NVIDIA shows off Need For Speed: Most Wanted on Project Shield


Craving more of NVIDIA’s Project Shield? Here’s a quick video demonstrating the high-thrills racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted on the upcoming gaming handheld. The clip shows off the game with all “all the graphics bells and whistles enabled,” but we aren’t getting a true representation of Shield’s hardware. The game is being streamed from a PC, where GeForce GTX graphics processing does the dirty work.

The result is no less impressive, showing a device that can easily handle such streaming without lag or other hiccups. The game is set up to take advantage of Project Shield’s controller layout.

NVIDIA’s latest could be the missing link that bridges PC and console gaming with mobile gaming, it definitely fits the description. We’re eager to get our hands on the clamshell handheld and give it a spin for ourselves.

[via NVIDIA]

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  1. First

    1. … really dude?

    2. Get laid.

  2. I don’t get it. Are they saying that the pc is basically doing all the work and just sending it to the Shield’s screen? That’s what it sounds like. I’d rather sit in front of my PC with my awesome screen.

    1. So if one wanted a smaller screen with lower resolution, no keyboard and mouse control, and waist money, they would buy this lol.

      1. I’d love some waist money

    2. I agree. Don’t really see the point. I would love for them to improve gaming on Android itself, not something like this where the Android device depends on the computer. I don’t think other handheld gaming devices need the desktop or console holding their hands like this and they do pretty well in the graphics department.

      1. It does not depend on the computer… that is an added benefit.

        You can just use it for Android games also, independent of pc.

    3. You don’t fully understand. The point is that you can be anywhere else in the world and stream from your pc. Wherever you have a data connection. If you are at your PC then play the game there. If you are in the bathroom, then play there. If you are on lunch break at work, then play there.

      1. This is incorrect. Streaming only works locally via wifi, so it will not work for this purpose outside of your house. They recommend an N router to do this:


        You will however be able to play Android games on the go.

        1. Well… screw that then! Lol! I’d bet there’s got to be some pretty noticeable lag. I prefer mouse and keyboard over a controller anyway. PC — AWAAYY!!

      2. **One day… Until fiber to the home is a norm, the speed isn’t there. This is only going to be feasible over LAN for 90-99% of the US. Digital distribution went through these exact same steps starting back in the early 2000’s. The speed and consumer acceptance wasn’t there, but look at Steam today. Streaming games anywhere via internet may be viable later in the decade or early next. It’s just too early in its lifespan, and OnLive’s failure to expand shows it. Whoever gets it right once it’s ready for prime time will be the one to bask in the “pioneer glory”.

        1. Do not forget NVIDIAs streaming rack system for online play they just wont do the front of of that themselves they will let another company handle that end of it.

  3. we need need for speed underground series on android…can you guys tell them that?

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