Google pulls plug on Nexus Q, lists as no longer available for sale


The Nexus Q, which has been on ice since Google halted sales of the made-in-the-USA media orb shortly after its Google I/O unveiling, has run its course. Today, the Q’s status in the Google Play store changed from “not for sale at this time” to “no longer available for sale,” spelling an all-but-certain end for the device.

The cancellation shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most assumed Google at the very least would overhaul the design, find ways to make it cheaper (or at least increase its value by adding greater functionality) and then relaunch the Q at a later date. Either that or develop some sort of Nexus TV to replace it. While both of those scenarios could still play out, neither will do so as the Nexus Q we came to know only for a short period of time.

The Nexus Q was announced in June of 2012 and soon went up for pre-order before Google pulled the device, leaving its legacy in the hands of those developers attending the conference. All present were given the Q, and will likely remain the only members of the public to receive the device.

[Google Play via DroidLife]

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  1. slap a drive in it or allow for external storage capabilities via USB3. provide a secondary USB port for connecting Android devices for streaming from the connected device. Provide a prehacked Kinect connection. There were other things they could have done, besides lowering the price and marketing the crap out of it.. although those would have been 2 easy steps.

  2. No surprise… The Q wasn’t really executed well, never found a real good use for it at its price point

    1. I have one. It did a lot of really innovative things. Technically, they were free :D

      1. How were they technically free?

        1. Didn’t Google refund everybody’s money?

          1. Yep! And still sent them the Q :D

        2. Google refunded everyone who preordered one, gave it to them for free then stopped taking any further orders.

  3. I think it would have generated more interest/sales if this was a Google TV device… Oh well

  4. It was non existent anyway

  5. I remember seeing the announcement for this and the examples they were giving on how the Q would be used. Only thing I kept thinking is…”Oh yeah, I’m going to let anybody with an android phone connect to my entertainment center when they come over for a party…wtf…Who the hell would do that?” I honestly don’t even think they consulted with people that actually go to parties!

    1. You’re just scared of getting Rick Rolled at a party…

      1. The song that is mainly used for rick rolling is a good song

        1. Agree. Rick Astley has a good voice and that’s a catchy tune.

          1. damn it!!! now i can’t get that damn song out of my head

          2. We just got Rick Rolled without even being at the party or on youtube.

          3. Never gonna give you up,
            Never gonna let you down
            Never gonna run around and desert you
            Never gonna make you cry,
            Never gonna say goodbye
            Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

          4. grrrrrr

        2. This conversation reminds me of one on Reddit.

    2. Maybe you just go to a different kind of party!

  6. Goodnight sweet prince.

  7. Was it really ever for sale?

    1. It was up for pre-sale for a while and anyone who bought one during that time got it for free.

  8. if the plans for Google Fiber are still rolling out, it would have been a great device to attach to their tv service, hence google tv through the nexus Q.. and plenty of other functionality, i read about the things the people who received them have done with it, a great concept just poorly executed

  9. Now if the Nexus Q we were looking at up there was everything it is now PLUS a full fledged competitor to the Xbox 360 and PS3… NOW we have something.

  10. This was a fascistic Idea, but needs some work & the price needs to be less than £100 then I would buy one.

    Lets hope google are working on a better cheaper replacement.

  11. Again, they should have put this technology into a new GoogleTV device and actually get serious about updates = win. I’d buy one for all my tvs.

  12. They really should have just made the Nexus Q into a device that can turn any HDMI equipped television into a Google TV along with the cool features already implemented. That would have a more justifiable 200$ as you could use that anywhere with any TV.

  13. Too bad, I thought this thing was genius (at least the possibilities were).

  14. Sad I was hopping they would repurpose and reconfigure it into a Google TV box like the Vizio one out there. The asthetics are cool and I’d love to be able to nfc tap to share content to my screen.

  15. Maybe now they will play nice with Roku (same functionality as Q for $50) and once again allow access to YouTube.

  16. Given the google TV pricepoints, I never understood why all of the Q functionality wasn’t just being baked in to GTV. After all, a LOT of folks have their TV’s hooked up to their stereo systems. Even if a potential buyer didn’t have a TV, if the device were accesible by phone/web browser and you’d still do much better than the list price of the Q.

  17. I never understood any of the set top devices. You can buy a PS3 or Xbox for less and it does more. I can stream movies and music to and from my phone to my PS3.

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