Google backtracks, takes back Glass Explorers offer from some individuals


You would think Google had actually read some of the #ifIHadGlass entries before offering people spots in their Glass Explorers program, but, alas, they did not. It has led to the company announcing that some individuals chosen to participate in early testing of Project Glass have been disqualified. The reasoning? Their entries were outside the scope of the rules.

“With #ifihadglass we set out to find a truly diverse group of Explorers, and that’s certainly what we’ve gotten. We need honest feedback from people who are not only enthralled and excited by Glass, but also people who are skeptical and critical of it. That said, it’s become clear that a few applications that don’t comply with our terms have slipped through the cracks, and we’re going to have to disqualify applications like these. As for the rest of you, please keep that feedback coming – it’s all in the Explorer program spirit!”

LOL. Smooth move, Google. Perhaps it helps to actually make sure entries are within the scope of the rules before beginning to just offer out pre-release editions of Google Glass all willy-nilly. Only two individuals have been disqualified thus far. One for this tweet and one for another, but there could be more on the way.

Come to think of it, if someone is willing to spend $1500 up front to be part of a beta program, we’d let them say just about anything they want.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Dear Google, #ifyouhadprescriptionglass maybe you would have read those tweets sooner. On a different note those tweets were pretty funny and started my day with a nice chuckle.

  2. Shows just how hard they’re working over there at Google. And I thought i read an article once saying on average, Google employees were smarter than Motorola employees

  3. Yawn.

    1. shoves a cockroach down your throat :D

  4. “#ifihadglass I’d cut a b*tch.” Hahahaha.. These people clearly didn’t know what the hashtag was about. xD

    1. Or just wanted to be funny, not everyone plays to win you know ( I know I entered a non-serious entry through G+, even though my country of residence is not the USA)

      1. Well, that would be even more sad cuz apparently they DID win, but Google had to disqualify them :p

        1. Doubt they cared about winning with entries like that. But if they did, they could’ve seen the disqualification coming

    2. You think Chris. They still made my boring day better.

  5. Google must have gained access to hashtag taggers bank accounts so more will follow.
    No mun, No fun.

  6. Google is a taker-backer! Google IO, now this. It stings.

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