Android Overload: LG sells 15 million Optimus L devices, White Nexus 4 evidence, Xperia Z successor and more


Many stories don’t make it to our homepage, but we don’t want you to miss a thing! That is why we have Android Overload. So sit back, take a look through these articles and get ready to go have a great weekend!

  • LG sells 15 million Optimus L devices [Engadget]
  • White Nexus 4 bumper shows up, more evidence of a white Nexus 4 coming? [Mobile Syrup]
  • Sony Xperia Z successor leaked? [Xperia Blog]
  • Google Maps now features Street View of Indianapolis Colts stadium [Google Maps]
  • CRYAMORE!, the next big Android video game [KickStarter]
Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Hope the Xperia Z successor has the snapdragon 800, I felt the Xperia Z should have had something more powerful than a S4 pro as its considered last years tech. The rest of the phone though is awesome.

    1. It most likely isnt an Xperia Z successor but a competitor for the Samsung Note.

      1. Even better since the Note 3 is a device I’m eyeing this year, hopefully they also include a digitizer pen, would love to see their spin on it.

    2. Are you kidding me? Phones with the S4 Pro SoC started being released Q4 of 2012 and you’re saying that the S4 Pro is already dated?

      1. I said its last years tech which it is, the S4 only had a 6-7 month life span before the s4 pro devices hit the market, putting out a device with a S4 pro just a couple months before the snapdragon 800s and the A15 SOC’s hit the market makes them seem like Motorola when they came late to the party with their new RAZR line up running on the s4 when everyone else started transitioning to a S4 pro, im not saying the S4 pro sucks or is outdated, the performance is still awesome but had they waited 2 months later to release the device with one of the newer processors it would have been truly next generation instead of seeming like a transition device into 2013, none the less the performance is great but that’s expected with any newly released high end device.

  2. How is a white bumper any sort of proof to adding a white n4 by google?

    1. Probably because of the way it’s presented on the page. It could be misinterpreted to mea that it’s a bumper for the “LG Nexus 4 (White)”. However, that would mean that the white Nexus 4 (if it does exist) would be a different size to the Black one. Something which I don’t believe would be the case.

      1. I looked at the article they don’t claim it as a white nexus 4 bumper but a white bumper for the nexus 4 “that would go nicely with the recently leaked white nexus 4”

  3. Have you used the S4 pro quad with the 320? It blazes

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  4. It’s not a white GOOGLE N4 Bumper Case, it’s just a normal case that’s white.

    1. Just forget it some people just won’t understand.

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