Mar 12th, 2013

Earlier today we saw Google’s plans to infuse their Chrome web browser with Google Now functionality — once reserved solely for Android devices — and it looks like Google isn’t about to stop there A newly leaked video is more than hinting Google Now could be heading to the unlikeliest of places: iOS.

Okay, deep breaths. No, this isn’t a nightmare and no, this isn’t Google Voice Search. This is 100% Google Now, running in the background, always on, tracking your every move, notifying users of appointments, traffic, movie times, sports scores, without tapping a single button or icon. Yeah, that Google Now. In the leaked video, we hear the same person’s voice from the initial Google Now promo video, talking about all the great Google Now features making their way to the iPad and iPhone. The video has since been pulled, making it seem just a teensy bit more legit. The boys at Engadget managed to rip it and it can be viewed in its entirety below.

If we could all just put our fanboy ego’s and pride aside for just a moment, we’ll see that this makes perfect sense for Google. This could be nothing more than another move by Google to take their services into “enemy” territory, attacking Siri right on the homefront. Okay, maybe “enemy” is too harsh a word. Remember, just because Apple hates the Android OS (and competition in general) doesn’t mean Google feels the same about the house that Steve Job’s built. In fact, this shows us yet again that Google see’s iOS — with a huge user base — the same way as they do Android — just another avenue to get their mobile services into more people’s hands, Google Now being the latest and greatest.

Still, I suppose the only real reason an Android fanboy could get upset about this development is the fact that Google has shunned anyone running a version of Android prior to Jelly Bean, which the latest numbers tell us accounts for over 73% of Android devices. With Google I/O coming up in May, who knows. Maybe we’ll see Google finally open up Google Now to the other Android desserts, while I’m sure there’s a lot of complex code behind it, a simple update to Google Search sounds easy enough for the guys that made a driver-less car.

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