Watch the Facebook Home event livestream here at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT


Itching to see what Facebook has to show us as they unveil their new “Home” on Android? We are too, and you can be right there with us as the big announcements are made thanks to a livestream of the event being provided by the social network. We expect to see Facebook’s new homescreen experience along with a brand new piece of hardware from HTC.

Everything kicks off live at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT. After checking out the event be sure to stick around Phandroid for total coverage of the happenings in San Francisco.

Kevin Krause
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Reminder: HTC One pre-orders open at AT&T today

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  1. ooUUUUUUuuu By the look on my face, you can bet I won’t watch it.

    1. Looks like you smelled a fart

  2. Facebook is dieing just like MySpace did.

    1. For everything there is a season…

    2. After seeing this, I really wanna use Facebook. They got me, and I’m sure they will get others too. It’s pretty much their last shot.

  3. Lame

  4. HAHA.. there is no Google+ icon to share LOL

  5. but their android app sucks, and they want us to buy a phone that is a facebook themed android?

  6. 1pm EDT and still nothing on the stream except the logo

  7. Contrary to Zuck, I spend exactly 0.0% of my time on my phone in Facebook. Don’t even have it installed.

    1. One of the few consumer anomalies. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t stop them from releasing this failure of a product since we can see F-Sheeps soon.

  8. So far this ranks highly among the worst sales jobs I’ve ever seen. Not quite ‘ice cream glove’ territory, but getting there.

    1. A glove made out of ice cream? I’ll take 5!

    2. What about hover boards?

  9. So this is a Launcher app? Lame.

    1. Yup, that’s all i tis, ALthough, it’s a lot smarter than releasing a actual FB Phone. IMO

  10. watching this live…YAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWN….this will be the death of facebook. smh

  11. Facebook Home is so full of wacksauce…super lame

  12. Looks like they borrowed touchwiz stuff for icons.

  13. alright guys, off to google+

  14. ok evleaks you fucking win everything

  15. I feel like Ralph de la Vega is trying to sell me a used car.

  16. lol hair transplants much?

  17. Just the newest fix for Facebook addicts! Not Interested!!!

  18. ATT is so full of shyt, even if they did have the fastest LTE, their coverage still sucks. and Peter Chou, if u were wondering about your job being in jeopardy for doing stupid shiznit, well appearing at this live event was one stupid azz thing to do brutha.

  19. AT&T is the fastest! but you still have the shittiest customer service

  20. Google Plus is WAY better and doesn’t load your phone with bloatware… Really I hate facebook and I am even disappointed with this.

    1. Facebook is to chat with the friends that you know. Google+ is to chat with the friends that you don’t know.

  21. They focused on mobile in 2012 because that’s where everyone was and they didn’t have enough ads showing in their app. Oh, and there’s no way I’m going to be replacing my launcher with FB Home.

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