Official wireless charging station for Nexus 4 shipping early February?


If there is one drawback to Google’s Nexus program, it’s the fact that accessories often don’t ship until months after the actual phone. OK, so that’s a secondary problem with the Nexus 4, which itself has seen its fair share of shipping delays. The hard to obtain phone will soon have one of the niftiest accessories on the market, a wireless Qi charging station.

Wireless charging is one of the most unsung features of the latest Android flagship, and that’s in large part due to a lack of availability of a docking station. But according to one online retailer, the charging orb — in its own way resembling the Nexus Q — will begin shipping February 12th.

Norwegian retailer DustinHome has the dock listed for 739 krone, what amounts to about $113. Of course word from a third-party retailer does not an official release date make. So who knows if this will all come to fruition, let alone for regions outside of Europe. But if all goes according to plan, we might expect to see the Qi charging orb in the Google Play Store in about month. Finger crossed.

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  1. Better order it fast, they probably only made 100. ;)

  2. Let’s hope it’s less than $113. I’ll stick to using a wall charger (and not the POS one that came with the Nexus 4…..)

    1. What’s wrong with the stock Nexus 4 wall charger?

      1. It doesn’t wirelessly charge your phone?..

        1. I think he was asking Joe why he referred to it as a POS?..

          Not comparing it with the Qi

          1. Boys – The Retailer is selling this Nexus Orb in Black and I will bet with you that it cost you only 49.99 $ at Google play store. E bay sellers are taking advantage of Nexus 4 Supply issues.Why not other left behind even they are making money by Nexus Orb chargers by selling it for 113 $ .

  3. $113? That thing better give blow jobs as well

  4. Samsung, can we please get an improved charger for the Nexus 10? The charger that came with it takes like 7 to 8 HOURS to charge (not exaggerating)!!

    1. That’s because it has a huge effing battery in it.

      1. Well, you certainly can’t tell by how long it lasts.

        1. which is because of the screen its pushing…

  5. $113 is what I WILL charge on eBay, after paying 1/3 if that from play store. Come on Google keep the gravy flowing.

  6. No one will care by the time it actually becomes available. Besides, there’s not enough N4’s in circulation to warrant producing such an expensive accessory.

    The entire N4 program is laughable at best. GOOGLE & LG = P.T. BARNUM & CIRCUS.

    1. Chances are this will support all future Nexus devices and other phones that use wireless charging. I wouldn’t worry about this being outdated in a few months like most docks.

    2. You could easily purchase it for your device if it supported wireless charging as well.

      1. A charging mat is substantially cheaper.

        1. The orb isn’t going to cost $100 here in the states..

  7. I’m using a Qi charger from Nokia with my Nexus 4. I picked it up for fifty bucks on eBay a few weeks ago. Works great.

    1. Even for this thing.. for $50 I’d still think about buying this..MAYBE! just maybe, but for $113 it better have a charging radius of like 20 ft. (at least)

      1. For $50 I would buy 3. One for my office, house and I would mod one to work in the car like I did with the Touchstone. To bad wireless charging was not included with the G.

        1. I’d love to have one for my car also. I’m hoping the magnet is strong enough that I can just mount it right on the dash.

    2. Does it work with a case on? Not a bumper… a case that covers the entire back or does the back need to be exposed for these to work?
      Wireless charging may be cool but if it comes at the expense of scratching my phone, I’ll pass.

  8. Is it possible to use a device while it’s on a wireless charger?

    1. Nope, radio frequency will melt your skin. True story.

    2. I’m sure it’ll work just as if it was plugged in.

  9. wheres my sprint nexus 4!? :-(

  10. I wonder if this wireless charging station would work with my Nexus 5…. :)

  11. Well if the price is anywhere near that $113 this accessory will be way overpriced and many people me included will pass on it. Especially considering the phone only costs $300 or $350. Plugging in a charger is really not that hard at all, definitely not $113 worth of an effort.

  12. I ordered the TyLT Vu for $70.00 for my Nexus 4

  13. How come its not flat?? Isn’t it the phone will slide off???

    1. I’m sure it’s magnetic.

  14. Wireless charging took too long. The technology has been around for years, why haven’t MFG’s been selling us these?

  15. There is a project underway that is trying to bring TRUE wireless charging to use. A partnership between Nokia & Cambridge Uni [England] is working on the mobile picking up a charge directly from the transmitter/mast via the radio inside the handset. The project began around 2 years ago. Now THAT would revolutionize the ‘mobile’ phone !

  16. Frustrates me that accessories don’t come out when the phone is released. I understand if its a third party one but Google and Samsung never release accessories on time. Then by time they come out the successor device is in the making and sometimes the successor isn’t compatible with the late accessory. So then you have to buy another. The same with evinces in a variety of colors. Just come out at once man.

  17. “Of course word from a third-party retailer does not an official release date make.”

    What does this mean. .?

    1. Sounds like Yoda

  18. I picked up the WPC-700 charging pad at a Verizon store. It works great with the Nexus 4.

  19. Ya what the hell is with this $113 price tag? I really hope that price drops down a lil bit by the time it hits the Play Store and if NOT I really hope you Nexus4 owners out there will boycott this charger until Google is forced to drop the price. $113 for any type of charger is obscene, even a wireless charger shouldn’t cost that much especially when I JUST read an article about Euro carriers no longer including wall chargers with the purchase of new smartphones because everyone in the world already ownsat least 2-3 phone chargers. I guess we’ll see where Google takes us….

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