Google’s campus gets a new Android statue, significance unknown


While there is no new Android version to go along with it, a statue has touched down at Google’s Mountain View campus. The statue, which honors the bugdroid mascot rather than a particular software iteration, has been installed at Building 45.

Now the pressure is on for folks to find some sort of meaning behind the new addition to Google’s Android monuments, but there seems to be none in particular. Much is being made out of the statue’s chrome finish, but it is unlikely that it signifies a merger of the Chrome and Android platforms.

When the photo was posted on Google+ it was accompanied by the text, “A new version of Android has been released!” The reference seems to be of the tongue-in-cheek variety. For the unfamiliar, Google typically marks the release of each new Android version (Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, etc.) by erecting a statue paying homage to the software’s dessert-themed codename.

Update: We’re now hearing that the statue has been installed to commemorate the milestone achievement of reaching parallel builds of Chrome on both the desktop and Android. Building 45 is where the majority of Chrome development takes place. [Thanks, Chris!]

[via DroidLife | Thanks, Kolio!]

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  1. New version of Chromium?

  2. Maybe they’re merging chrome os with android?

  3. Possibly the “Hardware development kit” stuff that’s supposed to be out ~3 months prior to all forth coming versions of Android, hence the Android Hardware being erected instead of a software version?

  4. Chrome and Android merger, and it will debut on the new X phone!

    1. But what the heck do the numbers mean…

      1. it’s the building adress

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  5. ChromeDroid

  6. I’m getting Android style pop-up notifications in Chrome now so…..

  7. Krome?

  8. I gotta be honest, my first instinct when I saw it was Chrome+Android. I wonder why the author is so certain it is not.

    1. Yes…chrome OS is useless when we have the best and perfect ecosystem around Android…..time to merge and have just ONE ecosystem
      And maybe pure android everywhere, a deal with all the manufacturers and stuff like Sense as a common app… My another wishlist

      1. True. There is nothing you can do on a Chromebook that I can’t do on my Transformer Prime. But there’s plenty I can do on my TP that you can’t do on a Chromebook (thanks to the Android app ecosystem).

        I’ll buy the first Android-book that comes out, as long as it has at least a 12″ screen (and 14″ is preferred).

      2. please no way android do merger with chrome OS.. we love android on our tabs and phone no on a large screen android don’t fare well…. understand that from windows 8 which is ugly and bad on a laptop or desktop though its really good on a phone… we dont want google to go iway or windows..

    2. Chrome says bye
      Android (with absorbed Chrome) says hi

    3. Chromedoird!

  9. perhaps because Android has Chrome?

    1. that’s my bet. Chrome will soon be the default browser.

      1. Dr., I concur with that observation.
        Does everyone else concur?
        Very well.
        You may proceed.

      2. Isn’t it already?

  10. Chrome OS and Android OS combining for Android 5.0? Debuting on the Nexus 5 Motorola X phone? Or maybe the X phone will run dual-OSs?

    1. The X Phone, will be Google’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3 phones. they will have usual motorola bloatware, (but with an option to remove it) and it will be carrier friendly, which means it will not have stock android, and it will be modified this allows Google to sneak this phone into every carrier, Verizon, Sprint, At&t, Tmobile, Etcetera….. as it will receive less push-back than the traditional Nexus phones. Google will however, continue to release a Nexus phone every year through its google play store. and Nexus and ONLY Nexus will be the pure android phone.

  11. Crystal Clear Android? I dunno, Crystal Clear Pepsi is due for a comeback…

  12. Since Android was founded in 2003 I’m gonna say it’s a 10 year anniversary marker. Seems to make sense…

    1. BTW The 10 year metal is aluminum. That could be polished aluminum.

      1. aluminum is more white so I know its not that but i do like the 10 year idea

        1. It could be rhodium plated or something though for weather protection or just looks.

        2. Aluminum turns whitish when the surface has been oxidized.

  13. I think Chrome and Android will be merged for sure but not just yet. They need the Chrome OS to gain a bit more traction (and it’ definitely getting there now with Lenovo and HP jumping on board). May be in about 2 years we’ll see the merger. The main thing they need though is all app types to have alternatives in the OS. That includes huge game titles and that hasn’t happened yet.

  14. has it been submitted to super ops for an ingress portal yet? ;)

  15. Maybe someone just likes shiny. I know a few people like that.

  16. seeing as its not on the lawn and more of in the building-way I think it’s safe to so its just an android statue at that, put there simply to say “this is where android happens, here, in THIS building” while the rest of the statues signify versions

  17. Hopefully this link works. It should take you to the building. Just east of the one where they erect the Android version statues. It’s in a grouping of buildings with solar cells on the roof.


  18. I agree with everyone else saying it. I think it signifies Chrome merging with android officially as the official browser. Makes sense. Why the author is unsure ? who knows ? Maybe trying to draw out more speculation thinking it makes for a better article ?

    1. I bet 80% of those who post about merge didn’t even read the article itself.

  19. maybe next version of android will be titanium

  20. A new version of Android!? Quick!! Think of all the Silver sweets you can think of!!

  21. Maybe the Chrome browser is getting access to Android apps. (I remember Eric Smith I think, saying in 2012 that next year we won’t have android games, g+ games and chrome games, but simply Google games)

  22. It looks like a Kettle.

  23. Hey, that’s a dildo!

  24. Just thought of something. The mysterious Google phone being made by Motorola is the “X” phone. Someone posted that Android is on its 10 year anniversary. Maybe the “X” signifies 10 and the actual phone name, when released, is going to be the Nexus Chrome Phone?…LOL…This is why I love speculation. Lots of ideas being thrown out, but nobody knows if they’ll carry any weight at all, except for those involved at Google.

  25. Chrome OS is not Android OS.
    Its likely a new ingress portal.


  26. Khromium Pie?

  27. Before I got to the update portion of the article, I was thinking “chrome” but was trying to apply it to the Android release naming scheme with “Khrome” which obviously still isn’t a dessert… :)

  28. Man, and here I was hoping for a proper Linux OS desktop from Google

  29. Like with music, sell a bajillion copies, go platinum??

  30. Hmm looks like ChromeDroid 1.0 is eminent!

  31. Am I the only one thinking they should put more in to chrome for android rather then statues?
    I’m using xscope pro and it blows away chrome browser on android

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