[Update: Statement] HTC One delayed until March 29th


There’s some bad news brewing, folks. Several UK retailers have been asked to adjust their expected shipment date for the HTC One to March 29th. The device, which is supposed to be HTC’s main flagship for 2013, was supposed to come March 15th, but that date will come and go with nary a sound.

HTC was rumored to be having issues getting enough UltraPixel sensors manufactured in time for the device’s release, and while the OEM would probably never relay the exact issue we can’t imagine that rumor doesn’t have any legs at this point. We’re just glad the wait won’t last more than a couple of weeks (though you never know if another delay could creep up on us by the time we get closer to that date).

[Update]: HTC has released an official statement confirming the delay. HTC says preorders in “certain” markets will be fulfilled by the end of March, and the more global rollout will commence at some point in April.

We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April.”

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  1. Last year delayed by apple this year delayed once again this is not a good trend for a company trying to make a comeback

    1. Great point…. I hope they do well, but with the s4 being announced now 2 weeks ahead of release could hurt. Wasnt going to come anywhere near S4 numbers in sales volume anyways…

      1. I like HTC I would like them to succeed I just do not like sence but my favorite device was my g2 it had HTC quality with vanilla android I would like to see a HTC nexus once again

        1. I would love another HTC Nexus device. Long live the Nexus One

          1. The nexus one, and the G1 was a tremendous device!

    2. And I’m pretty sure also will be delay with the updates…

  2. Praying the US get’s them on the March 15th release with the 80,000 odd ones already made..

    1. They just said no one will get them the 15th.

      1. Who is they? Quote &/or a link,please………

        1. Oh ok HTC only announced UK delays so far but if u think the US will get a phone before the UK, that never happens, especially since at&t and Sprint havn’t set a release date yet and tmobiles preorder doesn’t end until 3/26

          1. HTC has yet to make any announcement of a hard date.Everything that’s been published regarding dates has been from someone other than HTC.

  3. and still nothing from at&t or t mobile about a US release date?!? ugh?!?!?

  4. So all those people who were like nah this is just a rumor were totally wrong lol. HTC is messing up. Gives the S4 even more time to come to market.

    1. The S4 isn’t gonna be on the market until early summer or late spring… giving HTC a lot of time to sell their phones… Also, if the leaked S4 video and pictures is any indication of the real thing, I think HTC will have a great year this year with the right marketing.

      1. Why do you think that? Early summer or late spring.

        1. It was like that for the S3; announced on May’12, released on late Spring’12… I’m just expecting the same for the S4

          1. The s3 unpacked event last year was May 3rd and it was released May 29th. So using that as a guideline, the s4 will be out early to mid April

          2. You’re right.. Edited my comment.. Thanks.
            But I still think it may be released in the US late spring/early summer (May-June) because last year it was announced May and carriers only released it mid-June… Not to mention the shortages because of the high demand…

          3. Yeah that’s probably correct for the US. The US s3 came out 3 weeks after the international version. HTC may have as little as 2 weeks head start to advertise their phone and already Samsung is ahead. Just look at phandroid, there was a Samsung performance in ny today and they released part 2 of their Jeremy commercials yesterday. I havn’t seen any One advertiaing

          4. It’s still more time though, HTC needed all the time they could get. An it says global markets not until some time in April. That’s getting close to May. An it would be something if Samsung took an even more Apple-esque approach this year and had them ready even quicker than that. Guess we’ll see soon enough. Either way, this isn’t good for HTC.

    2. hardly, dawg. S4 will be announced in 2 days but won’t hit the market until May. done.

      1. See my reply to David.

  5. Poor HTC, hope they can make it through this year.

  6. Doh…so sad to see HTC going the wrong direction. I really love the physical build quality of their products, but they’ve been running into issues like this since the original Evo was released.

    1. I’ve had four HTC devices, and all were outstanding build quality. My only problem was the Nexus One. It had a screen touch problem that was never resolved.

  7. Wow, hope this isn’t for the U.S. Last year was the EVO LTE customs delay/debacle, now (supposedly) this… Only time will tell.

    1. That was mostly because of the ongoing Apple lawsuit at the time. That wasn’t really because HTC was having a manufacturing issue.

      1. I understand b/c I lived through it, but a delay is a delay…

        1. True enough,but,I’d feel much better accepting a delay due to a parts shortage,whether it’s in-house or a supplier production quality issue,rather than have them roll the dice & hold their breath w/questionable handsets hitting the shelves.

          HTC may have to invest more $ into ramping up production of the parts in question,even if it inevitably will cut into their profit margins,or,run the risk of alienating potential customers w/delays.

        2. you lived through a delay.. zomg how did you manage!!!

          1. … by having a life! Patience my friend, things happen.

  8. I was amongst the first 200 preorders with phones4u… I wonder when and if they will call me and tell me the “good” news

    1. says the spammer named Sven.

  9. Ultra poor timing. Whoever is responsible should be fired.The S4 will certainly bury it, especially with the delay. But hey, HTC has become irrelevant. Move over Blackberry, you’ve got another member of the cellar dweller club.

    1. Ultra poor? Way to be an overly dramatic 13 year old.

      1. Dramatic or not, you cannot dismiss the point being made. HTC has done a terrible job with the One launch. What is supposed to be a comeback is getting overshadowed by the SIV pre-release party. Pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me.

  10. Would someone PLEASE present a direct quote from HTC stating the release date was indeed 3/15/2013.

    Otherwise,this is not a delay,& I would hope that PHANDROID & other sites that repeatedly publish reports such as this would make a clearer distinction between facts & hearsay,particularly in the article headline(s).

  11. Hi there i work for a uk mobile operator and our pre orders for the white htc one are still scheduled for delivery on the 15th but we have delays on the black variant. In black we have been told the handset would be delivered on the 30th of april

    1. Which operator do u work for?? I see on Phones4u website the black one is delayed until 2/4/13 but the silver still has the 15/3

      1. I work for three. Alot of us have pre ordered the handset ourselves now its just a case of waiting till the end of april or going for the white version instead :-$

  12. I agree with some of the posters below. Whoever messed this launch up should be either fired or relegated to a lower position. HTC is suppose to be trying to change their image yet it seems they are harming it. They had a chance if this was released a month ago but now since the S4 will be announced on Thursday, this really doesn’t have a chance.

  13. Companies should really hold back on announcing release dates if they’re not capable of following up..really bad for PR, honestly. Not that I was looking into buying an HTC anyway. http://bit.ly/XaxZ7M

  14. This delay will definitely cost HTC dearly, they only had a window of opportunity to capture a good chunk of business before the S4 is officially announced & is released. Samsung will drown out HTC with their HUGE marketing budget for the S4, this is a repeat of last year for HTC when their ongoing litigation delayed the availability of HTC One X series & Samsung announced the S3 within the same period..
    Wishing HTC the best of luck

  15. this could hurt who fond of HTC mobile.. hope it will come out with fresh news..

  16. I doubt that anyone buying the HTC One for it’s quality build will switch to a plastic S4, however big the Samsung marketing budget is. I for one, will not.

  17. Why have 3 just confirmed delivery for 15/03/13 then

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