Jan 31st, 2013

While there is no new Android version to go along with it, a statue has touched down at Google’s Mountain View campus. The statue, which honors the bugdroid mascot rather than a particular software iteration, has been installed at Building 45.

Now the pressure is on for folks to find some sort of meaning behind the new addition to Google’s Android monuments, but there seems to be none in particular. Much is being made out of the statue’s chrome finish, but it is unlikely that it signifies a merger of the Chrome and Android platforms.

When the photo was posted on Google+ it was accompanied by the text, “A new version of Android has been released!” The reference seems to be of the tongue-in-cheek variety. For the unfamiliar, Google typically marks the release of each new Android version (Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, etc.) by erecting a statue paying homage to the software’s dessert-themed codename.

Update: We’re now hearing that the statue has been installed to commemorate the milestone achievement of reaching parallel builds of Chrome on both the desktop and Android. Building 45 is where the majority of Chrome development takes place. [Thanks, Chris!]

[via DroidLife | Thanks, Kolio!]

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