Is Samsung prepping a Galaxy Note 8 for Mobile World Congress debut?


New information has surfaced to suggest that the Samsung GT-N5100 — a device uncovered last December in the GLBenchmark database — will launch as the Galaxy Note 8, not the Galaxy Note 7 as originally believed. Specs listed for the unannounced slate detail an 8-inch Super Clear LCD display, 2GB RAM, and 5MP and 1.3MP cameras.

The tablet will likely attempt to bring the Note experience to folks seeking a smaller, less expensive device than the Note 10.1. For this reason, expect Samsung to stick with a lower screen resolution (1280×800). There is no word on what specific processor will be on board, but something from Samsung’s Exynos 4 family wouldn’t be a surprise. The Note 8 will feature connectivity ranging from HSPA+ and WiFi to Bluetooth and GPS. It could launch with Android 4.2.

The timing lines up for Samsung to introduce the tablet at Mobile World Congress at the end of February; the Note 8 could be a centerpiece to the company’s lineup for the show. And yes, the Note name just about guarantees S Pen support. With the introduction of a smaller Note tablet and rumors of a 6.3-inch Note 3 handset, it’s only a matter of time before the line between the two device classes becomes completely blurred.

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  1. Why does no one seem to make a high end ~7 inch tablet? I like the form factor but I want no compromises performance! What I really want is a new Nexus 7 that’s just as smaller Nexus 10.

    1. Because the only thing that sells other than the iPad is $200.00 android tablets

    2. 7in has tested not so well compared to 10in tablets. People feel like they aren’t getting enough screen size (the super-size me mentality). It’s one of the reasons even why Apple is struggling selling their derpy ipad “mini”. 8in may be a good compromise on size, hopefully keeping the cost down.

      1. ipad mini practically 8 inches…

      2. @camelsnot,
        I’m still waiting for the US numbers — which I’m guessing will still favor Apple, but in Japan, the Nexus 7 has a larger share of the market than iPads — so all sizes. Nexus 7 has 44.4% share vs 40.1% for iPads.

        I see a TON of Nexus 7’s where I live in Southern CA these days, which outside of iPads, I can’t say for any other tablet.

        I personally prefer a 7″ tablet over a 10″ tablet and I know I’m not alone, and I certainly was not part of this “test” you mention…

        1. Currently have a 7inch Nook Tablet none HD and the overall size is fine but the screen size is a little lacking for me so if I could get a device with similair overall size and a 8″-9″ display I would be good as a 10″ Is just to big for me. There is about an inch of grey bezel around the Nook Tablet and about another inch of space where the n button sits now if that was pushed down onto the bezel like a standard home key is on windows tablets that would be fine with me as it would be enough to shrink the bezel down to about a 1/4 of an inch all the way around the screen it would be about the perfect size screen and still have a bezel to keep your fingers from touching the screen.

    3. I’m with you brother. I’ve searched for a Nexus 7 replacement, but ended up with Note 10.1, which is a fantastic device, best on the market, but I do not enjoy how big it is. 8 inch will be perfect for the Note series – not too big to sacrifice mobility, and not limited on features like N7.
      With 10 inch tablet I always think twice, when I need to take my laptop with me. 7-8 inchers – you just throw them in your bag and be on your way.

  2. If they can bring this to market for around $300, I’m game.

    1. If they bring it to market for that, I’m going to be wondering why the phone is that much on contract, and 700 dollars up front. Wait, the note 10.1 is cheaper than the full cost of the phone. I’m calling BS on how much they are charging for phones.

  3. I been waiting for this tablet. I like my Nexus 7, but I would like the S-pen /touchwiz on an 8″ device. My daily driver phone would still be pure android.

  4. I love the 10.1 note, use it daily for school, and its definitely the most useful tablet to date. The S-pen features are just amazing for taking notes and creating virtual bookmarks on an eTextbook

  5. I love my Note 10.1 — in a manly way, but absolutely prefer 7″ tablets; outside of the drawing part, since it’s easier to draw on a larger surface.

  6. i want a 7inch tab with full HD. this is why im waiting for nexus 7.7. i have no interest on any tab with 1280 resolution. i got a nexus 7

  7. Not worth it if it doesn’t include the new exynos 5 chipset, exynos 4 is outdated already :-P

  8. How about an 8 inch with edge-to-edge display?

  9. That Exynos 5 is exciting, 70% improvement in power efficiency!!!

  10. so by the end of the year, if all these samsung rumors are true, we’d have:

    5in Samsung Galaxy S IV w/ s-pen
    6.3in Samsung Galaxy Note III
    8in Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    10.?in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.? (note 10.1 successor)

    seems about right. RIP Galaxy Tab line?

    1. That’s just what I’ve been thinking, bye bye tab lol

  11. okay now this I must ask why…. are we going to have a device for every inch now???? 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then move into 11 inch netbooks????

    1. Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A 11.6″ tablet says hello :p

  12. Samsung to Unveil GALAXY Note 8 at MWC 2013.
    Great news for Samsung lovers that, Samsung to be introducing an 8-inch tablet at MWC 2013 next month.The upcoming 8-inch tablet is called the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0. It is reported to come in two versions: Wi-Fi and cellular. The GALAXY Note 8.0 should be positioned as an midrange Android tablet

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