AT&T 4G LTE launches and expands in 6 markets


Tuesday has been a great day for AT&T thus far as the Texas-based wireless carrier has announced expansions and additions for its 4G LTE network in six markets today. Those in Northwest Georgia; Albany, GA; Cecil County, MD; Norfolk/Portsmouth/Virginia Beach and other parts of Virginia; Montgomery County, PA; and Bucks County, PA will all be seeing super fast 4G LTE speeds on top of the very serviceable HSPA+ network AT&T has deployed.

Ma Bell’s quest to match Verizon’s roll-out pace seems to be picking up a little more steam lately as it seems the carrier has a decent-sized round of launches and expansions every month. Their list doesn’t quite reach the dozens mark like Verizon’s tend to, but we should see things picking up considerably as we get deeper into the glorious year that is 2013.

There’s definitely no shortage of LTE devices to take advantage of the super fast speeds. If you happen to have AT&T LTE in your area and you need a phone to take advantage of it make no delay in checking out the carrier’s selection over at Amazon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They can’t even get LTE to really work in a city like San Jose

    1. As a San Francisco resident who has an SO living in Santa Clara, right next to San Jose, I agree. Her Verizon device gets LTE just fine, yet my AT&T phone drops to HSPA+ there. AT&T LTE in SF and the area surrounding it is fantastic though.

      1. I live in Santa Clara and coverage is acceptable (3-6 mbps) but I work on East Side San Jose and my co worker can’t keep the LTE connected, it’s falling to HSPA+ pfr 80-90% of the times. Verizon is way better but not for the price.

        1. I guess it’s just that area of Santa Clara that has absolutely no LTE.
          And I would never switch to Verizon, price is really high and service isn’t really better overall (this is after using Verizon multiple times). It’s better in some places, worse in others.

  2. I don’t understand how it is that people say Verizon is so expensive, they have the same rate plans as ATT.

    I’m switching to T-Mobile when the S4 comes out, HSPA 42 & LTE are a good combination.

    When Verizon’s LTE isn’t working optimally 3G on CDMA just doesn’t cut it!!! Where as 3G on T-Mobile, HSPA 42 much better fallback network.

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