Here’s the full changelog for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


Google didn’t quite give us a formal changelog for what was new in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean when the rollouts first began, but the silence didn’t last forever. Instead of leaving it up to us to figure out what’s new, Google has finally decided to upgrade the Jelly Bean changelog with new changes specific to Android 4.2. You’ll see new items tagged with a red “New” label, and the rest is everything we’ve been enjoying since Android 4.1.

Just to give you an idea of some of the more interesting features highlighted, Android 4.2 now includes the ability to enable “TalkBack,” which is a screen reader function, from the power menu, a completely redesigned camera app with HDR features and a new photo editor, a redesigned clock with a stopwatch, timer, and world clock, the new gesture-based keyboard and more.

Combined with the changes from Android 4.1 this is an awfully long list, but if you have a bit of popcorn and a few minutes on your hand be sure to give it a nice read and learn everything there is to know about the latest versions of Android. Head right to this link to get started.

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  1. Talkback has been available since at least 4.0 and is a standalone app. Definitely not new.

    1. The changelog implies that the new feature is the ability to enable it from the power menu, not that TalkBack is a new feature. The sixth bullet under Accessibility makes it pretty clear that TalkBack isn’t new in 4.2.

      1. While I get that, the author makes it seem as if Talkback itself is the new feature, which it’s not. It’s how you interact with it that has been improved, as denoted by only the first 2 of the 7 bullets having the word “New” next to them.

        1. Actually if you read it correctly he is stating the ability to enable Talkback from the power menu.

          1. Yeahhhhh… he edited the article to better reflect that. Originally, it read simply: “Android 4.2 now includes the ability to enable “TalkBack,” which is a screen reader function, a completely redesigned camera app with HDR features…”

          2. haha, oh that sucks!

  2. Ah 4.2? I’m still rocking gingerbread

    1. Gingerbread FTW!!!

      1. you’re definitely not winning

      2. Go take a look at the XDA forums, I think they can help you get an updated ROM.

  3. I Would Like To Ask A Noob Question Since I Am Not To Familiar With The Process. I Would Like To Know If There Is A Way To Install Android 4.2 On My Galaxy S3 For Verizon? I Feel The Phone Is Sluggish And Would Like To Uninstall Some Of The Bloatware. Any Type Of Positive Feedback Would Be Appreciated Thanks In Advance.

    1. xdaforums will have what you’re looking for.

      1. Thank You Sir!

    2. Yes, unlock and root your phone then flash a custom (or stock) recovery ROM on top of it with 4.2.2 or 4.2.1

    3. What’s with capitalizing every word?

      1. No Reason, I Have Just Always Done It.

        1. WeLl PlEaSe StOp It BeCaUsE It’S vErY iMmAtUrE.

      2. That must’ve taken some effort, lol.

    4. Try disabling all the crap you dont use (like the Vzw bloat and Google+), and anything else that runs in the background 24/7), and uninstall all those apps that “start at boot” for no good reason.

      I keep my GS3 lean and clean. The battery lasts all day and it runs smooth as buttah!

  4. Rockin’ 4.2.2 on my Note 2

    1. Missing S-Note much?

      1. Not really, the S-pen still works at least.

    2. What Rom are you running for Note 2 with 4.2.2?

      1. AOKP

  5. Group MMS? That’s cool, but it’s only effective for a back & forth if everyone has it.

    1. now i can finally keep up with my iphone buddies.

  6. Access camera from the lock screen isn’t new to 4.2. What is new is that they ruined it now that it takes so long to get in to the camera because you have to swipe the screen, not just the unlock circle, and there’s pause to give you a chance to slide back to the left if you didn’t want the camera.

    1. lol, but now you can access camera with pin/pattern protected lockscreen, that was not possible before :)

    2. It takes too long? It takes a split second to swipe into the camera, and same amount of time to swipe back to the main lockscreen. I can still add the camera to the unlock circle if I wanted as well.

    3. You must be a very important person who leads a very, very busy life if you’re complaining about the camera taking a second to load -_-. Seriously.

      1. Except it takes more than a second to get to the point where the camera app /starts/ to load and now the app itself takes longer to start up than it did before. The swiping of the screen itself can sometimes fail to work too. So it’s a pretty big wait when the big selling point about the camera from the lock screen is to quickly get those spur of the moment snaps.
        My gripe isn’t so much about the time it takes, it’s about why they changed it. If it worked and worked very well before, then why change it for the worse? Just like the dialog for selecting an app to handle an action, it now takes 2 presses to choose an app to handle the action “just once” instead a single press like it used to be, again needlessly making it harder to use.

  7. I have 4.2.1 and I have all those functions already. ??? Sprint GNex

  8. Android 4.2 version which is nicknamed the Jelly Bean is here with exciting new features. I am pretty sure it will create a storm in the coming months with its newest offering that all Android fans will like and love.

  9. the biggest change for my lies right here…

    “Support for group messaging via MMS.”

    only took till 4.2!!!

  10. I am tired of waitin on the 4.2 jelly bean for my galaxy 3…UGHHH…LIKE HOW MUCH LONGER…

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