Here’s how HTC envisions a day with the One


Here is how HTC envisions its users getting the most out of the new One. You know, doing the normal stuff people do with smartphones. Uploading pictures, checking news, consuming video. Just leave some room for a few Zoes. The good news is that initial tests show the One’s 2300mAh power supply provides solid battery life during daily use, but we imagine HTC might have wanted to leave in a few stops for charging in their timeline.

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  1. I charge my Rezound up to 3 times a day with moderate use. No more HTC products for me this will never see KLP ever!!!! htc will make u buy a new phone before it updates them.

    1. I had to charge my Samsung Vibrant 4 times a day with moderate use. No more Samsung products for me ever!!!

      1. Must have just had a bad model, i got through a day with moderate use with one charge after draining the first charge with my captivate which was the vibrants cousin. Now i go about 2-3 days without charging and about 7+ hours of screen time with my Note 2. It’s incredible how much battery life has changed since the good old days with the captivate.

      2. I charge my credit card 5 times daily! No more paying my Visa bill!!

        Oh… wait…

        1. lmmfao, most epic comment EVERRRRRRRRR!!!

      3. Judging one bad experience with a phone and saying you won’t buy from Samsung ever again is pretty ignorant. I really hope that was a joke.

        1. ur obviously ignorant if u couldnt read the sarcasm there.

      4. I hear you. I used Vibrant and never went back to Samsung lol~

      5. That stupid Vibrant left me screwed a few times. Especially when the gps would cause the phone to reboot. Unfortunately I’m hooked on Super Amoled. The HTC One may be the device that wins me away from Samsung. Samsung has a lot of other crappy hardware, like speaker, GPS, camera’s that aren’t always great.

        1. and their phones build quality rivals that of a cheap fisher price toy, super fail!

      6. I am guessing this is sarcasm right? I am concerned about the battery life of the HTC One. I have a Note and I love hte battery life can’t wait for the Note 3 but the Note 1 is showing its age adn I wouldn’t mind owning an HTC One for a short while.

        1. The HTC One gets great battery life from what I’ve read. I haven’t been able to test one for that long (I will be getting mine in shortly) but I can tell you that even from my Droid DNA, the battery life is nice. 14-15 hours. Nothing amazing, but it’s not bad either.

      7. did u delete my comment chris? O_o

    2. I tend to agree. I love the HTC One except for an undersized battery and the fuzzy ultrapixel camera. I charge my razr maxx hd every other day with heavy use. Will never buy a phone with less than 3000Ma. Motorola has shown it can be done.

      1. The ultrapixel camera got an update — it’s no longer fuzzy. I guess you can still say the battery is undersized, but it’ll get you about 14 hours with normal usage.

        1. Pfft 14 hours, I can daisy chain two car batteries to power a Samsung S3 and it will last me a whole buffy marathon….. /S

        2. Im still skeptical on the camera, Untill I see someone do a side by side comparison of the same shots with phones (perhaps with the iphone as the static variable) posted untouched in native resolution. I suspect the 4Mp will always produce soft shots. (which may be ok for facebook posting of your dinner plate). If the phone gets 14 hours battery life on normal usage I will be impressed. Half the reviews I watch say the battery is undersized and barely lasts a work day. Others say its fine. We shall soon see.

          1. Does anyone really take mobile pictures above 4mp anyway? Not to defend the One, I’m going for the S4 after loving the 3 previous generations. I see no point in taking mobile phone pics in 8mp.

    3. umm u havent a clue wut ur talking about, and i had the rezound, the battery is like 13 or 1400 mAH….what do u expect from an old azz phone genius….geez some people need to think before they open their mouths.

      1. I expect more than 2 hours of screen time that is for sure, I look at the products that were released at that time like the Razr which got jelly bean, SG2 which got jelly bean, both have better battery life. HTC always keeps the battery a step below what everyone else is using, LG, Samsung, and Motorola all plan on using a 3,000mA in some phones this year. i’ve had the HTC Inc, Thunderbolt, and Rezound I am unhappy with the device support, updates and battery, I am not stupid HTC could have always used a bigger battery. I am done with HTC.

        1. to each his own i guess. as for me, theOne is callin my name!

    4. All I have to say is with a custom rom, I got my thunderbolt to 3 – 4 hours of on screen time, the proof is here, htc batteries are getting bigger you can’t dismiss brands completely for one bad product otherwise no one could own a smartphone, my iPhone 3GS dropped calls 50% of the time, my samsung captivate lasted a couple hours of screen time and the gps was borked, my thunderbolt had bad battery life, the first LG phones were crap.

      But my nexus 4 is great, Samsung makes some of the best phones now, iPhones no longer drop every call, and HTC is finally learning that battery life matters.

  2. I have to charge my galaxy note 2 once a day with heavy use. I’ll never buy another Samsung again! I kid I kid!

  3. Those of us with the Bionic seem to be in an ironically good situation…upgrades looming, handsets springing up like flowers…can’t wait to see user opinion on them!

    battery life is totally subjective. even across the same hardware platforms, every user sets/uses their device differently. your version of heavy usage may be a drop in the bucket to others. using the wrong charger, display brightness, misc apps and services running in the background…these are all factors. plus, ever think your battery might just be wearing out?

    1. Thank you. My friend used to say he was a heavy user. All he did was text all day. Excuse me? Heavy usage requires the use of playing games. LoL!!

      Maybe if he turned down his brightness his phone wouldn’t have died so fast.

      1. I don’t understand why people insist on having their brightness on 100% all the time 24/7. I have mine around 35-45% most of the time when I am out and it’s perfectly adequate.

        1. I agree, though I don’t like to have to fiddle with brightness constantly, autobrightness usaully works for me, I don’t get quite the battery life of those who adjust it manually, but since I get through a day with my usage most of the time, it’s not worth the effort. Leaving brightness at 100% all of the time will equal a paperweight by midday on most devices.

          1. I can’t wait till the day new battery technology comes out and is taken full advantage of by phones. Also super low powered CPU’s and GPU’s. Plus those power hungry screens need to be lowered. This will makes devices last an incredibly long time.

    2. Totally agree. My Bionic has pretty much reached its end of life (based on my declining battery life) and I can upgrade in a month. The timing of these new phones couldn’t be better — although I’m leaning towards the S4 because I want an extended battery and already have a 64GB mSD card.

      Exciting times!

    3. That’s why I always object to battery life usage reviews and comments with subjective terms like heavy, moderate, light use. At minimum tell me the total number of hours it lasts, the screen on time and brightness setting when the phone is about to die at the end of the day somewhere between 1 and 5%.

      That still leaves a lot of room for subjectivity depending on what your doing when your phone is on, but it’s not completely useless like “heavy,moderate,light” use is

  4. Don’t get me wrong. This phone looks fantastic, probably feels fantastic, but there is always something bad about an HTC device.

    I really like my Droid DNA, but of course, the locked down system and lack of CM or AOSP or anything of that sort plus the small battery makes this phone completely.. eh…..

    If the Maxx HD had wireless charging, I’d trade this phone for that in a heartbeat.

  5. Chris Chavez you’re a beast man!!! I’m glad at least someone around here loves HTC. And I find it hilarious to read you’re comments when others complain and cry. Its great. Makes my day even better then it already is. I love HTC and the build quality of The One. But, I’m on Verizon and not sure if it will be coming here or not. (Yes I’m aware of the possibilities of it coming to Verizon.) As for now, the only device I can see myself getting would be the Note 2. Mainly cuz I prefer a larger screen. And no point in just waiting for the latest and greatest to come around cuz then I’ll never be able to make a decision on a phone Lol.

    1. Serious. You gotta make the jump at some point. Verizon always gets stuff late and the Note 2 is a great device. Pretty much everyone I know that’s owned one has fallen in love with it. There are some weirdos like me who found it was just too big. I had to sell mine after I kept dropping it :/

      1. I had the original Note. It was too big for all the instant messaging I did, and I have large hands. Also, I use my phone as a music player in the gym. It kept bumping uglies with my boys…. quite painfully on a couple of occasions. Sold it for the svelt One X… and now an equally light Padfone 2.

  6. For those talking about batt life, do a lil research first, you’ll find how much better the batt life on the ONE really is

    1. My big problem is no matter how great the battery life is right now, in a year, year and a half it’ll be roughly half that. I’d like the phone to be usable for at least as long as I’m paying / locked in a contract for it, and that means being able to replace the battery when it wears out…

      1. To my knowledge thia phone uses that lithium polymer battery, that has a longer life span than lithium ion, yes that actually matters. I’m sure you will make it 2 yrs at least, and not to offend you, but who really keeps cell phones longer than 2 yrs nowadays anyway

        1. Pffffft Facts, get outta here! Dont you know people like to carry around 5 spare batteries in case they feel like watching all episodes of firefly again and again.

          1. Lol, it’s called a mobile battery chargers, I got a 5500 MaH one for my nexus 4 for $25, less than 1 spare battery for most phones and I can charge any mobile device, including my ipad (it came with a bunch of adapters).

          2. Lmao, yea I wasn’t aware that people actually did that, I guess I was wrong

  7. They should have Matisyahu singing One Day for them.

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