Mar 1st, 2013

In an effort to save the sinking ship that is Motorola Mobility, Google could be enlisting some help from author/motivational speaker Guy Kawasaki — a turncoat once known for being the Apple evangelist for many years, only to switch over to “Team Android.”

“Motorola reminds me of the Apple of 1998: a pioneer in its market segment, engineering-driven, and ripe for innovation. I believe that great products can change everything.”

Apparently, Guy will be taking on more of an “advisory role” with the company, focusing on key areas as product design, user interface, marketing and lastly, social media. To kick things off, Mr. Kawasaki has created a Google + community for mobile device talk and while the focus isn’t necessarily that of Moto devices, you can bet he’ll use some of these ideas to help with the rumored Motorola X Phone he’s more than likely already working on.

As for Motorola, they need all they help they can get. Their current track record had them continually posting operating losses in 2012, so Kawasaki definitely has his work cut out for him. What do you guys think? Can Guy really turn around things for Motorola? What key areas does Motorola need help with before you’d purchase one of their products?


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