Nexus 4 factory image returns to Google’s developer site


After mysteriously disappearing from the Google Developers site, the factory image for the “occam” version of the Nexus 4 has returned. Carrying build number JOP40D, the image represents a clean install of Android 4.2.1.

Google gave no comment in regards to why the build was originally pulled, but if it had anything to do with kinks in the code, hopefully that’s been worked out. For folks that enjoy experimenting with the software on the N4, which acts as a Jelly Bean development platform, the factory image is a must have in case you must restore to stock Android.

The factory image can be downloaded now. As for the matching Android 4.2.1 binaries, they still appear to be missing.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. what exactly is a factory image? I don’t understand

    1. It’s like the Windows Reinstall CD for your phone. It reinstalls the OS (Android) onto your phone like it was a fresh install. This is in case you rooted and messed something up or tried some ROM that didn’t work or something.

      1. would/could a factory image save a ‘bricked phone’?

        1. Depending on how badly it tanked, and at what point in the flashing process it occurred then yes I would say its very possible to bring a device back from the ether with a factory image.

        2. Yeah, I’ve done it before with my Samsung Infuse 4g. It was bootlooping though, so I guess you could call it a soft-brick. However, now that I got a Nexus 4, I no longer have to flash just to have an up-to-date version of Android.

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