Google begins rolling out redesigned Google Play Store


Google has officially announced the rollout of a redesigned Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets. If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same UI overhaul we recently saw leak featuring a more Card-like approach, continuing a trend started by Google Now and continued in updates to Google+ and the release of Google Keep.

The goal with the new look is to provide easy access to content through a clean and simple interface. You will notice bigger images, themed content, more recommendations, and a simplified checkout process.

The new update will start reaching phones and tablets with Android 2.2 or higher today. It should reach all users within a few weeks.

[via Google]

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  1. Hope I get it sooner rather than later!
    Always fun to get new stuff! (unless it breaks things, has bugs, or otherwise takes away of the fun :P)

  2. With all these recent announcements (Chromebook Pixel, Google Keep, Play Store overhaul) I wonder what they have saved for I/O 2013

    1. xPhone, nexus 7.2, Maybe nexus 10.2
      Key Lime Pie
      Google Babel
      Google TV update
      Google Glass????
      And other app updates (maybe updated Drive app for better Google Keep integration)

      1. Key Lime Pie and a Nexus that supports Verizon Wireless would make me happy. I have zero interest in a non-Nexus Android phone, I’d even rather have an iPhone.

        1. what u just said doesnt make any sense at all…O_o

        2. I kinda agree. I don’t really want anything other than a Nexus(or X-Phone since Google is involved)…I would rather deal with an iPhone(maybe) then worry about my device getting updated or not. Had a Droid X2 before my Nexus 4 and it drove me BANANAS. Then again idk if I could deal with backtracking to a 4″ screen and iOS but you get my point.

        3. Great plan. You’ve now relegated yourself to always having less than the best Android phones just to have stock Android. Hope the next Nexus at least has 4g for your sake.

          1. So if its less than the best, what’s the best and why? 4g didn’t matter if you’re on Tmobile since all they had when the n4 came out was hspa+. Anything else besides 4g that made some other phone (available to tmobile) better than the Nexus 4? I seriously doubt it.

        4. Good luck with that. Verizon’s botch of the GNex and closed drivers probably mean no more Nexii.

        5. Yea I doubt Verizon will ever get another Nexus, they won’t allow Google to control the updates os why would Google bother with them?

        6. huh?

      2. Wouldn’t be too surprised if we seen Babel before I/O. The way Google turnaround time is going. I mean those new Play Store screenshots started surfacing right around the time Babel screenshots began surfacing and we are getting the PlayStore update today. Not to mention some users reporting they are beginning to see Babel verbiage in their Gmail even if it’s just error messages lets me know some of the backend of it is already live on PROD.

    2. KLP is more than enough for I/O. But it’s strange they would release this stuff piecemeal instead of a bigger I/O announcement.

  3. I like it how it is now… :(

  4. Anyone got the update yet??

  5. The official apk to this one posted anywhere yet?

    1. I can confirm, this is a safe link, and it’s Google Play Store 4.0.25
      Thanks man!

  6. The update is okay… It seems to be a little clunky and it is just as busy as the previous Google Play Store version… Also, it still has the same problems as the previous version (organization of apps like paid apps vs free apps in your “installed” section and the organization of the “top apps” section), but it got rid of that annoying confirm page that was there when installing an app in the previous version.
    I think Google just updated mostly the UI, so that it can speak to the new design language of KLP

  7. Is it an update for Google play or different app

  8. The new app is kind of laggy…

    They need to load images on a seperate thread. Almost seems like they’re doing it on the same thread as the UI, though I may be wrong…

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