Google Drive update brings pinch-to-zoom in presentation view


Google Drive for Android received a pretty decent upgrade in the Play Store today, and it’s something those of you with gripes about the presentation viewer will be happy about. You can now perform pinch-to-zoom operations within the viewer so you can read slides a lot more easily. We’re surprised it took Google this long to implement the change, but I’ll repeat the age-old saying that never quite loses its luster: it’s better late than never.

Other key changes have been made to the Google Drive app, as well. Google says performance improvements have been made across the “whole up,” though we aren’t let in on how, exactly, performance will be improved. Whether this means faster connectivity or smoother UI operations we can’t say, but either way we aren’t complaining.

Support for streaming video files is now enabled for devices on Android 3.0 and higher, and some other bug fixes and improvements have been made. If you’re in love with Google Drive as much as I am and you often find yourself needing to do your bidding on the go, be sure to grab the upgrade at your earliest convenience. It’s in the Play Store is a 7.2MB download.

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  1. It seems like Google has been a bit sluggish at updating Google Drive in General. Even the desktop program is getting pretty old and desperately needs an update. I purchased the 200GB plan and I’m constantly getting the following error with the desktop version “An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit.”. I’m really surprised Google hasn’t fixed that problem yet. I’m hoping that maybe since they’re showing the mobile version some love, maybe they’re remember they have a PC version as well? :-P

  2. I wish they would at least let me password protect the app. I mean, dropbox can do it.

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