AT&T clears up Galaxy S4 pricing: 16GB is $199, 32GB priced at $249


AT&T has lent a bit of clarity to their announcement earlier this week concerning pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It was initially reported that the phone would retail on contract for $249.99, causing a bit of a stir with those looking forward to buying the device. AT&T will indeed offer the phone at that price point, but only the 32GB model. The 16GB model will sell for the standard $199.99. Again, that’s 32GB for $249.99 on a two-year contract and 16GB for $199.99 on a two-year contract. Can we all just settle down now?

[via AT&T]

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  1. For the same memory the One 32GB is $50 cheaper. Really pulling for the One.

    1. Or just stop being cheap and spend the extra $50 for a one time payment, and get a phone who’s battery will make it through the day, that way you won’t have to worry about exchanging it for a better device soon after purchasing it.

      1. The premium device (One) being cheaper has nothing to do with me choosing it.
        You fanboys are pathetic for arguing over a 300mAH battery difference when in fact the One will most likely outlast the S4.

        1. I tend to agree with him though. There is no sense in not getting the S4. The design of the HTC One is obviously fantastic. But in the end, do you really admire your phone every single time you pull it out of your pocket? I know I don’t.

          1. one could argue there’s no sense in not getting the HTC One either, depending on your personal preferences.

          2. Personally if the phone is ugly I don’t want it. That being said I wouldn’t buy a super sexy phone with crap internals, but that’s not the case with the One. Aside from ascetics I HATE Samsung’s UI, plastic and lightweight together feels super cheap, and other than that they are both on par or very close in speed. IMO the ‘Ultrapixel’ is underrated, and the battery is enough to power the 4.7″ display all day and more. Also I’ve never had use for removable batteries and SD cards are slow and fail while 64GB is enough anyhow.

          3. Exactly. Those who value size, weight, battery, micro SD, AMOLED or CPU speed will get the S4.

            Those who prefer the look of the One or its LCD display will get the One.

            In all cases, they will remain the #1 and #2 phones to get for the next months. All others are far behind. Except maybe the N4 but only because of its very low price.

          4. Gotta divide those into those who root and those who dont also. For those who dont root its about Sense (incl. camera tech) vs Touchwhiz (incl. features), design (and perhaps durability) vs weight, LCD vs Amoled, and of course the battery size + SD card (if you need more than 32 gb) is an obvious plus for Samsung. Speed difference is non existent on a rooted device, are the special features given because of skins.

          5. that may have been the theory before the S4 was announced, but now that it has been reviewed… not only does Samsung have better camera software… it’s camera outperforms the One’s camera in every aspect. including low light.

        2. You state that the ONE is “the premium device” as fact; however, the truth is that statement is just your opinion and one which I and many others would disagree with. With the exception of design aesthetics, the S4 in my opinion is superior. Why? Because the S4 packs better hardware specs, provides user expandability and Touchwiz doesn’t appear to be as bloated as Sense.

          Some Key differences:

          -S4 uses Samsung LPDDR3 Memory vs HTC ONE using Elpida LPDDR2.

          The Samsung LPDDR3 is 30nm while if I’m not mistaken the Elpida LPDDR2 is 40nm, which possibly means less energy/battery usage in the S4.

          ALso, would you rather have Samsung the leader in memory or Elpida memory in your phone?

          LPDDR3 dramatically influences not only overall system performance but GPU performance as well. One may argue the Adreno 320 which is found in both phones is possibly handicapped by LPDDR2 in the One.

          According to Samsung’s website, “The new 2GB LPDDR3 DRAM can transfer data at up to 1600 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin, which is approximately 50 percent faster than a LPDDR2 DRAM. ”

          -The One and S4 both use a Snapdragon 600 processor, however in the S4 the Snapdragon 600 is clocked higher (1.7GHz vs 1.9GHz respectively).

          -S4 includes a larger battery that is also user replaceable. In my experience smartphone lithium batteries start to lose their charge capacity within a year. With the S4 you just buy a new battery and pop it in, you can’t do this with the One. The One can’t even be opened without damaging the phone according to recent tear downs.

          -S4 includes a microSD which is not only a cheaper way to expand the memory but also is a safety net in case your phone dies. You also don’t have to give up privacy by having your data in the cloud.

          -S4 includes more sensors including a thermometer.

          -To me, Touchwiz doesn’t seem as bloated and centered around social media as Sense appears to be.

          Again, the One is a beautiful phone but I choose a higher clocked processor, faster LPDDR3 memory, larger removable battery and microSD over design aesthetics to define my idea of a premium device.

          1. Very informative, good read mate.

          2. Couldn’t have said it any better than that. Too quick are people to jump to the “fanboy” slang for when people say they want a samsung device; wouldn’t this guy Cody with his love(IMO) for HTC be considered a fanboy as wel just for HTC instead, or is it just a term used to refer to people that like samsung. In fact if you really think about it, we’re all fanboys in the end.

    2. Personally if the phone is ugly I don’t want it. That being said I wouldn’t buy a super sexy phone with crap internals, but that’s not the case with the One. Aside from ascetics I HATE Samsung’s UI, plastic and lightweight together feels super cheap, and other than that they are both on par or very close in speed. IMO the ‘Ultrapixel’ is underrated, and the battery is enough to power the 4.7″ display all day and more.

    3. or you could get a phone with a sd card slot, & removable battery?

    4. Isn’t the One $249?

  2. There’s an SD slot right?

    1. Yes, this was announced on unveiling. Where have you been?

      1. At ya momma house booyah! or we not using ya momma jokes anymore

        1. Hahaaaaaa

  3. Sick been waiting for At&t to carry a 32GB Galaxy. For sure getting. Going to need the help extra space and get the new Samsung 64GB Micro SD when it launches for retail. Have a SanDisk for my lady but had issues formatting at first.

  4. I guess I’m being cheap since I asked if there was an SD slot.

  5. S4 can keep its mediocre sound quality, I’m a media lover, HTC ONE all day, plus looking at those battery life reviews online, you can say the life of the htc vs. Sammy or dam near even, like seriously that even only different by a few minutes in each category, where the ONE actually outlasted the s4 in web browsing. Screw it HTC ONE all day, screw any other comment or opinion. VITCHES!!!

    1. Does HTC still use that crappy Beats audio?

      1. Yes. It’s not even anything at all. It’s just an EQ setting. No hardware changes from what I’ve been told.

      2. Yep, and been enjoying the sound quality ever since, how’s the sound quality of ur phone, I doubt it matches beats buddy

        1. I’m pretty sure my Note 2 with the Wolfson DAC sounds better than any HTC phone with crappy ass Beats audio.

          1. im pretty sure it do, i hope it keeps you cozy and warm at night, ill just hang with my girl and the high definition sound she makes, let me get back to having a life, enjoy urs friend. bEATS all day, ftr!!!

  6. Only comment I have regarding battery on One vs Samsung: if you use the phone much, neither will last long enough. While through the day at work, I can have the phone plugged in for charge a lot; as well as when driving; there are times for me that I must have an extra battery or a larger aftermarket battery. If I can’t change out the battery, then I’m hosed. I think for some folks, it is a show stopper, no matter what the other featers are.

  7. Glad to see they’re giving us the option for higher storage here. Most Android devices in the States only come one way from a carrier. Also it’s nice that it’s only $50 more for double the space as opposed to $100 that iPhones do. Hopefully this eventually brings about change in the smartphone world.

  8. Any word on full retail price?

  9. Nice one AT&T, fix your mistake but don’t tell anyone. Geez, since when does anyone start with the price of the middle-tier phone. Regardless still planning to get the GS4, it’s been sitting snugly in my WishPlz list ( http://bit.ly/XRexQQ ) just waiting to be purchased.

  10. Just take my money

    no one cares for pos windoze phones

  11. I had HTC one x+ and it always overheated if I browsed the web or played a game for more than 10 minutes. It overheated so bad it would drain the battery where I couldn’t charge it without letting it cool down. I had to return it and get an s3. The overheating issue has been going on since the htc one x…hopefully this issue was fixed with the HTC one. Might be worth getting the s4 based on the galaxy track record.

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