Samsung-ception: Store-within-a-store concept to accompany Galaxy S4 launch at Best Buy


You’ve heard of Inception, but have you heard of Samsung-ception? That’s what we are going to call the subject of a new report from Geek.com that says Samsung will launch their own “stores” to reside within select Best Buy locations accompanying the launch of their highly-anticipated Galaxy S4 flagship.

The concept of the store-within-a-store isn’t new to Best Buy. They currently host similar kiosks for Apple in certain locations. Those stores are designed to emulate the Apple Store with Apple’s line of products on display and a staff separate from regular Best Buy employees. Given Samsung’s recent moves, it’s not all that surprising to see them take a page from Apple’s book.

The existence of such Samsung stores within Best Buy stores, if they come to fruition, should help to alleviate any sort of strain the launch of the Galaxy S4 might place on the retailer. They will also help to draw further attention to Samsung’s line of Android goods. It’s unclear if the stores would remain in place after the initial buying frenzy surrounding the GS4 dies down.

[via Geek.com]

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Has Apple beaten Samsung to the punch with patent filing for smartphone with wrap-around display?

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  1. You couldn’t pay me to shop at Best Buy. No thank-you! Worst customer service on the planet.

    1. If you know what you are looking for it’s fine. Get in and get out, it’s quite simple.

      1. +1

        Each store is going to be a YMMV experience.Quite pleased w/the BB in my area.Price matching + great service=WIN.

      2. Get in. Window shop. Buy online. Even better.

        1. Considering they price match online now, it doesn’t make sense to do this.

          1. Online’s still better.
            1) No lines
            2) No tax (usually)
            3) No gas
            4) Better return policy (amazon, newegg)

            Only downside to buying online is waiting 2 days, and needing someone around to sign for your packages so that some dbag doesn’t steal it.

          2. I’ll buy in the store.

            1) Can test drive purchase in store.
            2) Can compare device to other devices side by side.
            3) 30 days is more than enough time to decide if the device is right for you.
            4) If you don’t like online purchase you have to pay to ship it back.
            5) Most important, I get my purchase immediately and if it’s defective I can return it and get a replacement immediately.

        2. While the reps have no idea what they’re talking about, if you do research first it’s fine (I never make big purchases without researching first). Last year I bought my 55″ Samsung 8000 series tv almost $700 cheaper than anywhere online and got more free 3D glasses than anywhere online was offering.

          1. I want your tv. This year’s 8000 is better, though (obviously). Lot more depth and black levels, as well as more natural colors, in my opinion. It’s easily the best LED I’ve seen.

      3. Have to agree with Tommy on this one, Army.

        1. If it’s something small or cheap, sure. I agree. =)

          1. So my dog chews up my HDMI cable I can run to get it at best buy and pay a premium or get it from Amazon a couple of days later? I’m going to best buy.

          2. don’t pay camelstoe any attention. He’s always posting stupid nonsense.

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        2. didn’t you get the memo? It’s cool to hate on best buy, you know because they hire people and stuff.

    2. Probably explains their recent store closings.

    3. This is how I and most people see Best buy now

      1. Hilarious!

      2. this is completely accurate; bought so many things (incl a tablet) because I could test-drive it at the local BB for free & buy it through the Amazon app for cheaper

  2. Too much hype for this phone. Nothing ground breaking, so why all the fuss?

    1. Its the most feature packed phone ever made? And I think it looks awesome.

      1. It’s not even the most feature packed phone coming out in April.

        1. Do tell us… What phone is more feature packed?

          1. Say what you want, but the HTC one has the most usable features for me. You can take your air gestures and your smart scroll. I’ll take front facing stereo speakers and a camera that can perform in low light situations.

          2. OK I will… you’re going to say two features make it feature rich? A set of battery-sucking stereo speakers that are stereo no longer if you rotate to landscape mode? And a camera so low in megapixels that it lacks fine detail needed to compose the image in an acceptable way, and one that produces artificial washed-out colors and *still* isn’t as good as the iPhone 5 camera? An iPhone 5 camera that the GS3 very narrowly escaped beating thanks to the best camera software on android? Alllllll righty then.

          3. I know this is several days ago now… but I have to revisit it. The reviews are coming in… and the S4 takes better day shots by a mile, and better low light and night shots as well by a considerable – noticeable – amount.

    2. doesn’t need to be ground breaking to be the best phone of 2013… it just needs to be better than the previous best, the s3.

      1. I have a Note 2, so you’ll have to excuse my less than impressed take on the s4. I will be getting the software features it has so the only thing it has that my phone doesn’t is the IR blaster. And I can tell you from having a Tab 2 that the IR blaster is nothing more than a “look what I can do”. Never use it.

        1. forgive me on the Note 2 exclusion in my statement. But I think you may understand where I’m coming from in regards to ‘all the fuss’. The Note 3 is likely what will excite you where the s4 does not.

  3. I will get a good chuckle if the initial launch is a flop. It probably won’t be considering the success of the S3 but then again most people who got the S3 are on contract anyway so who knows…..

    1. Oh get over yourself what does apple have to do with a smartass comment I made? I can’t stand apple. I was just saying Samsung is rumored to go through all this trouble at Best Buy and I thought it would be funny if it didn’t sell as good as they hoped INITIALLY get it now? Fucking retards and their apple comments……..

      1. The fact that he uses “derp” so seriously is hilarious and pretty annoying at the same time considering that he thinks it somehow makes his comment “witty” or legitimate.

  4. We’ve had this in the U.K for ages.

  5. where do i apply at bestbuy or samsung

    1. Apple. They provide the shirts.

  6. They should have done store-in-store-in-store. S4-in-Galaxy-in-Samsug-in-BB.

  7. Where have I seen that before?

  8. The store where I live already has that setup. It was there when I was in best buy last weekend. Thus store is in Lewisville TX

  9. Ahhhhh! No! You all go on reddit, right? Then you’ve gotta know that inception doesn’t mean dream-within-a-dream, it’s the placing of an idea through the dream. Kills me to see everyone make the same mistake

    1. whatever… did the totem stop spinning or not?

      1. It didn’t matter! Spoiler: his totem was his wedding ring. He wears it in the dreams, but not in the real world. So, last scene, when he spins the top, he’s not wearing the ring. He accepted reality.

        1. o_O Now you’re confusing me. Maybe the scene director was not paying attention to detail? That happens often in movies, as we know…

    2. Fack reddit. Nothing but Karma Whores…..It’s gotten so bad, that you can’t extract useful information from the website anymore….

  10. Amazon’s showroom…

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