Chrome Beta for Android updated, spruces up embedded video


There’s a new Chrome Beta releasee available for Android. Marked build number 26.0.1410.49, the latest update to the mobile version of Google’s web browser brings a number of small enhancements, tweaks, and fixes. Most notable are controls that automatically hide for small screen embedded videos. The update also deals with some display issues on YouTube and further stabilizes the browser.

Issues still to be address include the browser loading to a black screen on Huawei tablets. A more in-depth changelog can be found at the SVN revision log.

Remember, Chrome Beta is different than the more stable build of Chrome also available in the Google Play Store. You likely will run into a few more bugs (which Google urges users to report). To grab the latest update, follow the link below.

Download Chrome Beta

[via Google]

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  1. what did you guys do to your RSS feed? I used to get a chunk but not it’s like a 1 sentence snippet, i’m sure i’ve accidentally skipped it a few times while powering through my feed queue.

  2. If we’re going to talk about Android Apps today, we really need to discuss Action Launcher. Whatever happened to the weekend feature of “Uniquely Android”?

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