Google TV to be a big focus at I/O


Google TV hasn’t quite taken off like Google wanted, but it won’t sit idly by and let the project die while others continue to wage war on the smart TV space. Google I/O 2012 came and went without much in the way of Google TV news, but it looks like Google’s ready to take if off the back burner. We’ve already seen some new life breathed into the project with Google TV V3, and something more should be coming our way at some point this summer.

The Google TV Developers Google+ page has told developers to stay tuned for news pertaining to the smart TV platform at the upcoming Google I/O. We’re not exactly sure what to expect, but we’re obviously hoping it’s something big. We’ll have our bug-eyed pupils set on the show and we’ll be there live to cover it all, so make sure you’re reading Phandroid between the dates of May 15th and May 17th for all the latest from San Francisco.

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  1. Google hasn’t done much with it since it came out hopefully this is the start of major change for Google TV as is plenty that can be done with and to it to help big it up to snuff for now and the future.

  2. I have only 1 complaint about gtv. No native apps for huluplus and amazon. Everything else is there and they’ve got the amazon app coming soon. Actually, I would love the play to tv like youtube offers to their for movies, music, and photo slideshows. If they started offering mirrorcast built into gtv and nexus 4. That would be another knockout. It would be better than airplay.

    1. There is a native app for Amazon. It has not rolled out to all devices yet though (should be on all V3 devices).

  3. Sooo, I can expect a major update for my first gen Sony GTV? :P

  4. I still want my Nexus 8.

    1. what?

  5. Let’s hope Google TV ditches Honeycomb and becomes a full on Android 5.0 box.

  6. A NexusQ-like Google TV device with Miracast support?

  7. Calling it now:

    Nexus Qube (the Nexus Q and Google TV baby) will be announced and handed out at attendees and sold through the play store. It will be the perfect merger of both devices.

    It will have the NFC capabilities of the Nexus Q, with better app support for wireless transfer of media (music, photo, video, games) to the big screen. It will have an amazing search feature. It will be controllable with every smartphone running android 4.0+
    It will feature heavy Youtube integration and come with a 6month to 1 year subscription of Google’s new Youtube music streaming subscription (Or maybe they will throw in the Play store streaming music sub, at least one of them)
    It will come with play store credit so you can start ‘pinning’ Google movies to the device (yes I said PIN, because Google Play Movies will receive a massive update in Android Key Lime Pie. Google Play Music will also be updated. It will be open enough to support BT controllers and also support OUYA’s controller, making this thing better than the OUYA (given that the OUYA developers port their games to the GTV Playstore)

    1. It would be called something different, since now there is the Asus Cube.

      1. Has the Asus Cube been released yet? Because like the Nexus 7 I assumed Asus Cube would be released under the nexus brand as Nexus Qube

  8. Im hoping for a Nexus device with Hulu support. I broke down
    and bought an ATV when I went cord cutter in October. I really wanted a Google
    TV, but not having Hulu was a killer for me. Im fairly certain we are seeing a Nexus
    device (it is a logical step) but Im not so sure what else we might get. Hulu
    would be great, so would a gaming presence. Both? That could make it a killer
    device capable of competing with the Wii U. My set of “dream features” are
    listed below:

    Add Hulu
    Keep the TV tuner in some function
    Keep the great multiplatform search function
    Allow DLNA streaming
    Mirrorcast-like function
    Release a first party Bluetooth controller, allow other controllers to still work
    Google TV remote app for Windows Mobile, iOS, Windows 8, and Android
    Included “Second Screen” remote. Think 4-5” “tablet” that would have a couple of hardware buttons related to GTV, yet be a fully functioning Key Lime Pie device

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