot 3D Printer was busy printing the just announced OUYA console cases by way of 3D Printer. We got up close and personal with the printer and cases, moments before the flood gates opened.

We spent a little time partying, but shortly after, hustled back to the hotel so we could crack open the OUYA and start exploring all the brand new games. We’ve got a few more roundup posts on the way, so stay tuned for some OUYA video reviews today, over the weekend, and moving into next week!

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  1. im really waiting for this to come out, seems over hyped, but i will buy one to test it out.

    1. I’ll buy it from you 2 weeks after you did, for half the price, cause that’s how quickly it will depreciate.

      1. lol. ill hopefully root it and transfer all my games from play store. hopefully it gets steam streaming support like the sheild

        1. Don’t think it has the bandwidth capability to stream games from PC.

          1. It definitely does. I steam 1080p video from my pc to it using xbmc. SO that should be fine

          2. streaming xbmc is not the same thing as streaming games. Streaming video is a one way freeway. Streaming games, requires a 2 way connection, that the OUYA will not handle.

          3. First I am a programmer and also I own an ouya.
            Receiving video is the most network hungry thing about streaming games.
            As far as upstream from the client the input will be exactly the same as to the way most multi-player games work. It just sends the users input to the server. Which is nothing at all. It is not like this technology has been just out.

            and really nearly any device is fine with transfer requirements.

            The only problem you may see is a cheap port of streaming software that does not use the hardware decoder.

  2. There is apparently only about 6GB free for apps, so not much space for games unless mainly emulators and solitaire games (a little of an exaggeration, but not much) This assumes most of the emulator roms are stored on the USB storage. Seems they overlooked the storage part. Saving some money up front does not help unless your model is sustained long term. I hope this does not hurt their revenue model.

    1. I know. The space is very small. I wish they had an SD card slot at least. It would have been trivial to add. Also allows people to upgrade as they see fit.
      Hell it could have allowed people to put up to 2TB if SDXC was supported.

      2TB is the supported maximum size. No current ones exist as far as I know.

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