HTC extends $100 trade-up deadline, plays down delay angle


If you were worried about what the recent HTC One delays meant for those who were looking to take advantage of the $100 trade-up offer, wonder no more. HTC is extending the deadline for trade-ins to April 26th. You have until then to buy the HTC One, and your old device must be in by the last day of May.

The Taiwanese OEM pinky swears that this is simply because of the thrilling and overwhelming response they got from initial interest, and has nothing to do with the recently reported delays. Spin it however you want, HTC, but we’re just glad you’re doing it either way. Those of you who were worried about being left out of this particular deal due to delay need not worry any longer.

To receive the $100 trade in value (or actual device trade in value, whichever is greater) in exchange for the Device you trade in, you must register valid email address on the HTC OneTM Upgrade site, you must purchase and activate a new HTC OneTM by April 26, 2013 and mail in your used Device with a valid Proof of Purchase of your HTC OneTM (copy of UPC or invoice/ receipt showing the IMEI) post marked by May 31, 2013.

[via HTC (section 10)]

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  1. Nexus S: $0 :(

    1. hehe, you should keep that anyway. Best dedicated portable media player EVER!

      1. haha yeah! and it makes a great back up phone when my one x battery dies. which is often.

  2. anyone have any idea if us in the UK can take advantage of this?

  3. Anyone know if there is a similar UK Promotion??

  4. I cjecked a few of my old phones for grins and giggles. Galaxy S ll is 45$ I didn’t even want to see what my note 2 was worth :P

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