Newly Approved Patent Shows Google’s Plans For Smartwatches – Nexus Watch In The Works?


A trademark filed back in 2011 has just been approved today by the US Trademark and Patent Office. The patent, filed on behalf of Google, shows the search giant could be looking to launch a Nexus smartwatch, similar to those we’ve seen from Pebble or the countless Android watches available from China. The patent describes a camera-equipped “smart-watch” that uses a clear flip cover for displaying augmented reality information over the real world.

While Android scales perfectly well on large-to-small sized displays, it can get a bit cramped on tiny 1-inch watch displays. Moto’s done well with adapting Android’s UI for the MotoActv, but I think we can all agree a more stock experience would be ideal. If Google could dedicate a team to making this even more accessible for app developers and OEM’s, I think smartwatches could hit the mainstream.

I guess the real question is what ‘ol Googs plans on doing with this patent. It’s entirely possible this may have evolved into, or been pushed aside by Google Glass. But then again, maybe this had a future along side of it, seeing as how there are many who may feel silly wearing Android-powered eyewear. What do you guys think? Nexus Smartwatch — good idea? Bad idea?


[Via Gizmodo | GizMag via MobileMag]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I would buy one. I would probably buy google glasses as well if they are released to consumers, allow prescription lenses, and are affordable.

    1. I’m holding out for the wireless contacts version ;-) But just like “Google goggles”, “Google contacts” is already in use.

      Seriously, I do think the screen size on the watch is too small to be practical. Even if Google does produce a “wrist-android”, Google glasses and whatever phone or tablet you are carrying, as long as it has the away-facing lens, would be much more practical for augmented reality.

      1. What are you talking about? There isn’t going to be a screen on the face. The watch was designed mainly to house the holoprojector. They’re still working on getting the proton based magnetic field generation perfected but the image rendering is amazing. 48,000,000 dpi cubed. I’m sure the standard will increase but for now that’s what we get.

      2. im holding out for when they can implant the chip in my head. When a call comes in, my head starts to vibrate. I push my left temple to answer the phone. my right temple to end. Squeezing my testicles will unlock my brain device

  2. I would buy it but only after the watchblet version comes out with a 4 inch 1080p hehe.

    1. No, it’s gotta be wablet.

      1. or the tabtch lol

  3. i say its an great idea give me a bluetooth headset and it would be great for and mp3 player. also its another step in to the future :)

  4. will be nice if the watch has “shake to charge”…

    but ya, could be a novelty if it uses the transparent LCD…

  5. It should be 2-4 in. with it curving slightly around your wrist.

  6. I’ve been holding off the smart watch market because I don’t find any current smart watches interesting enough. A Google Nexus Watch sounds amazing!

  7. Goddamn why didn’t I think of that. Had one that was a calculator. Great for cheating on my math test when I was a kid. I could of cheated on all my exams. give me one with 3G or LTE technology damn just give me a reason to go back to college.

    1. I had a calculator watch when I was a kid and once I had this watch with a stupid addicting racing game that everyone wanted to play.

  8. I would totally buy a Nexus watch. That way I could stop taping my GNex to my wrist, and keep it in my pocket like a normal person. On the real though, I want a smart watch but haven’t read great reviews about what is out there. I will probably grab a pebble unless the G Watch rumors start around the same time that the pebble is available.

  9. I can see this with samsungs bendable screen Ohhhh yea ;)

  10. A smart watch that operates on voice commands instead of fiddling around with buttons would be massively cool. Everyone would learn to speak Google commands and we’d all walk around sounding like Captain Kirk shouting ‘Computer!’ (only we’d say ‘Google’ of course).

  11. im down!

  12. Ol’ Googs :D

  13. I have a sony smart watch and its the balls.

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