LYFAO with this Google Glass St. Patrick’s Day skit (NSFW) [VIDEO]


Google Glass. It’s tech’s latest buzzword and it just so happens to be a comedy gold mine. We’ve already seen how Glass could be the perfect wingman for picking up hot chicks, and now we get to see how Glass could improve your life on St. Pactrick’s day. Just in time too. Can’t say I’ve ever wanted Glass more than I do right now…

[via Reddit]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “Nearest pub…Nearest bathroom…Nearest pub.” This guy knows what’s up. :p

  2. Okay glass, ” Search the best EPIC Comment for Phandroid comment section!”

  3. Another example of those useless glasses. Only a weirdo would wear them. Why not do something practical like go to a theater and copy a film. Who wants to see a dumb ass Irish idiot being himself?

    1. shhhh, theaters are going to ban them.

      1. You’d have to put your head on a tripod or wear a neckbrace to get a stable shot.

    2. Telesync is bad enough. No one wants copies made from Glass.

    3. dude stfu, if u couldnt tell, it was a staged video, its meant to make people laugh, take ur trollin azz somewhere else

      1. You get my single digit IQ award.

        1. dude ur such a fail, how bout u get my golden douchebag award for being an assclown whose talkin shyt about irish people. just go do everyone a favor and off urself u big fail.

  4. how many hrs can this record ?

    1. I doubt too much. If handset OEM’s are just now pushing 32GB territory, I’m guessing it’s small.

      All I know is Glass better have a removeable battery and SD card slot or it’s going to be a BIG fail. (-Android fanboy)

      1. i agree. same reasons i passed on so many great phones last year. htc one x even the DNA. now, the ONE. no SD card= no buy for me. but im excited for this nonetheless.

        1. He was being sarcastic…

      2. Glass’ removable battery will be an automotive accumulator in your backpack ;) And you’ll have to generate electricity while walking otherwise it’ll die and you’ll have to call AAA.

  5. Lame! Really, very lame.

    Trash Video went out years ago.


  6. I thought it was pretty humorous.

  7. how come the glass recognized his word 100% error free? i cant even do it on google now…

  8. Ok glass, google legal defenses for punching a cop in the face! LMFAO epic!!!

  9. I’d like to party with this bloke.

  10. Hahah…”Incognito Mode…can women have Adam’s Apples?”

  11. Wow.. Was there a point to this stupidity?

  12. This was amazing!!! Hahahahahaa I’m still laughing! xD

  13. That was awesome, cheers.

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