Mar 28th, 2013

You’ve heard of Inception, but have you heard of Samsung-ception? That’s what we are going to call the subject of a new report from that says Samsung will launch their own “stores” to reside within select Best Buy locations accompanying the launch of their highly-anticipated Galaxy S4 flagship.

The concept of the store-within-a-store isn’t new to Best Buy. They currently host similar kiosks for Apple in certain locations. Those stores are designed to emulate the Apple Store with Apple’s line of products on display and a staff separate from regular Best Buy employees. Given Samsung’s recent moves, it’s not all that surprising to see them take a page from Apple’s book.

The existence of such Samsung stores within Best Buy stores, if they come to fruition, should help to alleviate any sort of strain the launch of the Galaxy S4 might place on the retailer. They will also help to draw further attention to Samsung’s line of Android goods. It’s unclear if the stores would remain in place after the initial buying frenzy surrounding the GS4 dies down.


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