Google TV Remote app updated with Voice Search


Google has updated the Google TV remote app, most notably enabling Voice Search via you Android phone. For many users of the latest Google TV platform (V3), Voice Search was out of the question due to limited hardware. With the feature baked directly into the app, all users can now search for shows, movies, and other content using voice regardless of the device they own.

Our sister site GTVSource took a minute to go over the changes in the app, which include slightly tweaked UI with an improved D-pad for navigation. Check it out above and hit up the link below for more details.

Download Google TV Remote

[via GTVSource]

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  1. I wish they would add a legitimate number pad. It gets old dealing with the numbers on the QWERTY keyboard.

    1. Try Able Remote for Google TV. It has a number pad.

      1. Or just use voice to say the channel name!

  2. Didn’t Able remote do this already?

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