Feb 5th, 2013

Our dream of seeing Chrome OS and Android unified might still be a bit far-off, but Google is looking to improve its netbook operating system in the near future. Francois Beaufort posted a screenshot of the new notification center that will come to Chrome OS in the near future. From the looks of things, you can expect notifications from Google+, Google Talk, Google Voice and other popular Google services, and you’ll be able to act on these notifications in different ways.

That alone is pretty interesting, but more relevant to our interests here at Phandroid is a new icon we haven’t seen before. It features a series of four multi-colored chat bubbles stacked onto one another, and while we don’t want to assume anything it would make sense for this to be the unified messaging service we’ve all been waiting for. It has long been predicted that the Mountain View company would look to replace all its messaging-centric services with a one-stop offering through Google+ ever since the social network was announced.

Google+ has been integrated into other services in more ways than one, so it only makes sense that the next natural step would be to combine it with the likes of Google Talk and Google Voice. This is just wishful thinking here, but it could be the Android equivalent of Blackberry Messenger that we’ve all been waiting for. Perhaps more exciting is the possibility of seeing Google+ Messenger come to desktops, whether it be in a new service or as its own standalone service. Users have been asking for that particular feature ever since Google+ Messenger launched, so we’d take it however we can get it.

There are a number of different things this icon could represent, but we’ll have to wait until more information leaks or wait for Google to get more chatty at Google I/O to see what, exactly, is in store for the future of its services. What do you think this could be?

[via ChromeSpot]

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