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This Week In Google TV: WD making a Google TV, Google TV in retail stores, editorials, tutorials and more


Welcome to the second edition of our “This Week In Google TV” feature! This is where we bring you your weekly dose of the latest happenings in the Google TV platform. We know many of you are struggling to find much Google TV content, so we are excited to help you find all you need in one place.

Google TV is finally starting to take off, with more manufacturers and updates coming around. We strongly believe things will only get better from now on, so let’s jump in and see what we have for you today.

Western Digital to be the next Google TV manufacturer?

It seems WD could become the very next company to jump in the Google TV bandwagon. Not the first manufacturer that comes to mind when thinking of possible upcoming Google TV partners, but we are always happy to see more options.

The company has posted a job listing looking for a software architect to manage design and production of “IP set top boxes based on the Android operating system,” which “would include Android TV and Google TV solutions.” We don’t know the details yet, but the description makes it seem like the plans are set on a very hard place. (Also, that “Android TV” part seems a bit fishy).

For more details: WD could be the next Google TV manufacturer

Google Stores to bring Google TV back from the ashes?

Finally! The answer we have been waiting for. New rumors point to a launch of the first physical Google Stores by the end of the year. This means there will finally be a place where customers can go and check out Google TV devices before they purchase them!

You probably know it is near impossible to find a Google TV in any retail store. I remember seeing the first-generation Sony Google TVs and sometimes LG’s, but those are the most expensive! Even if people like them, they probably wouldn’t purchase them.

Chrome has done great with more retail exposure, so we are hoping this will turn things around for our favorite smart TV platform. Don’t forget about us this time, Google. Remember, now we will all be able to pick up our signs and go protest outside your stores!

For more details: Google opening its own retail stores? Time for Google TV to shine!

Google TV vs. upcoming XBOX TV features

New rumors state that Xbox is getting ready to launch a new TV experience, which includes original content and over 40 video apps. They seem pretty confident, calling it the “future of TV.” We kinda disagree, though. Not just because we are Google TV fans, but their explanation of the service just doesn’t add up.

We will have to wait and see what the end product will be like, but I am not too worried about Xbox pushing Google TV aside. Let us know if you are, though! Do you think Xbox has what it takes to become a reliable smart TV device?

For more details: Google TV vs. upcoming Xbox TV features

Tutorials, editorials and more

Nothing like some good original content to learn more about Google TV and where it stands. I had fun writing Google TV content this week, so come check these articles out and join our discussions!

  • Video: How to sideload an app to Google TV – I know most of you probably already know how to do this, but remember not everyone is always tuned in to sites like Phandroid.com and GTVSource.com! If you are new in the Google TV club, or you know someone who wants to learn how to sideload an app, this short tutorial will do.
  • OUYA should have done a Google TV instead of a dedicated gaming console – I know many of you will disagree with me on this one, but that is what makes this so fun! Come join the debate, guys. I believe OUYA could have done a great job making a Google TV that revolved around gaming, instead of a gaming device that can do some TV stuff. What do you think?
  • VIZIO issues press release about Co-Star’s GTV 3 update – Last week we reached out to VIZIO and confirmed that the GTV version 3 update had started rolling out to Co-Star devices. There was no other way to confirm it then, but now VIZIO has issued an official press release. We are still waiting on our update, do you have yours yet?

Wrap up

It was a fun week! I will be working on more Google TV content and coverage, so stay tuned to our “This Week In Google TV” feature every Saturday. You can also check out GTVSource.com (our sister site) every day or like the Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Either way, I am really enjoying this new feature. Especially because you guys told us you liked the idea, so thank you very much for all the support. See you next week!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. For what it’s worth, you can try the Sony GTV box in Sony Style stores.

  2. LMAO!! LOL!! Ok sorry but HOW LONG has Google had to get it right?!?! How many companies have come and gone who were attempting to help get Google TV into homes? And what does Google do in response

    1. Oops had to do 2 messages because in 4 fuckin years Google still can’t get it right posting from an Android phone using chrome browser. So in response to these manufacturers trying to push Google TV Google does what they do with soooo many projects….they let it go and do virtually nothing to advance it! Microsoft WILL KILL Google TV. JUST LIKE Microsoft has been more successful at developing one OS across multiple devices

      1. Let me guess, you use Internet Explorer too? lmao

        1. He is probably the only person who bought MS Bob and misses the Clippy

      2. just go troll at pos ms site win8 poz

        1. Your post isn’t much better.

      3. OMG LOL… This guy is funny. “JUST LIKE Microsoft has been more successful at developing one OS across multiple devices.” JUST LIKE windows phone is the most successful.

      4. Windows has a phone? Seriously, they do? I haven’t seen one in anyone’s hands yet. Plenty of Apples and Androids, but I haven’t seen a Windows phone since I saw a guy with a Treo in a bar once. He also had a leisure suit and gold chains, so I excused his lapse as normal for him. (In all fairness, it was a 70’s themed bar)

  3. wd makes awesome media hub players I own one from 3 years now with 1 gig of storage, it has all the standard apps, youtube, netflix, pandora, Picasa etc. so this will probably be a great product.

  4. Xbox wont win the smart Tv wars, because Xbox live is too damn expensive and doesn’t include the additional fees that have to be payed with TV services like Hulu and Netflix. Google TV on the other hand is free with the exception of just paying for TV service.

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    2. Yeah, not paying MS a dime for the privilege of using Xbox live to access Netflix. That’s just stupid.

  5. What about a mention of your GTVSource G+ page???

  6. I just hope that their Google TV box is more reliable than their routers. I bought the MyNet N750 and until 2 months later when WD released a new firmware my router kept crashing.

  7. Google TV app for the new PlayStation 4 WINNER !!

  8. Yeah I have an xbox but Microsoft making you pay to use apps is not going to make it a winner if Gtv takes off.

  9. Give me a singe search bar that will search all local content as well as Netflix, Amazon, and any other selected source at once then launch needed app to play it and I will gladly switch back to Google tv. Boxee had this in the beginning and then removed it. This fascination with opening and closing apps all the time confuses me.

    1. You do know that’s the biggest feature of the Google TV right? It already exists.

      1. well Logitech revue sure dose not seem to have the ability. To make sure we are on the same page you could do a search for say “downton abbey season 1” and it would then give a list off all the places you could watch it at? including Netflix, Amazon, Itunes, and your local dive assuming you had a copy? I know Boxee could do this and when it was removed it they explained it was done on Netflixs request. If it is possible what version do I need to get to be able to?

  10. I’ve got a Logitech Revue, and it’s worth the $99 I paid for it. My main purpose in getting it was to watch roller derby from around the world being netcast on Justin.tv, Ustream and other streaming services. My wife used to skate it, I have a lot of friends in that community, and its fun to watch.

    The Revue works for that much of the time, but it crashes because of Flash problems. So I’ve gone back to hooking my Windows laptop up to the TV. There are other sites the Revue works more reliably on. And it can’t get Silverlight or Divx based sites at all. No apps for that.

    Flash has a lot of momentum in the streaming world, like it or not, and if you can’t do it right, you’re not really getting the web. I’m buying a device to watch the content I want to watch on the web. I’m not buying a device to be told what sites are doing the internet wrong. If I want Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, I already get those on my Blu-Ray player plus various stores where I can buy content.

  11. Ask anyone who has any generation of the WDTV and they will tell you they love them. Super versatile and hackable. This is one to watch.

  12. luxtechblog.blogspot.com

  13. I got the update to my Co-Star last week…and it’s amazing. The Interface is much smoother, the Primetime Quick Guide is much more intuitive and useful than I thought it would be and the Amazon App is everything we’ve all been asking for. I can finally say that Google is getting it together!

    1. Co-Star looks a lot better with the update. I really like what they have done with the Amazon App.

  14. I think I’m moving away from Google TV to one of the little quad core HDMI sticks with JB installed. In the long run, I think I’ll be happier. And since they’re less than $100 shipped, it’s definitely in impulse territory. I have a Logitech Revue, and my main gripe is lack of apps. Why should I limit myself when the full version of Android is available? I mean, sure, I might not get surround sound out of Netflix, but I don’t have a surround sound system installed anyway. As long as it looks OK, I’m in. (I’ve got an iMito MX2 on order, just have to get the damn thing in from Hong Kong during Chinese New Year… GREAT timing on my part :p )

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